Wholesale metal eyelets for clothing

Metal eyelets are small metal fasteners used to cover or reinforce holes in fabric or leather, and we supply custom metal eyelets and grommets for clothing. And they are circular metal fasteners and styles that can be rolled, scored, and flared. Besides, their materials include brass, iron, metallic, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Then, they have a high duration. Meanwhile, we wholesale metal eyelets and washers with logo engraved. So, the final products can be black, plain, tin, or nickel-plated.

The metal eyelets are perfect for fabrics of different textures and thicknesses. Also, both galvanized steel and stainless steel offers corrosion resistance. So they are ideal for outdoor applications and clothes’ accessories. Such as small or large hang tag eyelets. Then it is suitable for fasteners exposed to moisture.

Metal eyelets and metal labels are versatile in daily life. So we can see them in various DIY crafts and accessories projects. Such as garments, paper, canvas bags, sneakers, shoes, shoelaces, bags, clothing hang tags. Then, most sports shoes will use it, too. Then, it can keep the shoes tightly insulated, cool the exhaust. Besides, it makes the appearance neat. The chic eyelets will embellish clothes like overalls. In addition to practical functions, it plays a finishing touch to the design of garments.

Features of metal eyelets

  • Material: copper, iron, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc;
  • Type: large or small eyelets, grommets, etc;
  • Shape: round, square, diamond, can be customized;
  • Color: black/silver/plated silver/gold/green bronze/gun color(customizable);
  • Process: electroplating, painting, etc;
  • Application: hangtags, shoes, wallet, belts, hats, boxes. Shirts, luggage, trousers, clothing jackets, sweaters, down jackets. Coats, windbreakers, denim, and other clothing accessories.
  • MOQ: 100pcs.


  • Excellent materials: They are delicate in workmanship and light in texture. We strictly control every level.
  • Design concept: Fashionable eyelet design with unique modeling, simple and generous. So, the surface is bright and eye-catching.
  • Meticulous process: We are careful to trim every eyelet and polish it to make the buttonhole smooth. In addition, it will feel good without cutting hands.

Customers typically buy metal eyelets with washers, as well as punch tools. Therefore, it may take 6 steps to complete the drilling tool:

  • Get the drilling tool ready;
  • Punch the hole;
  • Take out the waste cloth;
  • Put the eyelet into the hole;
  • Insert the washer on the reverse side;
  • Hit with a hammer; then the installation is completed.
samples of metal eyelets
Samples of metal eyelets

Why sports shoes makers favor metal eyelets?

First, our metal eyelets are colorful and diverse in styles. And the eye of the metal trim can highlight the personality of the sneaker. At the same time, they can also be matched with the color of sports shoes or shoelaces, which will give people a different feeling! Second, the use of eyelets in sport’s shoes will make the holes through the rings stronger, thereby reducing hole wear. Thus, it can increase the whole safety of sports shoes.

We wholesale custom metal eyelets and metal snap fasteners with a brand logo for you. And we are professional manufacturer and supplier of metal eyelets. Then, we provide various electroplate color and you can use them for product surfaces. It can be made into any color the customer wants. Thus, all of them are suitable for hardware accessories. Such as clothing, purses, belts, garment bags, sewing fabrics.

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