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Custom round hang tags with strings

Round hang tags are printed die-cut hang tags with logos and strings for business, we wholesale custom clothing tags with paper, metal, plastic material, etc. We can customize round price tags, favor tags, or gift tags for you. So, any type, color, size is available. All the custom round hang tags can print your brand logo. You can add other company information to it. Such as text, pictures, barcodes, etc.

Our round hang tags are consist of punch holes or strings. Particularly, certain customers need to punch holes at the top of the tag. While the holes can fix with metal eyelets. So that the strings can pass through and hang up smoothly. The strings are what we call hang tag strings. Besides, we put a safety pin on the strings to connect the tag to the clothes.

Why order custom round hang tags?

They are ideal for many uses. For example, we can use it to market products. In addition, we can take them as promotional vouchers. But, the round hang tag is a cheap and high-quality method. Surely, it can attract consumers’ attention to your brand. So, you can use these tags to add value to your products.

Our customers can DIY the round hang tags’ design. First, you can customize the price tags with the logos. Second, you can buy some size stickers or price stickers to stick on the tag. Finally, it will save costs for you. Meanwhile, this is also an economical way.

Images of custom round hang tags

Features of round hang tags

  • Shape: round; If you need, we can customize other shapes hang tags for you.
  • Material: kraft, metal, coated or uncoated paper, plastic, PVC, rubber, leather, fabric, canvas, etc.
  • Effect: elegant matte or vibrant gloss effect, etc.
  • Types: custom tags, round tags, printed tags, personalized tags, product tags, gift tags, kraft tags, price tags, favor tags, etc.
  • Usage: clothing, bags, shoes, cases, weddings, birthdays, business (logo tags, packaging Tags), parties, activities, gifts, etc.

Process of round hang tags

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a printing decoration process. Further, the tag pattern made by this craft is clear and colorful. So, it is not only wear-resistant but dazzling under the effect of light.

Hot silvering

The principle of the hot silver process is the same as hot stamping. Moreover, it just uses a different material, and it has a silver luster.

Embossing process

The embossing refers to the deformation of the paper under pressure. In addition, it needs to imprint patterns. Hence, the hangtag will have an obvious embossed feeling. Thus, it can enhance the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal.

Debossing process

Debossing is the opposite of embossing. Besides, it is the process of pressing an image using an un-inked block or die on paper or board. It also has a sense of depression.

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