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Shell buttons in the garment

Shell buttons are the mother-of-pearl(mop) buttons in garments made of natural shell, including abalone buttons, saucer shell, coconut or oyster shell buttons. Seashell buttons with an iridescent shell finish are perfect for clothing brands. Each of them has its own unique pattern.

These buttons are more delicate and brittle than manufactured buttons. Despite that, they are still popular among clothing buttons due to their decorative beauty. Then, we can carve the buttons from almost any layer of the shell. So they vary widely in shape and size. Besides, colors can be natural or dyed. Thus, we can engrave the brand logo by machine according to different requests.

Types of shell buttons

There are various types of shell buttons in the clothing market. And the more common ones are vintage shell buttons, oyster & turtle shell buttons, and black or white shell buttons. But some uncommon buttons are byssus shell, mas shell, conch shell, Akoya shell buttons, etc. Of course, real shell buttons and black or white shell buttons are the most common and popular ones. Because you can buy it at reasonable and good prices.


The button is a type of natural button. That means they are from substances found in nature, rather than being manufactured, like plastic or metal buttons. They can be produced out of a wide range of freshwater or marine sea life. The shell material includes Agoya, abalone, trocar, tortoise, scallops, etc.

black plate shell


white plate shell
  • Uniquely beautiful. Despite their perishable qualities, we still try sturdier in thickness. Ignoring that, their amazing brilliance is sure to elevate your projects.
  • No harm. The buttons are made of eco-friendly natural materials. In addition, they are non-toxic and trendy.
  • Good taste. These buttons are able to define your class due to their exclusiveness. They are the first choice for high-end garments because of their elegant texture and brilliant color.
  • Flexible customization. Custom shell buttons meet your different needs. And we can engrave logo, text, or exquisite patterns.
MOP white shell buttons

Application of Shell Buttons

8 black butterfly pearl buttons 022

Like polyester buttons, the stunning shell buttons are ideal for fashion garments. You can see them in shirts, dresses, cardigans, etc. They lend color and even impart spirit and uniqueness to the garment. Besides, they are suitable for your sewing, knitting, or craft project. They have many applications in accessories like purses, purses, and wallets. And the MOQ is 100pcs. Hence, they will be the perfect addition to the home decor project.

What is the shell?

The use of shells by humans has a long history. As early as the Stone Age, cavemen would perforate shells to make decorations. But, from ancient times to the present, seashells have been an element that designers will use. Their luster and natural type have been full of unique fashion charm. Today, people use shell buttons to decorate clothing. Thus, shell buttons have become dazzling clothing accessories.

Si vous êtes un client français, vous pouvez vous référer à ce site pour les boutons coquillage.

shell buttons 3

Project Samples of Shell Buttons

white shell buttons
black shell buttons
8 shell buttons 048
8 black butterfly pearl buttons 024
8 Mother of pearl buttons 322
shell buttons 1
shell buttons 2


1, What is the bulk production time?
–7-10 business days.

2, What is the shipping time?
–3-6 days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?
–Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

4, Plated shell buttons white and black, can they be engraved or can the logo be printed on them?
Yes shell button is OK to print the logo on it. But we only can print the logo on the flat shell button without an embossed edge/border. Then, it can not print the logo if the shell button with embossed edge/border.

Custom Shell Buttons Maker & Wholesaler

4 thoughts on “Shell buttons in the garment”

  1. blank

    Hello I’m looking for a small oval shell button with the holes at each side so as to stitch onto finished garments. Thinking of printing them with a small logo or words. Do you do such a thing?

    1. blank

      Hello Priscilla

      Good day!
      This is Nancy from Thanks a lot for your sincere contact.
      My Colleague Lily([email protected]) had replied to your email about your inquiry.

      It is OK to customize buttons with your logo. We can do it for you.
      Attached is the link of buttons on our website for your check:
      Are there any samples similar to your needs on our website?

      For the button:
      There are different kinds of buttons: metal button, resin button, and shell button. etc. as attached.
      Please check which material do you like best?
      And could you please advise size, color, and quantity would be?
      It will be great if you have a design file or artwork, so can check the color and logo.
      We will check the best price after knowing all details.

      The production time needs 15-20days, shipping time is around 5-7days.
      Please kindly note because of the coming Chinese New Year, the factory would be closed for a holiday from Jan.20 and return back in the middle of February.
      The new order would have to be made after the holiday.

      Best regards
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      Dear Marquetta,

      Thank you for your contact. My Colleague Kylan ([email protected]) had replied to your email about your inquiry.
      Do you want to order shell buttons?
      Could you tell him the size, color, and quantity?
      Looking forward to your reply.

      Best regards
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