Custom elastic band for clothing

As a clothing accessory, custom elastic band is widely used for clothing cuffs and waistbands, including printed elastic bands and jacquard elastic bands. Meanwhile, custom elastic band is also called elastic threads. And it can be divided into black and white elastic bands and color elastic bands in terms of color. According to different weaving methods, it is divided into the woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, and braided elastic band.

The custom elastic band can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories. It is especially suitable for underwear, pants, sportswear, baby clothes, wedding dresses, sweaters, bust, rhyme clothes, masks, T-shirts, hats, etc. The custom elastic band that put brands’ logo can also be used for tag lines, daily necessities, crafts, toys and stationery, and DIY handmade lines.

Custom elastic band
Custom elastic band

In terms of material selection and production, our custom elastic band tends to use non-toxic and harmless TPU as raw materials. It can be added with auxiliary high elasticity additives to enhance its elasticity. The custom elastic band mainly includes custom jacquard elastic band and custom printed elastic band, which are customized for fashion brands when selling their goods.

The custom jacquard elastic band fabric is softer, smoother in touch, breathable and sagging, and not easy to fade. The jacquard pattern is novel, and the three-dimensional sense is relatively strong. There are many types and its logo is clear. It is widely used in clothing products and is closely related to people’s lives. Meanwhile, it is generally used in clothing cuffs, bras, skirts, waistbands, shoe openings, and some sports goods. The custom jacquard elastic band uses the machine to weave various patterns and patterns on the elastic band. It can make the elastic band very beautiful. And also, it can weave its own company name and logo, which plays a promotional role.

custom elastic band
custom elastic band

The custom printed elastic band refers to printing different patterns and logos on the elastic band. And with different base belts, it will produce different results, including thermal transfer flowers and silk printing. The thermal transfer elastic band is printed on the elastic band with a beautiful pattern or company brand logo through the thermal transfer process. The thermal transfer is rich in color, and the printed pattern is beautiful, so it is not easy to fall off. The printed elastic band is suitable for all kinds of clothing accessories, edging belts, lace, stretch fabric, clothing cuffs, velcro, underwear shoulder straps, underwear slings, all kinds of lace silicone coating, glue in the waistband.

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  • Material: cotton, polyester, nylon, yarn, spandex, customized fabric, chemical fiber, TPU, rubber wire, etc.
  • Technics: heat cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut, printed, woven, embroidered.
  • Packing: as customers’ request;
  • Feature: eco-friendly, elastic, high tenacity
  • Colors and sizes: customized; as customers’ request
  • Application: garments, shoes, home textile/decoration, bags, lace, underwear, pants, sportswear, baby clothes, wedding dresses, sweaters, bust, rhyme clothes, masks, T-shirts, hats, and other clothing products.

Quotation :

  • Reference sample from the custom elastic band’s photo gallery or other places.
  • The quantity of the custom elastic band: MOQ is 3000 yards.
  • Your logo or your design of the custom elastic band if you have.

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