Canvas tote bags for retail brands

As an eco-friendly fabric bags, we supply custom canvas tote bags printed with logo or design for retail brands, carrying your clothes, books, crafts, etc. Our tote bags features natural canvas, durable and reusable.

Canvas fabric

Canvas got its name from its original use in sales. What we call canvas refers to cotton canvas. Canvas is a kind of thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. It’s using plainer weave, and warp and weft yarns are all multi-strand yarns. So most of the weave canvas is thicker than ordinary cotton yarns. Because the canvas is woven with multiple threads, it has a firm texture and good waterproof. The canvas suitable used in cloth bags, clothing, footwear, luggage, and other industries. The pattern color on plain weave canvas is more vivid, while the pattern on twill canvas is grayish and has a sense of fading. Generally, we call 8, 10, 12, 14 ounces of cotton fabric per square meter as canvas, which is used to make tote bags and shoes.

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Custom cotton tote bags

We provide custom cotton tote bags for retail and fashion brands, and they are eco-friendly fabric bags that are mainly used in groceries, shopping, etc.

The cotton fabric

The cotton bag is an environmental-friendly bag, which is small, convenient, and durable. The biggest advantage is that it can be reused and degraded, thereby reducing environmental pollution to a greater extent. In foreign trade activities, 6 ounces per square (also called Ann, English: ounce, 1 ounce = 28.35 grams) is called cotton fabric. Cotton fabric can be coated. The coating can change its thickness and increase the waterproof effect. The concept of cotton fabric is very broad. It can be said that any fabric whose raw material is woven from the cotton yarn can be called cotton fabric.

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Difference between cotton and canvas tote bags

We provide cotton and canvas tote bags for retail fashion brands, and they are different in three aspects, such as thickness, strands, and material fabrics.

Differ in thickness

The cotton and canvas bags in the cloth bag type can be called cotton bags, and they are all environmental protection bags. The raw materials are made of pure cotton textile, which is easily degraded in the natural environment and will not pollute the environment. However, they differ in that canvas bags are generally thicker than cotton bags. Cotton fabric is a kind of woven fabric with cotton yarn as raw material, the canvas is a kind of thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. Most canvas yarns are thicker than ordinary cotton yarns.

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Personalized canvas tote bags

We supply personalized canvas tote bags printed or embroidered with logos, they are perfect solutions for packaging, branding, retailing, marketing, etc. The canvas tote makes excellent promotional items for any company. Its structure is built to accommodate anything sizeable to the size of a bag, and its style makes it a favorite for casual walks, shopping, and journeys.

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Cotton drawstring bags

Cotton drawstring bags are bags that are closed at the top with a drawstring, we produce personalized bags with printed logo to motivate fashion brand. This type of bag is favorite among sportspeople and individuals that have needed to take essential items over a long distance. Apart from its ability to hold a lot of things inside it, it’s a popular choice because of the ease with which you can open and close it. One can link its versatility in use to its qualities which motivates the best fashion brands to produce customized drawstring bags for different purposes. Besides they are also widely used in jewelry, mobile phones, and other places.

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Best muslin bags/cotton bags/canvas bags for your fashion brands here

With more and more design elements of canvas bags, the canvas bag market has formed a fashion pursuit represented by driftwood brands. Canvas bags are the new favorite of fashionable people. Canvas bags are basically versatile and can match any clothing. Monochromatic canvas bag is the most common item, although it is very practical, I believe you will sometimes feel bored, so you might as well choose a canvas bag with a bright color pattern to accompany you to go shopping.

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Muslin bag retail and muslin bag wholesale protect environmental

“Self-strength – the mouthpiece of Chinese industry.”

On January 1, 2018, the new member of the taxation family, the environmental protection tax, formally began the levy, and China’s implementation of the pollutant discharge system for nearly 40 years will withdraw from the stage of history. According to the tax law, the environmental tax is reported on a quarterly basis, which means that on April 1, the environmental tax will enter the first levy.

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Change the plastic bag to muslin bag or paper bag?

Now, environmental protection has become a topic that everyone in the society pays attention to. We are a country with limited resources. Everyone should protect the environment and resources. Such as plastic products, China’s plastic products now seriously pollute our environment and bring “white pollution.”


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Wholesale of muslin bag

Is Alibaba’s acquisition of 9.5 billion U.S. Dollars worthy of antagonism, indicating that Alibaba’s new retail strategy has achieved a major breakthrough in the deepening of its service to local life. Ali’s lineup of “stores + hungry shops + reputation stores” The array is expected to form a new closed-loop retail catering, and further extensions to the supply chain transformation.


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