D rings

D rings are made of zinc alloy and iron by the shape of “D” using electroplating and polishing processes, which include metal D rings and plastic D rings. The shape of the D-ring is like the English “D”, so it got the name. The D rings made of zinc alloy are closed, and the D-ring made of iron is open. They are a kind of hardware or metal accessory. Also, they are smooth without burrs or sharp.

Exquisite craft double-sided plating seal oil makes it durable and not easy to fade. In most cases, it is used as a hook device. Sometimes it is also connected to the end of a belt, chain, cable, or rope. The vertical part of the D rings is usually detachable. Therefore, the device can be installed in different positions. Although in many cases, this part is fixed to the rest of the device. But the ring itself can be bolted to a solid surface. Or it can even be welded down.

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