Woven name labels for garment

Woven name labels are iron-on or sew-on name tags into any garment with a logo, text, or symbol, which is an identification with 100% cotton or polyester. The name tag is attached to the collar of the clothing. So, you can identify it in an easy way.

These labels can use a strong adhesive. But, after being pasted correctly, they will not fall off. So, you can wash in the washing machine or dryer. They are durable. Thus, you can easily remove it without leaving a sticky residue.

Sew-on name labels VS iron-on name labels

You can use two ways to put the woven name labels in clothing. On one hand, you can sew them in clothes. On the other hand, you can iron them on clothes. If you dislike ironing this label permanently, just sew it on! Besides, we can print them in the form of “name”, “name + brand name”, “name + descriptive word”.

These labels are ideal for:

  • Identifying people’s name;
  • Promoting or advertising your brand name;
  • Personal DIY handmade gifts, such as ” Nancy with love”, “Anna’s wish”, etc.

Good usage of the woven name labels

  • Using for school uniforms;
  • Clothing fabric items;
  • garments trims and accessories;
  • Childs’ toys and clothes;
  • Personalized gift cards with notes;
  • For the school party, and birthday snacks;
  • Hospital equipment or patient clothes;

Images of woven name labels for your reference

Our machine can use gold and silver yarn to sew the woven name labels. Hence, it looks more upscale. Besides, we can sew your brand name, company name, or owners’ name on the woven labels. Then, we wholesale custom name labels, woven size labels, printed labels for brands. Just print the logo, text, and picture on its surface now. Trust us and we will give you a surprise. Because our products have high quality at a cheap price.

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