Clothes hangers for fashion brands

We supply custom clothes hangers printed with your logo for fashion brands, including wooden clothes hangers, ABS clothes hangers, and plastic hangers. Our hangers can be used to display your clothes, making them more neat and clean in the retail store. The hangers can also be used to fix shoes, socks, and pants, etc., which can further enrich your brand image and save your storage space.

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The knowledge about Clothes hangers

The hanger is invented by a man, named ALBERT PARKHOUSE.

When he worked as the blacksmith of a lampshade in a Metal wire and small handicraft products company, located in Michigan, USA. One day, he found angrily all the hangers in the cloakroom were occupied, he took out a lead wire, bent into the shape of a coat shoulder with hooks on it. The invention was occupied by his boss and patented. This is the origin of Clothes hangers.

Minimum order quantity



  • Reference sample from clothes hangers’ photo gallery or from other places.
  • The quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs.
  • You can design your logo or get our help.

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    I would like to custom order some (velvet, and high quality plastic hangers like designers: Stella McCarthy, Miu Miu or Dolce Gabbana hangers . Would you please let me know the procedure for custom order?
    Thank you,

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