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Make your own clothing resin buttons

Wholesale custom clothing resin buttons that are durable and shining, which can be engraved personalized logos for women, men, and child garment brands. Resin buttons are the abbreviation of unsaturated polyester buttons. And you can make handmade or DIY items on the buttons. A brand logo can be engraved on the front and side. And they have wide use in the apparel market due to their own features. We are one of the best makers and suppliers of custom clothing buttons in China. Any size, color, type is available. So, please feel free to contact us to customize your own quality buttons to improve your brand!

Why you should use resin buttons in clothing?

Good wear resistance

The resin material has high strength and strong scratch resistance. Therefore, it can withstand the continuous friction of the washing machine without breaking. Even resin buttons used in sand-washed garments can withstand the test.

Resistant to ordinary high temperature

In general, resin buttons can withstand hot water at 100°C for about one hour. So, when the garment is ironed, it is not necessary to remove it. This is also an advantage that other ordinary plastic buttons do not have.

Good chemical resistance

Resin buttons can withstand 30% of various inorganic acids and ordinary dual-culture water corrosion. But you can not put it in ketones, esters, and alkaline water for a long time soaking.  For more types of buttons, please refer to the article 16 different types of buttons for clothes.

Diverse colors with bright colors

Resin buttons can be made into a variety of colors and can meet most people’s needs. Then, they have high brightness and various colors. So clothing dealers favor them very much. Today, resin buttons have become the most popular buttons in the button industry. Because it is easy to process any shape. And their production speed is fast and the price is low.

5 common types of resin buttons

Porcelain white buttons

Porcelain white buttons are single white without a pattern. But we can make them into various shapes for shirts, coats.

Flat pearl buttons

Flat pearl buttons have the same pearl brightness on the entire button surface. They are like mirrors with bright colors. Thus, the appearance is difficult to distinguish from pearl plexiglass buttons. Natural pearl buttons are often ideal for shirt buttons.

Glass pearl buttons

The pearlescent arrangement on the surface of the glass pearl button is corrugated. Then, its brightness is high. Besides, the bright spot shines like a cat’s eye.

Imitation shell buttons 

The pearlescent arrangement on the surface of this button is irregular and it shows colorful effects. They are close to the pearlescent effect of natural shells. So we call them imitation shell buttons.

Striped buttons

The surface of striped buttons has fine and smooth lines and natural color. It has the texture of natural bamboo and wood. So we also call them imitation wood buttons and imitation bamboo buttons. And they are perfect for some casual clothes.

What’s the difference between resin buttons and plastic buttons?

Resin VS plastic

Resin is one of the raw materials of plastics. But plastic is a finished product of resin.

Difference in processing methods

Resin buttons are liquid materials that are heated, cooled, solidified, and cut through special pipes. While plastic buttons are made of solid materials, like resin particles. And we finish them with injection molding machines and molds.

Difference in finished product

The resin button has a smooth surface, a heavy appearance, and wide use. Plastic buttons have ever-changing shapes and are easier to electroplate.

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