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Custom iron on woven labels for clothing

Supply custom iron on woven labels with logos for clothing, and they are a convenient and easy way to add identification or branding for your products. You can add 3M self-adhesives or heat-activated adhesive backing for your personalized woven labels. Damask woven labels, selvage(satin) woven labels, crochet woven labels? Yes, you can order and customize any type, size, or color of the woven label. Besides, our woven labels are durable and have meticulous fine details. They are made of high-quality fabric materials. Such as polyester fiber, cotton fiber, polyester thread, etc. So, they are durable, and will not easy to fade or damage.

Iron-on woven labels are easy to use. You require nothing more than an iron and a few simple steps to use them. As such, they are ideal for home users and small-scale production brands.


The role of iron on woven labels

You can customize the Iron-on woven labels and make them as brand woven labels, wash care labels, main neck labels. And they have wide use and several folding ways. Such as center fold, end fold, mitre fold, manhattan fold, loop fold, and straight cut.

Adding adhesives on the backing of woven labels is really convenient and easy for many brands! You can change and replace them at any time.

Don’t underestimate the sticky glue behind the woven labels, they are actually strong. Although a one-off product, they are also worth customizing. Because for identity verification, many families, schools, and clubs need to customize this kind of woven label to identify names or logos.

iron on woven labels_DSC2086

Iron on woven labels and its fold ways: How to choose?

If you wanna customized iron-on labels, we recommend you choose die-cut or straight-cut woven labels. Because it is very convenient to add 3M adhesives or heat-activated adhesives behind this straight-cut woven label. Moreover, other fold ways are not suitable for this kind of adhesive backing.


Similarly, if you want a woven label with other fold ways than a straight cut, then we recommend that you do not choose a woven label with adhesive backing or Velcro.

Other fold-woven labels are more suitable for sewing woven labels. Such as Manhattan fold woven labels, mitre fold woven labels, center fold woven labels, etc.

Product Details

Materials:polyester fiber, cotton fiber, twill fabric, grosgrain fabric, polyester thread, etc;
Shape: square, rectangle, round, oval, heart shape, star shape, customized shape, etc;
Woven label types: damask woven labels, satin woven labels, selvage woven labels, crochet woven labels reverse satin woven labels, etc;
Color: You can choose from the Woven labels’ yarn color sample chart; Pantone color, customized color, etc;
Features:easy to use; meticulous details; convenient to change and replace; durable; thick and textured;
Fold ways:center fold, end fold, miter fold, manhattan fold, loop fold, die cut, straight cut.
MOQ: 100pcs;

The shape of iron on woven labels

One of the most common label shapes is the rectangle or square. They are simple and straightforward. Therefore, adding heating melt glue or 3M glue on the back of the woven label is perfect. We can use them on collars, cuffs, hem of clothes, or crafts. Add your brand logo to enhance your brand image and awareness.

The oval woven label looks soft and has round lines. Therefore, they are suitable for use on clothes such as round necks and round cuffs.

Round woven labels can add a unique visual effect to clothing, home textiles, or handmade crafts. So, we can use them on collars, cuffs, skirts, or hats.

In addition to the common woven label shapes above, you can also customize any other shape to create your own personalized woven label. For example, heart shape, star shape, logo shapes, etc.

8 woven labels 044
8 woven labels 935

The features of iron on woven labels

Our iron-on woven labels use high-quality fabric material. Such as polyester fiber or cotton fiber. They are soft and durable. Therefore, they can withstand multiple daily washes.

The Iron-on woven labels we provide can show fine and clear details. The logo, the color, or the lines of the text or patterns all have high-density details. Such labels will make your clothing or other products look more professional and refined.

These labels have a heat-sensitive adhesive backing that we can secure it to the fabric by the heat of an iron. In addition, the woven label with 3M adhesive can be directly attached to the clothes only by tearing off the outer film. Iron-on woven labels are quicker and easier to apply than other fastening methods such as sewing.

You can flexibly choose the size, shape, color, logo, or pattern of the woven label. Of course, you can send us the logo file, tell us the color and size you want. And we will make a 3D design draft for you and quote for free.

Types of iron on woven labels

b _DSC2090

Damask woven labels are the most common type of woven label. They have the thinnest thread and high-quality fine details. In addition, damask woven labels have a smooth and delicate texture. Meanwhile, they are cheap in price and have high efficiency in production.

Selvage woven label

Selvage woven labels include lat and satin surface woven labels. Their edge is binding, and the yarn is the same color from the beginning to the end and connected together. So, it feels very soft. But, the output is low and the production time is long. However, the logo effect is good and high-end.

8 woven labels 239

Satin woven labels use satin fabrics to weave brand logos or patterns. They have a shiny gloss and soft materials. Meanwhile, the labels have thick font lines and many small holes with sparse logos. You can also use metallic yarn to make a shiny gold or silver brand logo for your product.

Crochet woven labels_DSC6728

Crochet iron on woven labels is uncommon. But, we can also produce them. They are knitted woven labels with high-quality materials. Also, its weft is much tighter and stronger than normal threads. Due to its high-end crafts and materials, it is higher in price than other types of woven labels.

Why you should customize iron on woven labels?

Brand Promotion

Many brand customers tend to add iron on woven labels and weave logos on their products. Because this is the perfect way to showcase your brand identity. This will help build your brand awareness and promote your brand.


Custom iron-on woven labels are ideal for various clothing, crafts, or gifts. This allows each family or individual to create their own unique and personalized label. And because they are disposable iron-on labels, you can replace or replace them at any time without damaging your garments.


Iron-on woven labels are popular because they can contribute to identity recognition. Especially in schools, the military, sports groups, or other organizations, the advantages of them are obvious. We can use the Iron-on to identify and differentiate individual or team apparel. This helps everyone easily identify their garments without confusion or loss.


-The price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and quantity. Prices are not fixed. It needs our business expert to calculate according to your specific needs. You can contact us to get a free quote.

-Sample production time is 10 to 15 days. Mass production time is 15-20 days.

-Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

–Pls, send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

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