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Adhesive labels are paper or PET sticky labels that affix to surfaces, and custom removable adhesive labels can be printed with logo to replace woven labels. They call self-adhesive waterproof sticker paper too. We can stick it to fabrics, paper, plastic, hang tags, boxes, or metal, etc. And they appear adhesive and sticky on one side. Yet, adhesive labels do not need to apply glue, no paste, no soaking.

We wholesale best custom printable adhesive labels with high quality. Such as glossy & shiny or matte vinyl sticker paper; laser & thermal gold sticker paper. Then, transparent or clear sticker labels and tags are in our scope, too. Besides, we can make eco-friendly removable sticker paper, self-adhesive shipping labels. But, you can add addresses, barcodes, logos to them. Meanwhile, all the customized labels can use at many festivals like Christmas.

Adhesive labels can be an alternative for sew-in fabric labels. Because they are common for mattresses, bedding, quilts, and other textiles. Thus, attaching these labels can make shopping faster for the customers. At this time, the labels can inform them if the item fits. So customers are no deed to have to dig for the tag. They are ideal for the bar & tracking code, or product description.

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adhesive labels’ photo gallery
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Three adhesive options

The labels use composite material by paper, film, or other special materials. It’s a composite material with silicon protective paper as the base paper. Besides, its back is an adhesive. And after printing, die-cutting. It becomes a finished label. We offer three adhesive options. And they are permanent, removable, short-term removable. Most custom labels have permanent adhesives. And they can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Then, when you need to remove the label, the second adhesive can protect your items from damage. But, the last adhesive is helpful if you put the label in the wrong place.

Details of adhesive labels:

1, Material: PVC, PET, PP, offset paper, etc.
2, Size & color: any size & any color is available.
3, MOQ: unlimited.
4, How to use: Just peel off the bottom paper and press it lightly to stick to the surface of various substrates.

Advantages of adhesive labels:

  • Lightweight, easy to handle and carry;
  • Environmental friendly;
  • Various choice in color, size, and style;
  • No need to brush glue, no paste, no dipping water, etc;
  • Save labeling time;
  • Safe packing;


  • Reference sample from adhesive labels’ photo gallery or other places.
  • Design your logo of adhesive labels if you have.
  • The price will depend on your quantity and standard.

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