Woven size labels for clothing

Woven size labels are woven by weft and warp threads, using laser-cut or hot-cut ways to make a polyester or cotton neck label, which are ideal for clothing. The tags can fold with enough space for sewing into a seam. All the woven size labels are durable enough to be washed repeatedly. And it will not wear out easily. This prevents sharp edges and thus prevents itchy skin.

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Application of garment woven labels

Garment woven labels have wide application and are used in the clothing industry as main labels or care labels, such as coats, shirts, suits, trousers, etc. The quality of the clothes is not only measured by fabrics. A simple clothing label means a company’s business card. It reflects the company culture. Garment woven labels have matured in a long-term development process.

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Difference between custom woven and printed labels

Custom woven labels and printed labels are different in nature, production modes, and features, fashion clothing brands can choose by positioning and cost.

The nature is different

Woven labels-1

Custom woven labels are woven on clothes and pants and include cloth labels with text, letters, graphics, numbers, and logo patterns. Marks with distinctive features are the products of the modern economy.

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Difference between damask and selvage woven label

The difference between the damask woven label and selvage woven label lies in the production machine, and they belong to the category of fabric woven label. As we all know, different classifications have different production characteristics. Therefore, distinguishing different labels can help customers understand products more deeply and comprehensively.

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Quality requirements for woven label reflective yarns

Quality requirements for woven label reflective yarns

With the continuous innovation of woven and enamel materials, the new reflective woven labeling materials have been well received by the market. However, due to the difference in the quality of reflective yam labels compared to other traditional materials, weaving When woven labels use reflective materials, quality requirements should be considered.

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