Improper use of clear clothing labels

Clear clothing labels can be used as garment neck labels? Recently an improper use of clear clothing labels from one of our customers can tell you why. The client bought some big size clear clothing labels from us. Generally speaking, the size of a clear clothing label is small, which suits for swimwear or underwear. When the customers buy these big sizes from us, I wondered how they will be used. But I thought the customer has a better idea for their logo and products. Till the customer send some pictures for the clear clothing labels sew on a black garment, I understand they use the clear clothing label as a garment neck label.

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Characteristics of TPU labels

TPU labels, also called the clear clothing labels due to transparent appearance, can be printed with variable text and logo to create a personalized label. You can see them in trousers, lingerie, leggings, thermals, performance wear, T-shirts, swimwear. Since all the items are worn close to the skin, it is important that these labels sewn into them are non-irritable and kind to all skin types. That’s exactly what we are doing.

All our TPU labels have the following advantages.

  1. High shear strength
  2. Oil and grease resistance
  3. High abrasion resistance
  4. High elasticity
  5. Low-temperature performance
  6. Non-irritable properties

Our clear clothing labels provide softness and comfort when in contact with the skin. Because TPU labels are thin, only thicker than the regular paper, sewing them is easy to apply and they can be sewed on almost all fabric. We can personalize TPU labels.