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Colored Poly Mailers for wholesale

Colored poly mailers are colored plastic packaging secure bags using PE material for wholesale shipping clothing, you can customize brand logo, text, etc. Besides, they are known as courier or mailing bags and express packing bags. They contain pink, purple, white, or black poly mailers, etc. Then, the mailers have broad applications in the express industry. They are for packaging documents, receipts, materials, and goods.

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Colored poly mailers are more and more popular with customers. Besides, compared with traditional black or gray poly mailers, colored plastic bags are more eye-catching. So, they play a huge role in the promotion of product sales and brand image. In the past few years, pink poly mailers or other bags have wide usage in the packaging market. Thus, it brings more choices to businesses.

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  • High toughness: using polythene material. Brand-new PE raw materials. No irritating smell. Good toughness and tensile strength. Do not be afraid of being torn;
  • High load-bearing: brand-new materials and blown film technology. Strong load-bearing capacity. Even heavy built-in goods are wear-resistant and not easy to break;
  • Strong adhesion: strong glue lead to good adhesion. One-time edge sealing with no falling off;
  • Prevent edge burst: The hot-cutting edge sealing process is strengthened to ensure the toughness of the mailers. Also, the sealing edge is tight and resistant to pulling;
  • Waterproof: The appearance is smooth and waterproof with no leaking design. Thickened and opaque, and has good sealing performance. So, the package bag is not afraid of rainy days;
  • MOQ: 1000pcs.
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Customize the colored poly mailers

Custom colored poly mailers for your brand packaging, and refuse to stick to the rules.

Plastic packaging for clothing express
  • Customize & printing: many sizes and colors are available, printing logo, image, and text with free design. If you have design files, please send them to us.
  • Process: Composite. Hot cutting. Offset printing. Screen printing. UV printing. Gravure printing. Cold cutting;
  • Glue type: double-sided adhesive glue, hot melt adhesive glue, etc.
  • Plastic varieties: PE, HDPE, LDPE. Recycled materials. Brand-new polythene materials;
  • Application: logistics. Storage bag. Waterproof bag. Jewelry bag. Container bag. General packaging. Cosmetic bag. Clothing bag. Mobile phone packaging bag, etc.

We strive to provide recyclable colored poly mailers. Moreover, we supply custom heavy-duty bags or security bags with printed logos. Courier bag with pocket is also available for you. And they can pack packing lists, bills of lading, and invoices. We have over 10 years of production experience in this field. Besides, we seek development to meet customers’ packaging requirements. So, our goal is to become a leading packaging supplier in the industry.

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