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Custom packaging tape with logos is a kind of self-adhesive box-sealing tape to brand your shipments, which are used to protect the cartons from breaking. One strip of rape gets your package sealed. It comes into paper packaging tape, acrylic packing tape, hot melt tape, etc. If you want your brand logo printed on shipments, consider printed packaging tapes. We wholesale bulk cheap tapes. That includes custom shipping tape, branded packing tape, logo packing tape, clear packaging tape, carton or box sealing tape, etc.

Self-adhesive packaging tape helps strengthen cartons and cardboard boxes. That’s to say, it provides an extra layer of security. In this way, you may rest assured that your shipments will reach safely. Logo-printed packaging tape is great for improving your brand exposure and package deliverability. The application is easy. You simply peel back the beginning of the top layer, pull the length you need and cut it when appropriate. Therefore, it is a regular tool for packaging cardboard boxes, manila envelopes, bubble mailers, or other shipping containers.

A wrong packaging tape could cause damage to the company. So it is significant to choose the proper one. Here, no matter if your packaging line calls for sealing a carton, closing a bag, or loading a pallet, our customized tape is at hand. From paper packaging tape, acrylic packaging tape, to hot melt tape, we’ve got all the custom shipping tapes you need. Custom packaging tape definitely meets your brand needs. Ink colors, logo or brand printing, lines are available here.

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Factors to consider when choosing packaging tape:

Weight of Your Package

Heavier products tend to hold more stress on packages, so a strong wider box sealing tape is recommended for heavier loads.

Stability of package contents

A stronger wider tape should be used to protect your content.

Value of Your Package

When the content of your package is considered valuable, then a wider and stronger packaging tape should be considered to ensure your safe seal and delivery.

Length of Your Package

Wider stronger tapes are great for long and heavy products.

Strength of Package or Box

Tapes with high shear strength adhesives are recommended for heavy board boxes. Rough and corrugated boxes tend to have a washboard surface that may require special high-tack adhesive.

Details of packaging tape:

  • Material: BOPP; OPP; PVC, etc.
  • Use: Carton Sealing;
  • Adhesive Side: Single-Sided;
  • Type: Pressure Sensitive, Water Activated;
  • Feature: Waterproof;
  • Design Printing: Offer Printing;
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland);
  • Width: 3 mm-1280 mm;
  • Length: 3 m-1000 m;
  • Thickness: 0.03-0.073 mm;

The packing tape, 90meters per roll, and its width is 5.4cm. The background color of packaging tape has 3 common colors. Such as white background, transparent background, and yellow background. Except for the above 3 common background colors, we can print all the other colors. So, their prices are different. Besides, 1, 3 common background colors include white, transparent, and yellow.

Price of custom packaging tape

– White/transparent/yellow with logo in 1 color: $295US;

– White/transparent/yellow with logo in 2 colors: $350US;
Full printed background color.

– Full printed background color with white logo: $295US. (The white color is the white material color itself, not printed.)

– Full printed background color with logo in 1 or 2 colors: $350US or $395US;

All the above prices are quoted based on 95 rolls and have no shipping cost;

The weight of 95 rolls is 29kgs around;


  • Reference sample from packaging tape photo gallery or from other places.
  • The quantity: our MOQ is 95 rolls.
  • You can offer your logo and design or get our help.

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