Metal buckles and sliders

Metal buckles are metal hardware for installing on the belt, handbag, fashion accessories, including slide release buckles, belt buckles, straps buckles, etc. They are widely used to adjust the length of webbing. Some of them are simple geometric shapes, circles, D-rings, antiques, etc.

Nowadays, metal buckles are one of the most common hardware choices used in clothing, bags, and other fields. Such as overalls, dog collars, backpacks, and even other places, they are everywhere.

These metal slider buckles are made of strong metal, durable, and can be used for a long time. They have a smooth surface and are not easy to wear. These metal buckles are easy to fix, just slide the belt from one side to the other from the middle, and then fix the ends. Whether you want to repair damaged clothes, bags, or sewn work clothes, they are very useful and can be used as replacement buckles for you. These metal buckles and fasteners are also used in various suspenders, belts, overalls, handicrafts, etc.

To view metal buckles’ photo gallery

Metal buckles’ photo gallery
Metal buckles’ photo gallery

Message about metal buckles

  • Application: for making clothes, dog collars, purse, backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, belt, shoulder straps, footwear, rifle slings, overalls,trousers, shoes, etc.
  • Color: brushed gunmetal black, silver, gold, rose gold, gun black, light gold, bronze, antique brass, etc.
  • Material: metal, alloy, zinc alloy, zinc, nickel plating, etc.

We provide different types of custom metal buckles. Their appearance is stylish and exquisite, which plays an important role in safety. Every part that makes up these buckles is made of good metal material. Of course, this is all to ensure that the metal accessories can be strong and durable. Any size and color are available. Among our customers, some women’s clothing brands choose bold or bright colors to customize. In keeping with the brand’s tone, some men’s wear brands will choose a simple color or understated silver grey.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of metal buckles, metal labels, and metal accessories. Our customers come from the whole world. We have complete quality control, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will provide you with the best service.

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