Fabric labels for clothing

  • What are the differences between woven fabric labels and printed fabric labels?

    Please see below image, the upper is printed fabric labels, the bottom one is woven fabric labels.

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Custom clothing buttons

We supply custom clothing buttons with your LOGO on it, LOGO can be printed or laser engrave. material of buttons can be resin, metal, brass, Pearl, ABS, wooden,zinc alloy..

How to order of custom clothing buttons:

1. Please choose some style you like from our clothing buttons’s photo gallery, and Email us.
2. Please advise the the size of your custom clothing butons, if you are not sure about it, it will be better if you can do some researches about the size of the clothing buttons on the some kinds clothes in the market.
3. Please advise the quantity of your costom clothing buttons.
Please email us above details of your custom clothing buttons, then we can quote you price based on them.
After price confirmed, we suggest to make bulke production directly if quantity is less than 5000pcs.
If more than 10000pcs and the custom clothing buttons are complicated, we suggest to make samples before bulk production.
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clear clothing labels

What is clear clothing label?

Clear clothing labels also call TPU label, TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethanes) is very soft and smooth, which originally used in transparent shoulder straps. TPU material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and it’s harmless to skin.
Recently TPU became a kind of popular material for clothing labels, with printing LOGO or washing mark, which are extensively used on swimwear and underwear.

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clear clothing labels's photo gallery
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The mainly technics of printing on TPU label is silk-screen printing.

If you need your LOGO to be printed on TPU materials, please contact us.

Detail of clear clothing labels:

1, Material: TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethanes)
2, Size & color : any size & any color is available.
3, Cut : Cold cut,Die cut,Laser cut
4, Packing in white gift box with outer carton
5, MOQ : 100pcs

Below information request if you need clear clothing labels’s quotation from ClothingLabels.cn

  1. Reference sample from clear clothing labels’s photo gallery or from other place.
  2. The quantity clear clothing labels do you want. our MOQ is 100pcs.
  3. Your logo or your design of clear clothing labels if you have.

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What kind of information will be printed on clothing hang tags?

The clothing hang tags should take much greater responsibility.

The design, words and symbols on the clothing hang tags are the most important information; this information can explicitly inform brand name, product style, material and attentions:

  • Washing instructions guide consumers how to wash properly. Nowadays, lots of washing instructions are no longer several simple symbols or icons, but add the necessary component description and washing guidance. Some washing instruction on clothing hang tags use graphic symbol or cartoon design which is vivid, innovative and rich in modern sense. Meticulous and vivid washing instructions not only can reflect the responsibility and consideration to customers, but also advertise the brand invisibly.
  • Specification and price for reference can help consumer judge, analysis, and establish buying intention.
  • Relevant authentication information on clothing hang tags: For example, ISO9001/9002, environmental ISO14000, all cotton fabric mark, pure wool mark, Eco-1 label etc., can efficiently reflect product quality and feature, which reflect company image to win the trust and cognition of customers. In addition, after design, hang tag will be relatively stable and can be used for a very long period of time, thus deepening the consumers’ impression on the product. Hang tag is small, but information is abundant, it help consumer to understand, recognize, and accept the products. It improves and protects the reputation of clothing company, and also plays a positive role on selling products.

    To view hang tags’s photo gallery

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    Click to view hang tags’s photo gallery

    We offer hang tags for clothing, the material of hang tags include paper, pvc, leather.Surface effect of hang tags : Gold / Sliver hot-stamping ,spot UV ,embossing ,and so on.

clothing stickers

What is clothing sticker?

Clothing stickers can be put on the back side of hang tags, also can be on the clothing with size details. Clothing stickers material has normal transparent PVC stickers, coated paper stickers which can be made with matte coating or glossy coating on the surface, satin stickers, silver mirrored stickers, golden mirrored sticker, laser mirrored stickers and so on.
A clothing sticker is a type of a piece of paper or plastic, adhesive, sticky on one side, and usually with a design on the other. They can be used for decoration, depending on the situation. Stickers are very widely used for identification with a word or idea. Brand stickers may be attached to products to label these customized products. They may also be used to describe characteristics of the products.

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clothing stickers's photo gallery
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Details of clothig stickers:

1. Any size & and any color is available.
2. Easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging your products.
3. Excellent quality and reasonable price
4. MOQ: unlimited.
we supply made in China adhesive stickers

Below information request if you need clothing stickers quotation from ClothingLabels.cn

  1. Reference sample from clothing stickers’s photo gellery or from other place.
  2. The quantity clothing stickers do you want. MOQ: NO MOQ
  3. Your logo or your design of clothing stickers if you have.

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