Wedding coat hangers

Wedding coat hangers are hangers engraved with the bride and groom’s name or wedding date, they are used to display the wedding attire and as keepsakes. Compared with other clothes hangers, wedding coat hangers must be elegant o match your whole attire. Not only they are ideal for displaying your bridal party’s pre-wedding setup, but also a standout in your bridal suite photos.

wedding coat hangers 1

Wedding coat hangers are popular these days. Because people treasure their big day and chase specialty increasingly. They have common attire and are perfect for personalized wedding dresses and suits. You must not miss the delicate and elegant wedding coat hangers. Besides, your party might be destroyed if the common hanger deforms even ruin your attire. These coat hangers are also one of the most thoughtful, creative yet functional keepsakes. Because they are applicable but also treasurable for people’s lifetime.

wedding coat hangers 2

Our personalized wedding coat hangers add a touch of individualism to your big day. Besides engraved with the bride and groom’s name, the wedding date, you also can design them with ribbon and bows. From chic ins-style metal coat hangers to classic wooden hangers, we have all the types you need.

Ways to spice up wedding coat hangers

  1. Engrave with your names
  2. Add some bows and jewels
  3. Dress up a hanger with a cute corsage
  4. Attach craft tags
  5. Pop a thoughtful tag on it;
  6. MOQ: 100pcs.

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