woven patches

We provide woven patches which have richer graphic detail and greater clarity than embroidered patches. woven patches and embroidered patches are not the same.The higher resolution makes for clean, crisp lettering. Unlike embroidered patches, woven patches can be produced according to tight schedules and, best of all, they cost less.
1) A 50% savings over embroidered patches
2) High-definition text, logos, and artwork
3) A flat surface, making custom made patches easy to affix to garments, bags and other textile products
4) Sturdy for outdoor use or for high friction areas
5) They can be both sew on or iron on the clothing


Please advise us the material, size, color, quantity and will it have glue/velcro at back side or
not of your woven patches when you make an enquiry. It will be better if you can send us design of
it, then we can give you a specific quotation.

Below woven patches’s picture which we made for our customer for you reference.