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What is the main label? the main label is a type of clothing label by woven, printed, heat transfer or leather way to add the brand logo & name on the fabric. It is usually under the inner and back collar of the top, or at the inner and back middle seam of the bottom. It is used to display brand information. In general, we divide labels used in garments into the main label, size label, and care label by function. But, a piece of clothing may not have the latter two, it must have the main label.

From the perspective of different clothes

Such as the main label for shirts, T-shirts, jackets, down jackets, pants, trousers, and swimwear.

The main label design on the shirt generally contains the brand logo and size. Then, sew it on the back collar of the shirt. Besides, that garment factory or company uses materials like soft satin or cotton fabric. Sometimes the collar of some shirts will not only include the logo and size but include wash or Care Instructions. Even the origin and other information.


The t-shirt main label sometimes uses screen printing or heat transfer ways to make tagless styles. Then, it will save cost and not irritate the neck.

The common size of a shirt label & tag after folded include 4*1cm, 4*1.5cm, 5*1.5cm, 6*1.5cm……

A jacket or down main label often uses the type of damask or satin woven labels or printed labels. The computerized woven main labels have high quality. Its threads are the thinnest which can show fine details. The woven fonts and patterns are clear. The texture is soft and has a good hand feel. And the edges are smooth. There are up to four colors with the background color. But we often use 100D yarns to make it.

The common size of main label on jackets include: 5*2cm, 6*2cm, 6.5*1.5cm, 6.5*2cm, 6.5*3cm, 6.5*4cm, 7*2cm, 7*3cm, 7*4cm, 7.6*3.4, 8*1.5, 8*3.5……

woven main labels DSC0186

The t-shirt main label sometimes uses screen printing or heat transfer ways to make tagless styles. Then, it will save cost and not irritate the neck.

The common size of a shirt label & tag after folded include 4*1cm, 4*1.5cm, 5*1.5cm, 6*1.5cm……

From the perspective of different types of clothes

Such as the main label of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and children’s clothing, etc.

Men’s clothing often uses black, low-key, and deep colors as the base color. Besides, it has woven or printed text, brand logo information, etc. on it. Thus, this looks high-grade, has good texture, and can also be sewn up and down.

  • Product material: can be polyester spun yarn, satin, cotton belt, threaded belt, or matt belt.
  • Post-process: super-cut shear folding, super-cut eagerly cut slices, oblique folding, half folding, long and short folding, etc.
  • Common folded size: 1.8*5.7cm, 2*6cm, 2.5*6cm, 3.2*6cm, 4.5*6cm, 4.5*7cm, 5*7cm, 5.5*8cm, 6*8cm, etc.

The main labels in women’s clothing often use simple or colorful woven labels to display the brand logo and position. Simple woven labels include satin or cotton woven or printed labels. A printed selvage ribbon label has a soft touch, smooth edges, and clear patterns. Meanwhile, it has high color fastness and long service life. Then, the color will not fade after repeated washing. So, it is suitable for women’s clothing and summer clothes.

  • Black background with white, gold, or colorful text;
  • White background with black, gold, or colorful text;
  • Colorful background with black, white, gold, or colorful text;
  • Common folded size: 1.5*3cm, 1.5*4cm, 1.5*5cm, 2*6cm, 2.5*6cm, 3.2*6cm, 4.5*6cm, 4.5*7cm, 5*7cm, etc.

The main labels used for children’s clothing will choose printed labels. First of all, children’s clothing has a short service life and does not require high colorfastness. Second, the printed label is soft and skin-friendly, making it more comfortable for children. Finally, we recommend that children’s clothing choose printed labels. Moreover, it is more economical and affordable than woven labels.

embossed woven labels_DSC0062
main label 04

From the different craftsmanship

Through different production crafts, the main label includes the woven main label, printed main label, main heat transfer labels, and leather main label.

damask woven labels_DSC0723

We often see the label in the clothing labels industry. They are weaved from fabrics including damasks, satins, taffetas, and cotton. Types of the main woven label include cotton woven labels, selvage & damask woven labels, crochet woven labels, and iron-on woven labels. Woven labels are one of the most common labels used in garment trims. Thus, it is ideal for coats, jackets, jeans, woolen coats, etc.

The materials of the printed label include ribbons, cotton tape, satin, nylon tape, polyester taffeta, and canvas tape. Then, they are soft and good for our skin. Printed fabric labels have no limit in color. Thus, they can print different crafts. So, they are perfect for shirts, t-shirts, pants, underwear, and children’s clothing.

printed labels_DSC8272
main heat transfer labels

People use heat transfer main labels and heat press or iron the logo or design onto the special transfer paper, synthetic film, or plastic film. Then, apply them to the clothing fabrics. Thus, we can also call them tag-less tags. Of course, it is perfect for T-shirts.

Some leather clothing, coats, and jackets, trousers will use the main label & tag as their main tags. Then, it will highlight the brand and cool styles. And it will also show the taste of some people who are looking for leather fashion.

main leather tags

What’s the difference between the main label and neck label?

The main label includes the neck label and the main label on trousers. A neck label is a label on the back of the neck, especially the main label on the coat. That’s the big difference between them.

How to customize the main label?

There are 4 main steps to ordering a custom main label as follows.

Contact us and send us your label logo or design draft. But, if not, we offer free design. Then, tell us your quantity, size, color, etc. Then, we will quote you the best price.

We negotiate the sample details and quote the price at your request. After confirming the price and you pay according to PI, we will make samples as needed and the sampling time is 7-15 days.

We will strictly follow the sample quality standards for bulk label production and check the final quality.

We deliver your parcel and pack the label at your request to avoid damage during transportation.

FAQs of clothing main labels

-The MOQ is 100pcs.

-Yes, you need to bear the freight.

-According to the order quantity, it is about 7-15 days;

–Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

-You can launch a live chat with us. Or you can email us at: [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message: +8618143478283.

Photo gallery of clothing main labels

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