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Flocked heat transfer patch for clothing

Flocked heat transfer patch has a smooth suede look with brand logos, we make & wholesale it for clothing, sportswear, shirts, epaulets, uniforms, toys, etc. The kind of heat transfer patches & badges are bright in color and can be customized. And it has a broad use in daily life. Such as clothing, team badge, luggage, handbags, shoes & hats, leather, socks, plush toys, knitted underwear, swimwear, handicrafts, gloves, umbrellas, etc.

Flocking heat transfer is a thermal transfer process. It is made of high-quality fluff paper. Moreover, the surface of the pattern has a strong plush 3D effect. And it is soft to the touch. The fluff height varies from 0.6-1.2mm. Flocked heat transfer labels have derived some other heat transfer products. Such as multi-color or glitter flocking heat transfer.

Some details you need know

flocked heat transfer DSC0596
flocked heat transfer DSC0605
MaterialFluff paper, vinyl
ProcessThermal(heat) transfer process
Transfer temperature130-150°c
Transfer time8-10 seconds
Transfer pressure3-4kg
Tear methodCold tear
FeaturesStrong flocking three-dimensional effect; soft to the touch; rich color; durable and washable; not easy to fade; smooth faux suede look;
ShapeRectangle, square, round, heart, strip, special shape, customized shape, etc.
Backing(fixing ways)sewing way, back adhesives, etc;
ApplicationWomen’s clothing, sportswear, ball clothing, jersey team badge, children’s clothing, school uniform, shirt, T-shirts, plush toys, epaulets, sweaters, etc;
MOQ(the minimum quantity)No MOQ, customize any quantity at your need

What are the skills for flocked heat transfer printing?

Traditional flocked fine fluff flies all over the workshop, making it difficult to clean. However, flocked heat transfer paper solves this problem. It is convenient and quick to use. Just put the transfer paper pattern on the surface of the object such as fabric (cloth). Then, use a heat press machine or an electric iron for a few seconds. And the pattern will be transferred to the object.

The basic production method of thermal transfer printing is to first print the applicable dyes into color inks. Then print them on decal paper.


1). This method selects nylon or polyester fluff. Polyester fluff has the best effect.

2). Transfer paper requires sufficient strength. It needs to be able to withstand high temperatures of 220°C. The time is more than 30 seconds. The surface also needs to be clean and free of dust.

3). In general, cardboard, stamps, or special transfer paper can be used. Its specifications are 55-80g per square meter.

How to use it?


Step 1. Set the temperature of the heat press machine

Step 2. Place the badge with the pattern facing up


Step 3. Press the handle down for 10 seconds

step 4

Step 4. Tear off the film, the pattern is perfectly presented

Flocked 3D silicone heat transfer patch

3D silicone
3D silicone 01
Product nameFoamed flocked silicone heat transfer
UseClothing, jeans, shirts, uniforms, gloves, bags, footwear, sports equipment, masks, home textiles, etc.
Ingredients and ContentFoamed silicone lettering film
Main materialPET positioning film + printable silicone foam film
FeaturesThick plate silicone with back adhesion; folding resistance, wear resistance, washing resistance; anti-sublimation, no fading; colors can be customized; long-lasting rich, and beautiful pattern color;
Appearance effectBetween 0.7-0.8mm thick, three-dimensional
Process featuresEasy to laser engrave, and easy to waste. Suitable for engraving with laser marker
NotesThis product is not suitable for metal, ceramics, plastics, tarpaulins, non-slip cloths, wood products, etc.

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