Chinese Aesthetics-Frog Buttons

Frog buttons are an ornamental closure for fastening the front of a garment, and it is a kind of Chinese knot that features a braided or a loop design. These buttons come in various styles, such as straight, butterfly, kumquat, phoenix tail, or floral style. It goes for the cheongsam-a traditional Chinese dress. Up to now, you can see them on pillows, gift bags, or handbags. To stand up from others, you can redo your western classics with this local flavor design.

frog buttons 1

Traditionally, frog buttons are used in pairs with one-piece serving as the buttons loop on one edge of the garment opening and the other identical piece as a decorative accent underneath the button on the opposite edge. When the garment is closed, the frogs meet to create a beautiful braided design. So it has strong symmetrical beauty. By coiling, wiring, sewing, braiding, you could get desired shapes. Each frog fastener has a uniqueness and individual charm.

The history of the frog buttons

frog buttons 2

The Chinese frog buttons first appeared in the early Tang Dynasty. Initially, it was used to fasten the lapel. With the change of clothing culture, it gradually became a sign that represents the identity of the wearer. In the 17th and 18th, fog closures served in military uniforms. The success of the Chinese frog closure is bound up with the QiPao dress. It is the Qipao dress (Cheongsam) that brings them to the world. Now they are still versatile in outwear and oriental-inspired clothing.

The new life of the frog button

frog buttons 3

The use of the frog buttons falls into two categories. The first, from a functional standpoint, is primarily used in retro and nostalgic clothing; the second, from a decorative standpoint, is decorative, embellished to Chinese-style products such as handbags, cushions, and so on.

Here, you can find various frog buttons beyond your imagination. We have materials ranging from cotton, silk to modern fibers. Normally, people use the rest fabric to make buttons. To emphasize your personality and style, you could try other materials. You even can customize your button styles to enlarge your brand details. Use them to add a touch of glamour to coats, jackets, and other craft projects.

Details of frog buttons

  • Use: dress, cushion, coats, jackets;
  • Size: as you required;
  • Style: floral, butterfly, straight, etc.
  • Material: cotton, silk, or others.

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Rhinestone buttons for sewing

Rhinestone buttons are buttons made with crystals, and they are a sewing embellishment to glam up any apparel line or add sparkling to bags or brooch. These buttons are effective tools for removing the dullness from clothing. They also add a fun and fancy touch to your crafting. They are delicate but washing-resistant.

The first rhinestones were gleaming rock crystals discovered in Central Europe’s Rhine River. From then on, rhinestone has inspired adoration around the world for hundreds of years. The rhinestone buttons generally include two parts: stone and base. The rhinestone can be made from glass, acrylic, or Swarovski crystal. The button base can be made from metal alloy. When used on dresses, vests, or jackets, they add sophistication and style to them. Besides, they are also suitable for jewelry making. To create layers, people blend them with beads, enamel embellishments, or jewels. These buttons are usually shank-shaped for ease of use.

Our buttons can be customized in different sizes and colors. Each button in our collection has the outstanding potential to improve any item. There are exquisite patterns ranging from a heart to a flower to a teardrop. We offer the most competitive prices on rhinestone buttons online. With our buttons, you will have so many fun findings.

Images of rhinestone buttons

Details of rhinestone buttons

  1. Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request.
  2. Material: rhinestone with metal or plastic base, paired with pearl, enamel, etc.
  3. Button type: shank, flat, or snap, etc.
  4. Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton.
  5. MOQ: 100pcs.


  • Reference sample from clothing buttons’ photo gallery or from other places.
  • The minimum quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs.
  • You can design or offer your logo to us, and you can get our help for free design.

Cardigan buttons

Cardigan buttons are fasteners that are used for knitted sweaters, we provide wooden buttons, pearl buttons, snap buttons, or metal buttons. Their shapes include normal shapes, and special shapes from hearts, rhinestone flowers, to bees, and dinosaurs. To meet your needs, we have various sizes and colors as well. A great button can help secure the cardigan while also making it stylish.

We have a wide range of cardigan buttons for your choice. Not limited to toggle buttons, shell buttons, coconut buttons. They are sewn onto the cardigans. You can pick colors, types, or materials to make them exclusive. We also have professional designers to help you design or choose the best suitable ones.

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Clothing buttons for garment brand

Clothing buttons are a kind of fasteners used to connect clothes, and we supply custom clothing buttons printed and engraved with LOGO for garment brands. Sometimes it will put a few pieces of fabric cloth on the surface. The material of buttons can be resin, metal, wooden, shell, zinc alloy, etc. They are ideal for shirts, coats, jackets, pants, etc.

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Custom clothing buttons with LOGO for sale

We supply custom clothing buttons with LOGO for apparel, LOGO can be printed or laser engrave, material can be resin, metal, wooden, plastic, shell, etc. Brass, pearl, ABS, zinc alloy, acrylic, polyester, covered button, claw, aluminum, rubber are materials of them. We wholesale bulk custom clothing buttons for any clothing brand. You can customize your personalized buttons for shirts with engraved logos. Also, you can design text on the buttons.

Besides, a business can buy metal coat buttons, rubber buttons for baby sweaters, etc. All kinds of custom clothing buttons are available at your request. Such as metal buttons, toggle buttons, shirt buttons, rubber buttons, snap buttons, rhinestone buttons, etc. You can customize any size, type, or color from us. We can manufacture various clothing buttons at a cheap price. They can ship to Canada, the USA, UK, and other countries.

We wholesale all custom fashion buttons, gold buttons, silver buttons, decorative buttons, etc. And they are perfect for suits, jackets, dresses, jeans, bags, trousers, bags, etc. Besides, they are affordable at a cheap price. Contact us if you are willing to order.

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Rubber buttons for clothing brands

Rubber buttons are made of soft and bendable rubber material, and we supply custom silicone rubber buttons with logos for clothing shirts or kids brands. Our rubber buttons have a round shape with smooth edges. So, they are easy to fasten on fabric. In addition, the buttonholes are uniform in size for the fast passing of sewing threads. And they are soft and flexible like erasers, so they can bend slightly. This button is one of the most commonly used clothing buttons. They are ideal for shirts, children’s clothing, sewing accessories, garment bags, sportswear, etc.

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Polyester buttons for clothing

Polyester buttons are plastic eco-friendly clothing buttons with cheap prices, which can be printed with a logo and include many sizes, shapes, and colors. They are suitable for garments, bags, decorative buttons, Child clothes, etc. So a wide range of polyester buttons’ options is ready for you. Such as their features, sewing way, or button types.

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Shell buttons in the garment

Shell buttons are the mother-of-pearl(mop) buttons in garments made of natural shell, including abalone buttons, saucer shell, coconut or oyster shell buttons. Seashell buttons with an iridescent shell finish are perfect for clothing brands. Each of them has its own unique pattern.

These buttons are more delicate and brittle than manufactured buttons. Despite that, they are still popular among the clothing buttons due to their decorative beauty. Then, we can carve the buttons from almost any layer of the shell. So they vary widely in shape and size. Besides, colors can be natural or dyed. Thus, we can engrave the brand logo by machine according to different requests.

Types of shell buttons

real shell buttons

There are various types of shell buttons in the clothing market. And the more common ones are vintage shell buttons, oyster & turtle shell buttons, black or white shell buttons. But some uncommon buttons are byssus shell, mas shell, conch shell, Akoya shell buttons, etc. Of course, real shells buttons and black or white shell buttons are the most common and popular ones. Because you can buy it at reasonable and good prices.


black plate shell buttons

The button is a type of natural button. That means they are from substances found in nature, rather than being manufactured, like plastic or metal buttons. They can be produced out of a wide range of freshwater or marine sea life. The shell material includes Agoya, abalone, trocar, tortoise, scallops, etc.


white plate shell buttons
  • Uniquely beautiful. Despite their perishable qualities, we still try sturdier in thickness. Ignoring that, their amazing brilliance is sure to elevate your projects.
  • No harm. The buttons are made of eco-friendly natural materials. In addition, they are non-toxic and trendy.
MOP white shell buttons
  • Good taste. These buttons are able to define your class due to their exclusiveness. They are the first choice for high-end garments because of their elegant texture and brilliant color.
  • Flexible customization. Custom shell buttons meet your different needs. And we can engrave logo, text, or exquisite patterns.

Application of Shell Buttons

Like polyester buttons, the stunning shell buttons are ideal for fashion garments. You can see them in shirts, dresses, cardigans, etc. They lend color and even impart spirit and uniqueness to the garment. Besides, they are suitable for your sewing, knitting, or craft project. They have many applications in accessories like purses, purses, or wallets. And the MOQ is 100pcs. Hence, they will be the perfect addition to the home decor project.

What is the shell?

The use of shells by humans has a long history. As early as the Stone Age, cavemen would perforate shells to make decorations. But, from ancient times to the present, seashells have been an element that designers will use. Their luster and natural type have been full of unique fashion charm. Today, people use shell buttons to decorate clothing. Thus, shell buttons have become one of the dazzling clothing accessories.

Types of shell buttons

There are various types of shell buttons in clothing fashion brand, which include MOP buttons, abalone buttons, white or black plate shell, saucer shell, etc. All the sizes of natural shell buttons can be customized with a brand logo or product text. It is beneficial to improve brand image and sales.

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