Recyclable mailing bags for wholesale

Recyclable mailing bags are recycled packaging bags including green plastic bags and PE plastic bags, which are eco-friendly degradable in wholesale shipping. PE plastic bags also call polyethylene plastic bags. And the bags can be resealable and with zipper handles in postage and gift. So, we supply custom green plastic packaging bags and pe bag packaging with logos. And they are ideal for poly mailers, clothing, shipping, shoes, daily items, etc.

What is the use of recyclable mailing bags?

Recyclable mailing bags have brought convenience to our daily lives. But plastic bags have caused some trouble. And we can see the white waste everywhere. And it is serious to the environment. Therefore, the entire packaging industry proposes recycling usage for the shipping bag. So what is the use of recyclable mailing bags?

Melting regeneration

This method is to reheat and plasticize waste plastics. So we can divide the methods into two categories. One type is leftovers from resin plants. It is a method of pure renewal. And after melting and recycling, we can make it into better plastic products. The other is the recovery and use of various plastic products. And factories thicken them together after use. So, it can only make some plastic products with poor performance from scratch.

Energy recovery

Energy recovery refers to the renewal of the heat generated during incinerate of the waste plastics. It has many functions, and we can use it in many ways. This is helpful to reduce waste discharge and protect the environment.

Images of recyclable mailing bags

Application of recyclable mailing bags

Recyclable mailing bags are hotter and hotter in the whole market. Because more people use green plastic bags when shopping and package goods. And they are perfect for shipping and packaging during transition.

In the field of textile product packaging, Recyclable mailing bags are popular with clients. In addition, PE plastic bags are the most used. That is high-density PE plastic bags and low-density PE plastic bags. And they can be pe zipper bags. They conform to the GRS. So, it is safe and tasteless, and people can use it at ease.

In addition, in some retail stores, many brands will prepare green plastic bags and PE plastic bags. Besides, there will be customized logos, patterns, and product information on it. Because when a customer buys goods, they will see the information on the bag. In this way, the merchants enhance their brand promotion in a subtle way. Of course, it is conducive to enhance brand awareness.

PVC plastic bags for fashion brands

PVC plastic bags are plastic bags with a transparent design of PVC material, which is light and waterproof and popular with young ladies and fashion brands. The handbag with a large opening and capacity can be placed at will for daily use. In recent years, many fashionable big-name bags have adopted the material of PVC, such as Chanel, Burberry, and so on. Many fashion bloggers also take very beautiful PVC plastic bags when street shooting to highlight their fashion sense.

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How to judge the transparent plastic packaging?

Transparent plastic packaging is cheap and convenient clear bags with poly material, which can be printed logo and used in clothing items, face masks, etc. And, we pack all the products in a transparent, odorless bag. So, it just has the right size, but the quality is unclear.

A survey shows, at present, the world’s food packaging safety and health qualified rate only reached more than 60%. But, the main reason is the improper selection of raw materials. When you buy plastic bags, be sure to look carefully. Besides, don’t misuse recycled plastic bags. So today, I will explain how to judge whether the transparent plastic packaging bag is qualified.

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Custom zip lock bag for clothes

We provide custom zip lock bag for clothes, which can print your logo or brand name on it and customize the size and style according to your requirements. The clear or frosted zip clothing bag often uses for a packaging bag with reclosable zip or slider, and is ideal for poly mailers, resealable packing. And their materials include plastic, PVC, non-woven, leather, etc. You can customize the small or large personalized zip lock bag size and style at your request. Meanwhile, it can be reusable, recycled, and biodegradable. But, we can make the ziplock plastic packaging bags or pouches in a transparent or translucent way. Besides, its sealing ways cover resealable lock and zipper lock.

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Face mask packaging of plastic bags

We supply custom face mask packaging of plastic bags with logos, which protect your face masks from all the possible damages and prolong the storage time. The plastic bags have a zipper or self-adhesive tape at the top. These make the face masks more convenient and user-friendly. A pack includes 20 or more face masks.

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Reusable gift bag

A reusable gift bag is a kind of packaged item used to hold and package gifts, the material of the gift bag is usually made of plastic, paper, and fabric. People can use gift bags everywhere in today’s society. A beautiful gift bag can better highlight your own gift. With the changing lifestyle, consumers are increasingly demanding gift bags.

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Can you imagine life without plastic packaging?

Can you imagine life without plastic packaging? British Prime Minister Teresa May recently declared a high-profile “declaration of warfare” to plastic packaging: elimination of all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years. To achieve this goal, the consumption tax for plastic bags of 5 pence, which was only collected in supermarkets in the past, will be extended to all stores in the UK. The supermarket will add plastic-free packaging channels for bulk food, and even proposes that the cover of the coffee cup also contains plastic. The ingredients will therefore be charged 25 pence for the “Latte Tax.”

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