Plastic packaging bags

We supply custom plastic packaging bags printed with logo used for promotion, packaging, and shipping, including PVC bags, PE bags, OPP bags, and PP bags. As one of the most common types of packaging bags, they are one of the most economical types of retail packaging, while still supporting the brand with its promotional needs.

Plastic packaging bags can be produced as biodegradable bags. They are soft and endurable, and its strength of pull is perfect. You can find them easily in many industries like clothing & garment for promotion, packaging, shipping, and many others. Rigid, flexible, and durable, and other traits promise their loyal fans.

We offer clear general plastic packaging bags, as well as colored general packaging supplies. From bag size, types to shapes, you can customize your own products which help you stand out from others and advertise your brand.

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Bag closure Options

You are free to choose bag closure options. The plastic packaging bags are more durable than the other packaging alternatives available.


Ziploc bags are perfect for consumers looking for a safe reusable lock or something a little more presentable. The zip closure remains safe until it is opened. It is easy to open bags. This saves time when accessing the items. Thanks to the design, the zip lock can be used repeatedly.

2. Grip seal

This closure is commonly used for food items. The appearance of a grip seal is less presentable than that of a ziplock, thus is not commonly used for retail display, but often in warehouses for storage of products.

3. Seal-strip

It is popular in the wholesale and removals fields. Plastic packaging bags with a self sealing peel and seal adhesive strip creates an instant bond when pressed for a quick sealing method. It is not a common reusable item for it will wear off over time if open or close it repeatedly.

Advantages of plastic packaging bags

Flexible and durable

The bag is extremely light-weight, which allows you to customize its shape, size, and style.

Light-weight and money-saving

Since the bag is light-weight, it doesn’t require much storage space. It is easy to transport, thus reducing transport costs.

Durable and functional

Plastic packing bags will not degrade in hot and cold temperatures, and it can survive the extreme environment. When in transit, it protects your products from moisture, dust, oxygen, and odors.


It is a cost-effective way to increase product visibility in a retail setting if you customize it to print some eye-catching designs.

FAQS of plastic packaging bags

Size/shape/thickness: as per customer’s request.
Material: PP, PE, OPP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, etc.
Workmanship: zipper bag, printing, self-adhesive tape.
Color: Up to 6 Colors
Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton.
MOQ:1000 pcs


  1. Reference sample from plastic packaging bags’ photo gallery or other places.
  2. The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 1000pcs.
  3. Your logo or your design if you have.

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