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Custom paper bags for fashion clothing

Custom paper bags are branded packaging bags with printed logos for shopping or fashion clothing, and create a fancy presentation of your brand and garment. Besides, their materials include coated paper, black & white card paper, kraft paper, and tracing paper. Then, you can put your logo or text on the white, black, brown, or full colored bags. And we often use hot stamp imprint and silkscreen process to finish the making. The tote bags with handles are perfect for clothing line stores, retail shopping, party, gift, wedding, groceries, businesses, etc.

As a manufacturer and supplier, we wholesale bulk luxury paper bags with designed logos for clothes packaging. And custom personalized paper bags can improve your corporate image and identity. There are various options for you to choose from. Such as different materials, printing, size, shape, etc. In addition, large or small package paper bags are perfect for marketing, advertising, and branding. In addition, a brown recyclable kraft paper pouch is popular for many customers. Because they are eco-friendly.

A well-designed and impressive paper carry bag is a cost-effective way to increase your brand awareness. They are an exclusive way to pack your goods. And, all of them are reusable! Our luxury paper bags are custom-made to meet your needs. Besides, we can make sure of the quality of your order. In major offline clothing stores, they use paper bags to pack the purchased clothes for customers. Moreover, there are logos, QR codes, after-sales info of the store, etc. on the bag. Thus, it is a good marketing method.

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Details of paper bags:

  1. Size: small size, large size, or customized size.
  2. Color: white, black, pink, brown, green, red, purple. blue, full-colored, etc.
  3. Material: craft paper, brown paper, wax paper, coated art paper, ivory board paper, fancy paper, etc;
  4. Handles: paper rope, Cotton rope, pp, with a knitting method available;
  5. Surface disposal: Gold/silver hot stamping. Glossy/matt lamination, protect varnish, UV coating, etc;
  6. Packing: outer packing with export carton;
  7. MOQ: 500 pcs;
  8. Use: shopping, packing apperal, daily groceries, toiletries, electronic products, etc.

Eco paper bags

Eco paper bags are relative to plastic bags. As long as the material contains a part of the paper, it can be collectively referred to as a paper bag. But, paper bags have a low cost. They are easy to degrade in the environment. Besides, the raw materials are from plants such as trees. The only steps involved are the cutting of plants, papermaking, and forming. Compared with plastic bags, the pollution is a little less. Because plastic bags have a chemical synthesis process.


  1. Reference sample from paper bags’ photo gallery or other places.
  2. See page paper bag handles for more information
  3. The minimum quantity: 500pcs.
  4. Your logo or your design if you have

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