Stretch lace trims for sewing

Stretch lace trims are an elastic lace fabric that is used for undergarments and wedding dresses sewing, they have elastic quality and an alluring appearance. The stretchy lace fabric usually contains elastic fibers including spandex or elastane. So they are durable and versatile.

These lace trims all have elastane content to give them the versatility of stretch. It has a soft hand feel at the same time. Besides, there is no raveling. That means they are washable and durable. All these factors make them perfect for lingerie, nightwear, or bridal garters. It’s actually a great, trendy material that can be utilized to dress up your home decor, add a little flirty femininity to a pair of denim cutoffs, or glam up your headbands and hair ties. They also invoke a delicate and classic aesthetic when used for collars, hems, and more.

We carry beautiful stretch lace trims that suit a variety of projects. Its size ranges from 1/2 inch wide to 18 inches wide. You can cut to any length. There is a large assortment of modern and vintage color options. Our wide selection of wholesale elastic lace trims is perfect for larger craft projects and can be used in countless ways.

Images of stretch lace trims

Details of stretch lace trims

  1. material: nylon and spandex
  2. style: elastic
  3. size & color: any size & any color is available;
  4. MOQ: 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing);


  • Reference sample from lace trims’ photo gallery or other places.
  • The minimum order quantity(MOQ): 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing).

Elastic Wristband for Any Gender

The elastic wristband is a strip that is made from elasticated materials and worn around the wrist for any gender, making it great for multi-use. It’s a type of elastic band. There are fabric elastic wristband and silicone elastic wristband. These two bands are from silicone, polyester, cotton, nylon polyester, etc. Not only is it versatile, but an inexpensive way to show support for various causes.

An elastic wristband entails stretch and softness. To achieve different results, therefore, we adopt different additives to finish various elasticities. It is not just a fashion accessory that improves the wearers’ charisma, but it can help raise awareness and promote a business product or service as well. Its material can be clothing, plastic metal, or other material. Our products, in spite of it, fall into 2 common categories.

Companies could purchase elastic wristbands in bulk orders from here. Of course, you are free to customize your own bands. They can be stripped, swirled, or single color. Debossed, embossed or printed logo or text on these bands with the required thickness. Both inside and outside of the band are custom. Add-on options such as hook and loops, PVC tags, and adjustable locking clasp are available.

Types of elastic wristband

Fabric elastic wristband

The material of the fabric elastic wristband is wide. It involves polyester, cotton, nylon polyester, etc. It is machine washable, dry-cleanable, and saltwater-safe. Below this category, it comes printed ones and woven ones. But elastic sweatband is from tower-like terry cloth material. It is used to wipe sweat from the forehead during sports.

Silicone elastic wristband

The silicone is soft and won’t cause an allergic reaction. So most people can wear it for a long time. They don’t have to worry about any sort of skin reaction. The silicone one is low toxic and resistant to water and germ. The silicone elastic wristband is cheaper than other accessories.

orange silicone elastic wristband
silicone elastic wristband

Application of the elastic wristband

School Trips

For teachers who are afraid of missing a child on a school trip. An elastic wristband can be a great relief. By giving each child a wristband with a printed school’s name and contact number, the teachers can reunite the lost child more easily.

Event Souvenirs

For people who want to prolong its promotion or granting access, the elastic wristbands work. The attendees can wear to their hearts’ content. Take wedding as an example, you can print your guests’ names on them to give a personal touch. The bands with other items make your big day ceremonious.


For brand owners, the elastic wristband plays a key yet inexpensive role in brand promotion. Handing out your customized wristbands with a company name or logo can do wonders for brand awareness. They wear it, meaning they have become walking advertisements.

Raising Awareness

For charities, the wristband is a good way to promote a good cause. Each one you buy often goes to the charities themselves. And when wearing it, this promotes the cause and potentially encourages others.

Final words

These elastic bands are easy to take on and off. Our bands are tight enough, at the same time, won’t exert too much pressure on your wrist. Besides events, charities, or giveaways, there are other new ways waiting for your discovery.

RPET fabric from plastic bottles

RPET fabric is a new type of eco-friendly recycled PET fabric with its yarn made from plastic bottles, so it also calls recycled plastic bottle fabric. PET is polyethylene terephthalate. And, it is a green fabric. Thus, the low-carbon nature has created a new concept in the field of rebirth.

RPET fabric uses recycled green fiber raw materials. First, we recover them from PET bottle recycling. Second, factories smash the recycled plastic bottles into pieces. Third, we process it by spinning. Then, we can dye, print, paint gold/silver/white, emboss and crease the fabric. In addition, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. So, it can save 80% of energy compared to the previous polyester fibers.

Images of the RPET fabric

Features of RPET fabric

  • Coating process: dyeing, printing, TPE adhesive, PU, PVC, gold-coated, silver-coated, white-coated, excellent glue. The film, flame retardant, embossing, crimping, waterproof, antifouling, and oilproof, etc.
  • Physical index: Waterproof grade, water pressure resistance test, PU tension, etc.
  • Advantages: double-sided super waterproof and moisture absorption, sun protection, UV protection. Strong silver coating fastness, good silver coating brightness, wear resistance, and good air permeability, etc.
  • Dyes: eco-friendly dyes; free of aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic substances. No irritation to the skin; bright color; colorfastness meets the new European standards and American standards.

Specifications of RPET fabric

75d/190t, 210t, 70d/230t, 240t, 260t, 50d/300t, 310t, 320t, 150d, 210d, 300d, 420d, 600d, 840d, 900d, 1200d, 1680d, etc.

RPET fabric applications

Bags and cases: computer bags, ice bags, shoulder bags, backpacks. Muslin bags, trolley cases. Suitcases, cosmetic bags, pencil cases. Camera backpacks, shopping bags, handbags. Gift bags, drawstring pockets, baby strollers. Storage boxes, medical bags, luggage linings, etc.

Home textiles: four-piece bed, blanket, backrest, pillow, toy. Decorative Cloth, sofa cover, apron, umbrella, raincoat. Parasol, curtain, wipe cloth, etc.

Clothing categories: down (cold-proof) clothing, windbreakers. Jackets, vests, sportswear, beach pants, baby sleeping bags. Swimwear, scarves, overalls, conductive overalls. Fashions, costumes, pajamas, etc.;

RPET fabric-10

What is the manufacturing process of the yarn?

There are six steps

  1. Plastic bottle recycling.
  2. Bottle quality inspection and separation.
  3. Plastic bottle slicing.
  4. Spinning, cooling and collecting
  5. Recycled fabric yarn.
  6. Weaving into the fabric.
RPET fabric-11

How to wash them?

  1. The highest water temperature is 40 degrees;
  2. No chlorine bleaching;
  3. Cloth ironing
  4. Do not dry

RPET fabric has excellent properties. Further, it has its presence in clothing, home textiles, and other industries. So it calls the “Crown of Chemical Fiber” too. Because it is waste recycling. Thus, it is popular in many countries. Such as in developed countries in Europe and America. But recycled green fabrics have low carbon and save oil. Therefore, it has made a great contribution to the green environment.

Cotton lace trims for clothing

Cotton lace trims are decorative lace edges made of 100% cotton, which use a sewing or machine weaving way to make clothing fabrics more elegant and durable. They are imported products, which are the earliest mesh weave by crochet. Our cotton lace trims have items of lace ribbon, lace fabric, embroidery, and flower. From classic French style to fashion style, cotton lace trim works well in different styles. These cotton lace trims can achieve a perfect blend of clothing. So it is ideal for fabric details and home decor materials.

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Custom elastic band for clothing

As a clothing accessory, custom elastic band is widely used for clothing cuffs and waistbands, including printed elastic bands and jacquard elastic bands. It is also called custom elastic tape or rubber band. We supply custom elastic bands for fashion brands and factories. Its material involves polyester, yarn, spandex, cotton, nylon, latex-free, and more. The sewing band has different weaving methods. It includes woven, braided, knitted, and embroidered. And it can be clear, black, white, or colored in terms of color. As to size, it can be wide, narrow, thin, or thick. The minimal quantity is 500 yards.

The custom elastic band is suitable for underwear, lingerie, swimsuits, pants, legging waistbands, sports bras, dresses. Besides, it can use for shorts, sweaters, bikinis, masks, hats, etc. The band is comfortable and soft to be worn directly against skins, as well as flexible. When used for underwear, scallop edge or picot edge applied on the elastic band shows more sweetness and elegance. The thin custom elastic band is great for bracelets-making, wig or hairband replacement, face masks, and more. Besides, custom resistance bands and exercise bands are available too. All the custom bands that put logo can use for the tag line and daily necessities.

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