New trend-biodegradable corn starch bags

Biodegradable corn starch bags are made of cornflour/cassava as raw materials. They are green and biodegradable naturally with
a relatively short shelf life. You can customize the biodegradable carrier bags for packaging. Besides, many brands need eco-friendly packaging solutions. Then, they need to make compostable ziplock bags or self-adhesive bags for food, vegetable, garbage, etc. So, it becomes a new hot trend in the plastic packaging field.

We supply biodegradable corn starch bags at various bags at customers’ requests. Such as degradable composite bags, vest bags, flat pockets, express bags, etc. Most of them in daily life are vest bags (that is, the kind used in supermarkets). And people use it for shopping or clothing/garment packaging.

Details of biodegradable corn starch bags

  • Craft: offset printing, hot-cutting;
  • Product features: strong toughness and heavy bearing capacity;
  • Thickness: 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm, 0.07 mm-0.20 mm; the specific thickness is according to customer requirements.
  • Size: 22*30cm, 25*35cm, 28*40cm, 32*42cm, 35*45cm, etc. A small pouch or big bag is also customized at your request;
  • Color: customized;
  • Material: degradable PE, Kraft paper, degradable PET, etc;
  • Uses: plastic packaging, dried fruit, food, daily necessities;
  • If you need to print logo, please offer bag type, size, thickness, quantity, logo file.

Pictures list as below:

Why are biodegradable bags greener than traditional PE plastic bags?

Compared with traditional plastic packaging bags (PE), the chemical properties of cornstarch, cassava, etc. are not stable and are easily degraded in the natural environment.

Except for the difference in chemical properties, biodegradable bags feel more delicate. And they are skin-friendly than traditional plastic bags.

The birth of biodegradable bags relieved the pressure on the environment caused by daily chemicals. So, it is an excellent choice for both human health and natural health.

Corn starch

Corn starch is a colorless and transparent liquid lactic acid first extracted from corn through modern biotech. And the main raw materials are corn, corn cob, and corn stalk. Besides, we can use corn starch as the raw material for degradable plastic bags. Then, it is the most ideal raw material to replace PO to make vest bags.

What is the difference between corn starch bag and regular PO bag?

Corn starch is generally milky white, very cloudy, and thick. It feels hemp-like and has a paper-like texture. Also, it is much thicker and heavier than ordinary plastic bags.

Compared with ordinary PO vest bags, the degradation time of corn starch bags is short. So, a corn starch bag will only take 60 to 180 days. But, it takes about 200 years for an ordinary PO plastic bag to be completely degraded. This is why the country promotes bio-degradable bags.

Types of eco-friendly plastic bags

What is eco-friendly plastic bags? Eco-friendly plastic bags do not refer to a certain kind of plastic bag. It is a general term for all plastic bags with natural protection properties.

There are two main types of eco-friendly plastic bags commonly used in daily life. One is a degradable plastic bag. And the other is a fully degradable plastic bag.

Degradable plastic bag

The degradable plastic bag is made of degradable materials (like starch) and ordinary plastic materials (such as PE). And its material degrades rapidly after the plastic bag is discarded. Yet, ordinary plastics do not degrade. That is to say, this green plastic bag will be broken down into pieces if we discarded it. Then, the pieces are hard-to-degrade ordinary plastic materials that reduce the pressure on the nature.

Fully degradable plastic bag

Fully degradable plastic bags are not strictly plastic bags anymore. It’s just the same length as a plastic bag. So people still call them plastic bags. Because of the cost, only some high-end stores or large supermarket chains will use it in daily life. Of course, they will degrade quickly after being thrown away.

The essence of biodegradable corn starch bags

What is the principle of biodegradable corn starch bags cycle?

  1. Using cornflour/cassava as a raw material;
  2. Fully biodegradable resin;
  3. Biodegradable Products;
  4. Garbage can turn into organic fertilizer;
  5. Organic fertilizers can be used for crop growth;

Why promote biodegradable corn starch bags?

At present, the most serious natural problem we are facing is white pollution. And white pollution is due to the excessive use of non-degradable plastics and random disposal. And the non-degradable garbage is mainly non-degradable plastic garbage bags. Thus, the promotion of bio-degradable bags can reduce the use of non-degradable plastic products. Then it can achieve the purpose of reducing white pollution.

How to promote biodegradable corn starch bags ?

First, everyone should join the ranks of natural protection. In daily life, use degradable bags and reduce the use of non-degradable plastic bags. Brands can also use biodegradable corn starch bags to promote the development of national natural protection.

How to choose custom packaging solutions for clothing?

There are many custom packaging solutions for clothing e-commerce, like plastic packaging, custom box, custom wrapping paper, muslin bags, and paper bags. And many customers currently choose green eco-friendly packaging solutions. But how do customers choose a packaging solution that suits them? Next, I will introduce 5 main packaging solutions for you to choose from.

Custom plastic packaging solutions

When packaging a piece of clothing, the most common e-commerce packaging is custom plastic bag packaging with printed logos. Usually, we divide plastic packaging bags into the following categories:

  1. Flat bag
  2. Tote bag
  3. Self-adhesive bag
  4. Vest bag
  5. Zipper bag
  6. Self-sealing bag
  7. Slanting bag
  8. Drawstring bag

According to the material, we can divide it into:

  1. PE bag (ldpe)
  2. PO bag (hdpe)
  3. OPP bag
  4. PP bag
  5. EVA bag
  6. PPE bag
  7. CPE bag
  8. PVC bag

And how to choose the plastic packaging bags and customize them? Some tips are here for you.

Most clothing brands will use self-adhesive plastic bags and zipper bags to store clothes. These two types of packaging bags are the most common. And you can customize them to print personalized brand logos and names.

Self-adhesive bags

Self-adhesive bags are relatively cheap and convenient to use. However, it is generally a one-time packaging product. And it is not recyclable for the second time after tearing the seal.

custom packaging solutions: self-adhesive bags

Therefore, self-adhesive bags are mainly used as express bags and outer packaging bags. After the customer receives the parcel, they can tear and open the bag, remove the clothing. Then, throw away the outer packaging of the clothing.

Zipper bags

When choosing zipper bags, you can choose PE zipper bags and PVC zipper bags. PE zipper bags can be made frosted and transparent. Even the transparency is that fuzzy translucent texture. But, the PVC zipper bag is relatively hard and has high transparency. Customers who mind privacy can choose PE frosted zipper bags. So, customers generally use zipper bags to directly package clothes as inner packaging bags. And they aren’t directly using it as an express outer packaging bag.

Plastic zipper bags

Thus, if you want to pack clothes and use the bag again, please choose the PE zipper bags. If you want economical plastic bags as courier bags, please choose the self-adhesive bags.

Custom box solutions

Many clothing brands use custom packaging boxes to pack clothes, shirts, scarves, belts, pants, and more. It will also have the brand logo printed on it.

Common custom box in e-commerce custom packaging solutions:

  • Auto-lock bottom box
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Crash bottom box
  • Lid and tray box
  • Reverse tuck box
  • Straight tuck box
  • Tuck top box

Among them, in the field of clothing packaging, tuck top boxes, and lid & tray boxes are the most common.

Tuck top box

The One-piece tuck top box is foldable and cheap. And a large number of clothing brands will choose it to store clothes. And it support customize many colors and sizes.

Tuck top box

In addition, it can be laminated or printed first and then mounted. After mounting, cut it into various shapes. Then, the customer can take it back and fold it in half.

Lid and tray box

The lid and tray box are very hard and sturdy. But, it is not foldable. Many customers use it as a gift box. So, they are ideal for medium and high-end products. Meanwhile, we can use them when the product inside is heavy and needs extra support. But their volume is large, and the shipping and storage fees are also expensive.

Lid and tray box

So, If you use it in offline retail stores, you can choose a foldable tuck top box. Because its shipping is cheap. And it does not take up area and space. Besides, it can save money and store easily.

If you run an online store and pursue a high-quality customer experience, you can choose a lid and tray box. Because it is beautiful, durable. And the goods inside are not easy to be damaged during transportation.

Custom wrapping paper solutions

In the field of clothing, brands use wrapping paper mainly for packaging clothes, shirts, shoes, scarves, etc. Usually, it is used for inner packaging. And there will be a box to protect it on the outside. The wrapping paper can be printed with the brand logo and other information. In this way, information is transmitted, products are introduced, and consumption is guided.

Second, high-quality and fashionable clothing with novel, lively and colorful outer packaging can directly arouse the interest and love of consumers. It acts as a “silent salesman”. At the same time, it can also meet the aesthetic and psychological requests of consumers.

So, almost all clothing brands design their personalized wrapping paper with brand names or logos.

Custom printed wrapping paper mainly include 4 types as follows:

  1. Tissue paper
  2. Wax paper
  3. Typing paper
  4. Cotton paper
  5. Kraft paper

Tissue paper

The tissue paper often is a 17g thin printable tissue paper. And it has good transparency and is cheap. Then, it is moisture-proof, breathable.

tissue paper

So, if you are a clothing, shoes, cosmetics, wine brand, you can use tissue paper to wrap.

Wax paper

Wax paper is a semitransparent paper and it has 24g, 26g, 28g, 30g by the gram. And it has off-white wax paper and bleached wax paper. You can customize different colors and sizes by the requests of your product. Off-white wax paper has a certain oil-proof effect.

wax paper

So, you can choose to wrap food, hamburgers, bread, etc. Bleached wax paper suit for packing for high-end clothing, shoes, watches and leather straps, etc.

Typing paper

Typing paper is a kind of very thin paper (less than 0.05mm). Besides, 28g is a common weight. And it looks smooth and clean and has a better shaping effect. So, you can use it to pack food, gift, fruit, snack, etc.

Cotton paper

Cotton paper is soft and ductile and has slender fibers. It has 17g, 22g, 28g by the gram. And also, it has good tension and moisture-proof, air permeability. Most importantly, cotton paper has a more exquisite printing effect. Hence, it is perfect for high-grade garment packaging.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is tracing paper that is anti-aging and has high strength; scratch-resistant. And it is ideal for clothing and clothing paper bags. 30g craft paper suits for wrapping paper. Yet the price is a little expensive. But, it has better toughness.

kraft wrapping paper 1

So, if you want to customize kraft paper to wrap coats, jeans and don’t mind its price, you can choose kraft paper.

Custom muslin bags solutions

Some small items, jewelry, snacks, socks, underwear brands, etc. will also use custom muslin bags & pouch as inner packaging. And they will print the product name or logo on it. That will promote a brand. Of course, some clothing brands will also consider large drawstrings muslin bags, or cotton tote bags.

In addition, it can use not only for the inner packaging of online e-commerce products. But also for direct packaging of offline store products. Therefore, some fancy offline stores will choose custom cotton bags as a product custom packaging solution.

Custom paper bags solutions

Offline clothing stores generally use paper bags directly as outer packaging. Then, many clothing brands will customize reusable eco-friendly paper bags here. After the customer buys the clothes, the shopping guide will directly fold the clothes. And put them into the paper shopping bag. So, it’s very convenient, just pick it up and go.

Shirts packaging solutions

Online packaging:

8 plastic packaging 273

Inner packaging:

  • Using wrapping paper to wrap it or not; then put it into plastic packaging zipper bags;
  • Using one-piece tuck top box/lid and tray box;
shirt gift box

Outer packaging:

  • Using poly mailers & courier mailing bags;
  • Using corrugated paper box/Container board;

Offline packaging

8 paper bags DSC_5537
  • Direct put it into paper shopping bags;
  • Use wrapping paper to wrap it, then put it into the zipper bags or hard box & foldable box; then, put it in shopping bags;

Scarf packaging solutions

scarf paper box
  • Inner packaging: plastic packaging bags/scarf box/foldable box;
  • Outer packaging: poly mailers/paper box;

Coats packaging solutions

Online packaging:

  • Inner packaging: using PE zipper bags or non-woven bags;
  • Outer packaging: 1. poly mailers 2. mailing bags in paper box 3. in hard foldable box;

Offline packaging solutions:

  • Using wrapping paper in shopping bags(paper or plastic tote bags);
  • Fold it up and put it directly in the shopping bag.

Custom PVC handbags for wholesale

PVC handbags are see-through bags used for packaging small items, we wholesale customized clear white handbags, clear tinted handbags, and tote handbags. The PVC material gives the handbags a firm shape and strong strength. Finishes include glossy lamination, rigid line bottom, lined and pocked interior, etc. With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, you are bound to own your stylish PVC handbags.

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PVC plastic bags for fashion brands

PVC plastic bags are plastic bags with a transparent design of PVC material, which is light and waterproof and popular with young ladies and fashion brands. The handbag with a large opening and capacity can be placed at will for daily use. In recent years, many fashionable big-name bags have adopted the material of PVC, such as Chanel, Burberry, and so on. Many fashion bloggers also take very beautiful PVC plastic bags when street shooting to highlight their fashion sense.

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