Shopping paper bag

The characteristics of the shopping paper bag
The characteristics of the shopping paper bag is environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable.

Paper bags
Paper bags

First of all, the shopping paper bag should be an extension of the corporate image and merchandising strategy. Therefore, when making shopping paper bags, you must pay attention to environmental protection, beauty, and durability. The structure is tight, no bottom pine is used to use “hot glue” to fully automatic bag making machine, sticking to various parts of the shopping bag to form a compact structure, so that it will never break off, unlike the traditional portable paper bag after printing The processing is based on the “white glue” paste bag body, and then tied with artificial ropes for the handle, so often mistakes off the bottom of the pine. The paper bag has no creases, and the adhesiveness is accurate. The automatic bag making machine is used to make the shopping bag. Therefore, the bag surface is crease-free, and the hot sol has strong fixing power and rapid drying, so the bonding is accurate and beautiful. The traditional paper bag processing is based on hand-folded sticker bags, so the bag surface has a fold line, and the white glue is dry and slow. When the amount is too large, it will overflow the glue and slide, so the bag shape is poor.

Factory maybe also make the paper bag based on paper bag in bulk or retail and the paper bag target price to decide which gram material should be used.

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