Face mask packaging of plastic bags

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We supply custom face mask packaging of plastic bags with logos, which protect your face masks from all the possible damages and prolong the storage time. The plastic bags have a zipper or self-adhesive tape at the top. These make the face masks more convenient and user-friendly. A pack includes 20 or more face masks.

Nowadays, people use face masks to prevent themselves from the local transmission because of the coronavirus crisis. In order to facilitate the packaging and transportation of face masks, we are very particular about the choice of plastic bag materials. We usually choose aluminum foil materials to make face mask packaging bags.

The aluminum foil material has better stability than other materials. You don’t worry about whether there are harmful chemical reactions between the face mask and the packaging bag. Since the packaged face mask are fully isolated from the outside light, moisture, gas, etc. In this way, we are ahead of others in face mask security. Of course, the aluminum foil material will also not be affected by the surrounding temperature and humidity, and will not deteriorate due to changes in the external environment. That’s to say, it helps prolong the storage time of face masks.

Our face mask packaging bags are an opportunity for you to create your brand personality. We can help customers use the face mask by printing product information on the bag. Of course, you can also emboss or print your company’s name or logo on bags. You can also choose a clear window design, which allows your face mask to be seen with a good display effect to improve your brand image.

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image of face mask packaging
image of face mask packaging

Details of the face mask packaging

  • Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request.
  • Material: PP, PE, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, etc.
  • Color: Up to 6 Colors
  • Workmanship: zipper bag, printing, self-adhesive tape.
  • Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton.


  • Reference sample from face mask packaging’ photo gallery or from other places.
  • MOQ (The minimum quantity): 1000pcs for PVC plastic packaging bags, PE plastic packaging bags, EVA plastic packaging bags; 10000pcs for other plastic packaging bags.
  • You can design your logo or get our help.

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