Hang Tag String For Clothing|Plastic seal

To compliment your hang tags, we are offering matching hang tag string seals. We offer any size that you need, we also can customize string seals to any shape you need. Added value string seals can be used to set you apart from your competitors and complement your brand’s image and style.

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hang tag string's photo gallery
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Details of hang tag string seal:

1, Material :plastic,metal.
2, Size & color : any size & any color is available.
3, Technics: Gold hot-stamping, sliver hot-stamping, print,
4, Shape is fixed by 3D mould.
5, MOQ: with your logo on:2000pcs; with no logo:1000pcs

Hang tag string with no logo color sample chart for sale

Below information request if you need hang tag string’s quotation from ClothingLabels.cn
  • Reference sample from hang tag string‘s photo gallery or from other place.
  • The quantity hang tag string do you want. our MOQ :with your logo on:2000pcs; with no logo:1000pcs
  • Your logo or your design of hang tag string if you have.
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What is hang tag string?

The hang tag string seal is a tool of brand expression which use on the high grade men’s clothing and the fashion dress. It is the disposable product for anti-counterfeiting, hanging on the clothing together with the hang tag, unless cut it down, or cannot be replaced.

The main material of the hang tag string seal is plastic. The plastic string seal is made by injection-moulding machine. So it needs a mould which costs 50-100US$.

Generally, the hang tag string seal has two parts with a string pressed inside, which has a disposable plug on each end of the string.

The design on the surface should be limited in one with limit colors (black, red, green, white, blue etc.). The string seal has three types, without plug, one plug and two plugs.

If the hang tag string seal should be composed by four parts, it is called four-in-one string seal which costs a little higher.

If the middle component is fixed with a plus part on each side, it is more difficult.

It also has a kind of string seal made by metal clad plastic or metal clad silk-screen pvc, which is called metal hang tag string seal. It needs the mould too.

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