What are ecological fabrics?

Ecological fabrics refer to non-toxic and safe fabrics with signs after ecological textile testing, also known as green textiles and eco-friendly clothing. It is for the purpose of protecting human health and avoiding harm. When using and wearing, it gives people a feeling of relaxation. Besides, it can eliminate fatigue, and make people feel comfortable.

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Difference between damask and selvage woven label

The difference between the damask woven label and selvage woven label lies in the production machine, and they belong to the category of fabric woven label. As we all know, different classifications have different production characteristics. Therefore, distinguishing different labels can help customers understand products more deeply and comprehensively.

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Hang tag printing

Hang tag printing is a solution to add product information on hang tag with professional printing, including offset printing and silk-screened printing. They have some differences in printed materials, features, time, and printing methods.

They can also print various specifications of shapes, such as square, round, diamond, etc., and can also print various colors on the front and back of the hangtag. The information printed in this way can improve the brand image and popularity.

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3D heat transfer for clothing

3D heat transfer is a new tech for clothing that prints logo on a transparent substrate through special printing ways, and the finished label is waterproof. After the customer receives the product, the heat is applied to the thermal adhesive through the hot press. The label will quickly stick to the fabric of the item to be pasted, tear off the transparent substrate, and the logo labels will already be glued to the clothing.

As a result, the final product is redecorated, and after using this 3D heat transfer technology, the logo label will not drop even if it is washed. It is also wear-resistant and washing-resistant and has high fastness, which can make the clothing label appear 3D visual effect.

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Munich Fabric Start 2019

Munich Fabric Start 2019 will take place in Munich, Germany from September 3rd – 5th, 2019 for a period of 3 days. Welcome to visit our Booth# C112. As one of the leading international textile trade shows, these will be about Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Fabrics, Apparel, Clothing, and Accessories.

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Material chart for printed labels

The material chart for printed labels can help people make a reference, which is suitable for customers who are not clear about which material is better. Many customers need to customize the printed fabric labels for your product, so here is the color sample chart below for your reference. The color sample chart has 81 kinds of samples. The colors and the materials that we can do is way more than all on the sample chart.

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Add our Email to your white list in outlook&gmail-Never Block Sender’s Domain