6 things about custom chenille patches

Custom chenille patches, called letterman patches, an embroidery patch that has warm fluffy fluff, which looks like a towel and can make any shape or type. Their materials include cotton, satin, damask, nylon, twill, woven fabric, canvas, twill, etc. And the patches can display a 3D effect and looks lifelike. So, it is widely used in garments, shoes, caps, accessories, crafts gifts.

As a chenille patch maker, we can make them in the form of letters, names, or any other shape. Thus, they are not only great for clothing decoration, but also for Towels, shoes, caps, toys, home textiles, etc. In addition, there are different types of patches we also manufacture and supply. Such as quality woven & embroidery patch, PVC & leather patch, sequins pearls patch, etc. Besides, you can get free design if you don’t have logo art files.

custom chenille patches_DSC798333

Custom chenille patches can embroider any flower shape and any color. And the embroidered flowers, graphics, letters, etc. are novel, layered. So it has become very popular in recent years.

1. Details of Custom Chenille Patches

  • Material: polyester, non-woven, twill, cotton, etc;
  • Shape: round, square, special shape, custom shape;
  • Edge processing: seaming, embroidery hemming, laser cutting, eager cutting, hand-baked, hand-cut, etc.;
  • Back treatment: twill, cotton twill, felt, cotton canvas, satin, flocking, etc.;
  • Application: accessories for clothing, shoes, hats and bags, badges, cap badges, mobile phone pendants, hole sewing, home textiles, patches, etc;
  • Commonly used adhesives: hot melt adhesive, double-sided adhesive, self-adhesive, 3M adhesive, etc.
  • Backing options: iron-on backing, adhesive backing, loop & hook(Velcro)fasterning, no backing(sewing), magnet backing, safety pin backing, etc;
  • Border: die cut border, overlock border, merrow border, heat cut border, laser-cut border,  long straight embroidery stitch, embroidered border, etc;

2. Why choose custom Chenille Patches?


  • Beautiful appearance: clean and tidy, durable;
  • Much Back display: customizable hot melt adhesive, self-adhesive, 3M, Velcro, etc;
  • Advantages: high-grade and luxurious, soft to the touch, full of suede, good drape, especially good water absorption.
  • 3. Chenille patches use on custom clothing brand

    custom chenille patches

    They are ideal for a variety of clothing brands. Such as jackets, t-shirts, letterman jackets, jeans, denim, coats, trousers, shoes, hats, caps, bags, etc.

    4. How do you iron on a custom chenille patches?

    1. Use an iron to iron the place to be hot-pressed;
    2. After placing the cloth sticker, add a thin piece of heat insulation to prevent the iron from directly contacting the clothes at high temperature;
    3. Adjust the high temperature of the iron to 150° for 20 seconds and press with both hands;
    4. After the temperature cools, then finish the processing;
    custom chenille patches_DSC3285
    custom chenille letter patches DSC3285

    5. Tips

    If you want the product to be firm, turn the ironed garment over. Press on the back of the patch for another 10 seconds or so.

    Special Chenille Patches with adhesive backing:

    custom chenille patches_DSC0933

    If there are hot stones or hot sheets, please wait until the temperature is completely cooled before removing them. If it doesn’t feel very firm, you can also hand sew a few stitches and it will be very docile.

    Sewing Chenille Patches:

    custom chenille patches_DSC456711

    In order to avoid beads, sequins, and other accessories from being crushed, please try to sew by hand.

    6. About Chenille

    Chenille is a new type of fancy yarn. It uses two strands as the core thread. And it is spun by twisting the feather yarn in the middle. So, the use of chenille yarn gives textile fabrics a thick feeling. Then, the main products are clothing patches, sofa sets, bedspreads, bed blankets, table blankets, etc. This is what makes the chenille soft and unique.

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