List of garment trims and accessories with pictures

Garment trims and accessories both have important purposes during making or packaging a garment. And they complement each other and are indispensable. Together they constitute the entire process of a garment from production to sale.

Garment trims are the items for completing your clothing. It means that these functional trims are necessary for a garment during the production process. They make clothing more complete. And we often sew or use velcro to attach the trims on garments. Garment trims include lining, clothing labels & tags, tape, elastic band, buttons, zipper, slider buckles, etc.

Garment accessories often are items to pack, package, decorate or ornament a garment to make it more exquisite and perfect. They are also an integral part of clothing. Garment accessories include plastic bags, polybags, boxes, hang tags, stickers, hangers, etc.

List of garment trims and accessories with pictures below for your reference:

List of Garment trims

  • Interlining
  • lining
  • Labels
  • Pads
  • Sewing Threads
  • Band
  • Twill Tape
  • Buttons
  • Zippers
  • Hook and Loop
  • D Rings
  • Buckles and Sliders
  • Eyelets
  • Rivet
  • Lace trims
  • Tassels
  • Stopper
  • Braid
  • String & Cord
  • Ribbon
  • Garment Motif
garment trims
garment trims

List of Garment accessories

  • Tissue paper
  • Paper Bags
  • Polybag
  • Mini Polybag
  • Muslin Bags
  • Hanger
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape
  • Inner Carton
  • Foldable Box
  • Garment Clip
  • Tag Pin
  • Safety Pin
  • Stickers
  • Hang Tags
  • Hang Tag string
  • Collar Stay
garment accessories
garment accessories

Specific Garment Trims

silk fabric lining

Interlining: Garment Interlining is the material of the inner textile between the lining and outer fabric. It mainly affects the overall shape of clothing, and almost all clothing needs it.


Lining: The garment lining is a fabric used in inside clothing. The main types are cotton lining cloth; linen cloth; bristle lining; horsetail lining; resin lining; adhesive lining, etc.

woven labels DSC_4743

Labels: Clothing labels and tags are indispensable for a new garment. Moreover, they can display the brand logo and size info. And the types of labels include main labels, woven or printed labels, fabric labels, size labels, care labels, etc.

shoulder pads

Pads: We use pads in the inner layer of the garment. And the types of pads include shoulder pads, chest pads, collar pads, etc.

sewing threads

Sewing threads: Threads are materials that connect garment pieces and use for decoration, knitting, or special purposes. Types of sewing threads include cotton thread; polyester thread; nylon thread; polypropylene thread.

custom elastic band_DSC1990

Band: Bands are mainly composed of decorative, practical, industrial, and protective belts. And it is ideal for clothing cuffs and waistbands. So, we can weave, braid, knit, and embroidered ways to make it. 

twill tape

Twill tape: Twill tape is a fabric tape woven in a twill pattern. It means that it has parallel diagonal lines. This woven pattern is very strong, making it a very popular sewing concept.

resin buttons

Buttons: Buttons are important trims of clothing. They include synthetic buttons, metal buttons, wooden buttons, leather buttons, shell buttons, resin buttons, cloth buttons, etc.

zipper puller_DSC2045

Zippers: Zippers are all composed of tapes, fastener elements, sliders, locking parts, and other components. The materials include PVC, leather, metal, fabric, etc.

Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop: Hook and loop is a fastener closure that consists of a hook side and a loop side, and it can be applied to provide for perfect adhesion. It has two parts: hook tape and loop tape.

D rings 05

D Rings: D rings are made of zinc alloy and iron by the shape of “D” using electroplating and polishing, including metal D rings and plastic D rings.

metal buckles 45

Buckles and Sliders: Buckles and sliders are metal hardware for webbing belts, leather straps, bags, dog collars, like slide release buckles, belt buckles, straps buckles, etc.

metal eyelets DSC_0336

Eyelets: Eyelets mainly refer to metal eyelets and they are small metal fasteners used to cover or reinforce holes in fabric or leather. It is also called grommets. Besides, their materials include brass, iron, metallic, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. 


Rivet: A rivet is a nail-shaped object used to connect two parts (or components) with a through-hole and a cap at one end. Material: steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

8 Lace trims 141

Lace Trims: lace trims are fabric borders made of lace with patterns to embellish clothes, as crochet or beaded lace trims, ruffled lace trims, knitted lace edging. 


Tassels: Tassel is a drooping tassel-shaped ornament made of colorful feathers, silk, or cotton threads. And it is often tied to clothing or utensils. These fringes are extensively used in the form of tassel earrings, tassel necklaces, and tassel bracelets.

metal cord end_DSC2506

Stopper: Stopper is a metal cord end made of zinc alloy or stainless steel, which can be plated, painted, printed, and stamped for clothing, bags, accessories. It is also called end stopper, metal cord stopper, metal drawstring ends. 

braid tape

Braid: Braid here mainly refers to the braided tape used in the garment trims, clothing fabrics, bags, and other industries. Besides, its material can be silk, polyester, cotton, nylon, etc.

white solid cotton rope

String & Cord: String & cord is a kind of rope that use in clothing, bags, and other fabrics. The material can be cotton, nylon, jute, etc.

garment ribbon_DSC6532

Ribbon: Ribbon is an essential part of garment trims and crafting supplies It has various widths, finishes, colors, and patterns. Its types include elastic ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, satin ribbons, velvet ribbons, cotton ribbons, etc.

garment motif DSC786631

Garment Motif: A garment motif is a kind of fabric with patches, texture, stitch pattern, or color to make the finished product more beautiful.

Specific Garment Accessories

gift tissue paper

Tissue paper: tissue paper is a thin, soft wrapping paper, aiming to protect items, such as garments, bags, shoes. Then, its surface is fine, smooth, and without foam sand, etc.

paper bags

Paper bags: Paper bags are branded packaging bags or shopping bags with printed logos for shopping or fashion clothing. Then it can create a fancy presentation of brand and garment.

8 plastic packaging 323

Polybag: A polybag is a plastic bag made of thin, flexible, plastic PE, OPP film. It is also called postal poly bags or poly mailers. Besides, it can be recycled packaging bags including green plastic bags and PE plastic bags.

8 plastic packaging 009

Mini polybag: A mini polybag is a small plastic packaging bag or pouch. Its materials include plastic, PE, OPP, PVC, PP, etc. And it is suitable for packing spare buttons, small food, goods, accessories.

cotton muslin bags_DSC8935

Muslin bags: Muslin bags are plain-weave cloth bags from natural cotton, including muslin draw-string bags and tote bags. They are easy to carry and versatile to use. Thus, they are great to package clothes, cosmetics, and accessories, gifts, food, snacks.

8 clothes hangers DSC59552

Hanger: A hanger is used for hanging clothing that can print or engrave a logo, including wooden hangers, ABS hangers, plastic hangers, velvet hangers, metal hangers, fabric hangers.

Pressure Sensitive tape

Pressure Sensitive tape: Pressure-sensitive tape is packaging tape that will stick under pressure without using heat or iron, and it is also called adhesive tape, self-stick tape, seal tape. It is ideal for inner or outer cartons or foldable box sealing.

inner carton

Inner carton: Inner carton is the inside carton of the master outer carton, which packs and ships the customers’ items in a box. And it has direct contact with the goods.

foldable box

Foldable box: Foldable box is made of cardboard, kraft paper, etc, which is used for gifts, clothes, jewelry packaging. And they are easy to set up. Finishes such as matte glossy, hot foil stamping, or embossed are available.

garment clip

Garment clip: Garment clips are the small transparent plastic clips or pins used to shirt binding. We can also call it ready-to-wear garment clips. And it aims to keep the textiles or clothes stay in their original place. Then it can make the garments fold neatly during shipping or displaying. So, it is suitable for shirts, skirts, towels, etc. (fixed products).

tag pin

Tag pin: A tag pin is a plastic tag fastener or tagging barbs for hang tags, price tags, or clothing tags’ brands. And it includes a hand-sealing plastic pin and tag gun barb. In general, they refer to hangtag plastic pins or plastic seal barbs in a broad sense.

hang tag string safety pin

Safety pin: A safety pin is a metal fastener used for securing fabric, and its material includes steel, brass, nickel, or stainless steel. Types include straight safety pin, curved safety pin, coiled pin, and coilless pin. Then, they are widely used for linking hang tags to garments.


Stickers: A sticker is a type of paper or plastic that with adhesive to display size and fabric information. Of course, we can remove it from clothing without leaving behind any residue. And it includes name tag stickers, size label stickers, shirt stickers, carton stickers, barcode stickers, etc.

hang tags

Hang tags: Hang tags are labels attached to products to include brand name or logo, price, specification, wash symbols, etc. In general, we use paper, plastic, metal, leather, fabric material to make them. Apart from this, we hang it on the products by string, rope and metal chain, etc.

hang tag string

Hang tag string: Hangtag string is to connect the hangtag and garment. And materials include plastic, tape, natural jute, elastic thread, cotton, polyester, flax, waxed cotton, ribbon, etc. Besides, the seal on the string can add a brand logo.

collar stay

Collar stay: The collar stay is also called butterfly pin, collar stand. Then, it is the inner show, and it is responsible for bracing the collar. So, it is different from other accessories of shirts, such as ties and bow ties, which are externally displayed to others.

What’s the difference between garment trims and accessories?

  1. Trims is to complete a garment. While accessories is to complete, decorate or even package a garment.
  2. Trims have both functional and non-functional use. Accessories only have decorative features.
  3. Examples: trims include: buttons, zippers, lace, tassels; while accessories include polybag, tissue paper, inner carton, stickers, etc.

8 types of trimmings used in garments

There is a wide range of types of trimmings used in garments, which
are visible and invisible garment trims added for better performance and decoration. We want to help clothing brands and factories have a better sense of different trims. So, the article will discuss them in the clothing-making process.

What are Trimmings?

When making clothing, all materials used on it except for fabrics are called clothing trimmings.

What are the different types of trims in garments?

  • Garment Interlining
  • Garment lining
  • Clothing filler
  • Clothing padding
  • Threads and band
  • Fasteners
  • Decoration trims
  • Other trimmings

Garment Interlining

Garment Interlining is the material of the inner layer of the garment. And we use it to cover the fabric or lining of the clothing. The main types of it are cotton fabric interlining; silk fabric interlining; viscose fiber interlining; synthetic fiber filament interlining, etc.

Cotton fabric interlining

The main varieties of cotton fabric lining are fine cloth, striped cloth, flannel, etc. It is mostly used for casual wear, jackets, children’s clothing, etc. of cotton fabric. So, it has good moisture absorption and warmth retention. Then, it has a moderate price.

Silk fabric interlining

types of trimmings used in garments: silk fabric interlining

The silk fabric interlining includes electric spinning, small spinning, taffeta, spun silk spinning, soft satin, etc. And it is ideal for silk clothing, summer thin woolen clothing, high-end woolen clothing, fur, and leather clothing. In addition, it is smooth, beautiful in texture. But it is not firm, shrinks a lot, and has a higher price.

Viscose fiber interlining

The viscose fiber interlining is mainly beautiful silk, which has a wide usage. And it is perfect for middle and high-end clothing such as suits, suits, coats, skirts, pants, jackets, etc. Besides, it is flat and smooth, rich in colors, and easy to put on and take off. But it is easy to wrinkle and is not washable.

Synthetic fiber filament interlining

The nylon silk of the kind of interlining is commonly used for general clothing. Then, it is light in texture and smooth. And it does not shrink, and the price is cheap. But, it feels sultry and easy to vacuum when worn. So, we can use it for jackets, windbreakers, and ski wear.

The more common interlining types are polyester taffeta; rayon; chiffon lining; satin; knitted lining, etc.

Garment lining

Garment lining is a material used in certain parts of clothing to complement, perfect clothing shaping, or assist clothing processing. Such as collar lining, chest lining, waist lining, etc.

There are many types of clothing linings. The main types are cotton lining cloth; linen cloth; bristle lining; horsetail lining; resin lining; adhesive lining, etc.

Clothing filler

The filling material between the clothing fabric and the lining material is the clothing filler. And it endows clothing with warmth, shape.

According to the filling form, we divide it into two types: flocculent and material.

Flocculent filler

Flocculent: There is no fixed shape, loose filling material; the lining must be added when the garment is finished. And it must be machined or hand-quilted. The main varieties are cotton, silk floss, camel hair, and down. So, they are good for warmth and heat insulation.

Material: It is made of synthetic fiber or other synthetic materials to make a flat heat-retaining filler. Types include chlorinated fiber; polyester fiber; acrylic fiber shaped cotton; hollow cotton; and smooth plastic. It has a uniform thickness and is easy to process. Meanwhile, it has a stiff shape, mildew resistance, and easy washing.

Clothing padding

Clothing padding is one of the types of trimmings used in garments. And it locates in the inner layer of the garment. Thus, it gives the garment a plump appearance.

shoulder pads


According to the materials used: cotton pads, foam plastic pads, wool, and chemical fiber needle-punched pads.
According to the part of use: shoulder pads, chest pads, collar pads, etc.

Threads and band


Threads are materials that connect garment pieces and use for decoration, knitting, or special purposes. It is a small material in clothing trims. But it is a necessity in people’s lives. Thread products can divide into two categories: sewing thread and decorative thread.

sewing threads

Types of sewing threads: cotton thread; polyester cotton thread; polyester thread; cored thread; nylon thread; vinylon thread; polypropylene thread.

The varieties of decorative thread: embroidery thread, braided thread, gold and silver thread.


Bands are mainly composed of decorative, practical, industrial, and protective belts.

  • Decorative bands: elastic bands, ribbed belts, rayon ribbons, color ribbons, piping belts, and placket belts, etc.
  • Practical belts: nylon buckle belts, trouser belts, backpack belts, water bottle belts.
  • Industrial band: Fire belts, power belts and automobile sealing belts.
  • Protective belt: hair tie, shoulder protector, waist protector, etc.


Fasteners play the role of connection, combination, and decoration in clothing. And it includes buttons, zippers, hooks, loops, and nylon snap fasteners.


Buttons are important trims of clothing. They include synthetic buttons, metal buttons, wooden buttons, leather buttons, shell buttons, resin buttons, cloth buttons, etc.


There are many types of zippers. But their basic structure is the same. They are all composed of tapes, fastener elements, sliders, locking parts, and other components. And the zipper types include nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper. First, metal zippers have the longest history.

zipper puller_DSC2045

They mainly include aluminum zippers, copper zippers, and black teeth zippers. Second, resin zippers mainly include translucent zippers, etc. Third, nylon zippers are soft and have a smooth surface. There are invisible zippers, waterproof zippers, etc.

Other fasteners

There are mainly collar hooks, trouser hooks, heart pull buttons, D rings, hook and loops, waist clips, plastic or metal buckles, etc.

Decoration trims

The decoration trims mainly include lace and embellishment trims (beads, sequins, plastic sheets, animal feathers, etc.). Their basic function is to enhance clothing modeling and decoration.


There are many kinds of lace, and lace is also an indispensable part of decorative materials. It is an important decorative material for women’s and children’s wear.

8 Lace trims

Then, it includes embroidery Lace, water-soluble lace, lace trim, cotton lace. But, we also divide it into non-elastic lace fabrics and elastic lace fabrics.

Embellishment trims

They are Embroidered patches, badges, tassels, beads, sequins, plastic sheets, animal feathers, etc.

Other trimmings

There are other types of trimmings used in garments. Such as all kinds of clothing labels, hangtags, and strings, packaging.

Clothing labels

woven labels DSC_4743

Various clothing labels in clothing are indispensable. Moreover, they can display the company’s logo and improve brand image. And the clothing labels include main labels, woven or printed labels, fabric labels, size labels, care labels, etc.

Hang tags and strings

hang tags_DSC6814

In general, we use hangtags and hangtag strings at the same time. They can play a good role in brand highlighting, product identification, washing instructions, etc. In a set of high-end clothing, a novel hang tag design can not only improve the brand image but promote sales.

Detachable zipper puller for brands

Detachable zipper puller is a detachable and practical zipper puller for brands, including a slider body, a nose puller, a pull tab, and an elastic safety foot. No need to worry about damaged zippers! The universal detachable zipper puller is suitable for all kinds of zippers. They made of ABS resin and stainless steel. Besides, they are flexible and durable, very hard to break, long service life. This is a new solution. It helps to save costs.

Structure of detachable zipper puller

The structure of the detachable zipper puller is intricate. The front end of the nose puller links with the slider body as a whole. The rear end is bent to form a downward boss. However, the nose pull and the upper plate of the slider body form a pull nasal cavity. Hence, the elastic safety foot is available in the nasal cavity.

Seller arranges a slider with a boss on the upper plate of the slider body corresponding to the downward boss of the pulling nose. You should put the sliding block in the inclined sliding groove on the upper part of the upper plate. Then, the front end of the sliding groove has a compression spring. Moreover, the back end of the compression spring abuts against the front end of the sliding block.

In a specific application, we can offer a downward built-in boss on the inner side of the downward boss. Sometimes, we will install, disassemble, and replace the pull tab. But, it will be ok if the pull tab crosspiece or external force makes the slider boss and the nose boss dislocation.


Detachable zipper puller-01

1.The detachable zipper puller has an unsealed handle, which has two bayonets like the one in the picture.

Detachable zipper puller-02

2. We need to press the puller into the handle. Lift the handle then push the puller into the first bayonet.

Detachable zipper puller 03

3. Continue to push the puller until it locks in the second bayonet. We will press the bayonet into the zipper when the puller passes through it. Because it has been controlled by spring.

Detachable zipper puller 04

4. The puller is assembled.

5. Do you want to displace it with other pullers? Just take out the puller and assemble it with another by the above steps. When taking out the puller, please press the bayonet into the zipper, or you can’t take it out.

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Photo gallery of zipper

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