Lace trims for fashion brands

Custom lace trims are fabric made of lace with patterns to embellish clothes for fashion brands, as gathered or beaded lace trims, ruffled lace trims, etc. We supply elastic custom lace trims. And it can add the taste of life. They are new trendy fabrics in recent years. So they are perfect for decorating clothes, skirts, veils, etc. Besides, scalloped lace trims belong to lace trims too. Its materials contain cotton, polyester, nylon, and Lycra, etc.

Gathered lace trims are some lace curled together. They form some beautiful objects such as flowers, like lotus leaf lace. This trim can as a corsage in weddings, opening ceremonies, prom, etc. Meanwhile, elastic lace trims have a wide range of uses. They are ideal for tuxedos, dresses, pillows, and hairbands. Moreover, they are suitable for the skirt of a dress, the shoulder strap of a girl’s suspenders, etc.

We can customize the length and width of the product. In general, the length is narrow, and the width is between 0.5 cm-26 cm. Hence. some types’ designs pursue a simple and low-key style. While others pursue a high-profile and luxurious design style. Such as inlaying crystals, pearls, feathers, sequins, glass beads, etc. on similar laces.

We can use lace trims on girls’ favorite clothing. Such as shorts and underwear softer and more textured in appearance. Then, lace trims with pearls and crystals are perfect for the bride’s wedding dress. The striking design will make the bride sparkle at the wedding. Apart from this, they are suitable for girls’ favorite evening dresses. Thus, this decoration will make girls more dazzling.

Come and choose the right custom lace for your fashion brand! Most of our lace trims are stock products. But color, width, and pattern can be customized, please contact our service if customizing.

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Application of lace trims

In casual wear

Lace trims can match with other fabrics. Further, it can blend delicacy and roughness. Showing the soft beauty in hale fabrics-a special aesthetic feeling. For example, when used on the shoulders, it helps soften the toughness of the Denim fabric. When used on the collar or shoulder belt, it adds feminine sweetness.

In women’s clothing design

Some fashion brands that focus on women’s clothing like using lace trims in their design process. Their aim is to show the nature and purity of their clothing. In addition, they will use them in various places of clothing. Such as cuffs and neckline. They add a lady’s temperament.

In formal dress design

They can be integrated with beads, diamonds, etc. European dresses prefer them, especially in the wedding dress. They are a great help to show the elegance and nobility of the brides.

Types of lace trims

1.Gathered lace trims

Ruffled and scalloped appearance is the typical look of gathered lace trims. They have commonly applied to the surface of a fabric-like pillow.

2.Beaded lace trims

These lace trims will embellish beads, crystals to produce an antique look. Most of the hairbands and bedsheets use this type because of their minimal appearance.

3.Scalloped lace trims

The prominent feature of the scalloped lace trim is the wavy outline along the outer edge. It makes designers show their creativity when using it.

4.Ruffled lace trims

Their scalloped edge makes them easy to outline the border of a design and to sharpen the appearance of the design.

5.Other lace trims

Details of lace trims

1, Material: cotton, polyester, nylon, Lycra, etc;
2, Size & color: any size & any color is available;
3, Styles: scalloped lace trims, gathered lace trims, beaded lace trims, etc;
4, MOQ: 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing);


  • Reference sample from lace trims’ photo gallery or other places.
  • The minimum order quantity(MOQ): 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing).

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