PVC labels for fashion brands

PVC labels are soft rubber or silicone labels & tags that will not fade or fall apart, custom PVC labels with logo can be engraved, embossed, and printed. Compared with woven labels, they are more durable and can withstand all types of weather. PVC labels call Polyvinyl Chloride, too. And our customized clothing labels are soft and rubbery to the touch. Therefore, they are ideal for clothing such as swimwear.

We supply custom 2D & 3D PVC labels and patches for fashion clothing brands. By adding sewing channels to the label, they are easy to sew on any product. Besides, you can engrave, emboss or print your logo and brand name on it. So, it can help them build and promote their own brand. You can use them by sewing, velcro, self-adhesive, soft magnet backings. So, just attach them in your own way.

PVC labels & patches for clothing and outdoor fits

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In addition, they are suitable for businesses of outdoor products. Such as canvas, vinyl, and many other materials. However, they can not only be ideal for clothing products. Such as swimwear, snow jackets, and backpacks. They can match with many products that can withstand weather as well.

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Both transparent PVC labels & stickers and silicone labels belong to rubber labels. In addition, they look the same, but different. PVC labels have different classes. Such as ROHS, 6P, 15P. But, 15P is the most eco-friendly class than silicone labels. If you want to customize rubber tags for outdoor work clothing or baby clothing, you just choose soft PVC labels.

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Details of PVC Labels

  • Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request;
  • Material: soft PVC(polyvinyl chloride);
  • Workmanship: the shape is fixed by 3D mold;
  • Logo: The logo can be embossed/debossed on both sides;
  • Backing options: Velcro, or sewn, 3M glue adhesive, add snap buttons or magnet, steel hooks, etc.
  • Packing: inner packing with plastic PP bag, outer packing with export carton;
  • MOQ: 100 pcs;
bulk PVC labels

 As suppliers and manufacturers, we have the skillful tech to make PVC labels and tags. So, we wholesale customizable PVC & rubber & silicone clothing labels global wide. Such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa, etc. But, we also manufacture fabric labels. printed labels, and woven labels. Please contact us if you want to customize all the labels. And our sales expert will reply to you soon and give you the best price.

Why you need to use soft PVC clothing labels?

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Promote your products stand out from the markets.

You can make transparent, translucent, and 3D logo-raised PVC labels. And it will be helpful for your sales!

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Create your own personality!

Personality and creation make everything! Personalized labels help attract customers’ attention!

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Improve your brand image.

A well-designed, eye-catching label will virtually bring potential customers. Besides, it cultivates loyal customer resources to the brand!

The difference between PVC labels and silicone labels

In appearance

PVC labels are rougher than silicone products; yet the surface of silicone products is smooth and colored.

Judging from the hand feel

Silicone products are soft, with good toughness and elasticity. But, the soft PVC is relatively less hard. And the hardness of both can be adjusted, but PVC has no toughness.


1. Reference sample please refer to our PVC labels’ photo gallery.
2.The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 100pcs.
3. Please send us your logo file if you need to add a logo. If not, we offer free design for you.

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