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Garment care labels & wash labels

Garment care labels are wash labels and care symbols, which mark the fabric composition, care information of the clothes, and the correct washing method. The garment care labels are attached to clothing or textiles. They give the producer guidance. Such as washing, dry cleaning, drying, and ironing clothing.

In general, businesses will print fabrics, washing instructions on the labels. Some may print the company's logo, size, etc. Wash care label symbols may include dry cleaning/machine wash/hand wash. Such as whether we can bleach; drying method; ironing temperature requests, etc.

After the buyer receives the clothes, they can wash them according to the laundry symbol. Thus, garment care labels play an essential role in clothing. Of course, some clothing care labels will print the brand logo. Or, they will add the contact information of the maker of the garments. Then, we supply polyester, cotton, or satin care labels for customers.

garment care labels and wash labels

Materials of garment care labels

The care labels have various materials to match a different product. Such as nylon, polyester, acetate, TC, cotton, and non-woven fabrics. At the same time, there are some other materials to improve the product value. Such as full or semi-dull fabrics, bright fabrics, and pearl-finished fabrics.

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Advantages of garment care labels

garment care labels_DSC589233

To adapt to different printing ways, we coat chemical materials or resins on the fabric. Besides, they make the fabric has good ink absorption when printing. So, they are easy to dry and not easy to fade. Besides, they are washable and non-scattering. In particular, its various features must comply with global standards.


Garment care labels have wide usage. They are ideal for clothing, home textile luggage, bags, etc. While other industries like electronic products may use washing care labels.

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Production machine types

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  • Rotary printing machine (also the most commonly used);
  • Screen printing machine;
  • Self-adhesive printing machine.

We provide custom care labels & wash labels, printed labels, woven labelssize labels, etc. Any size and color are available. Please send us your design files if you have them. We offer free design of your logo if you have no ideas about it. MOQ(the minimum quantity) is 100pcs.


1, What is the bulk production time?
–-7-10 business days.

2, What is the shipping time?
–-3-6 days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?
–-Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

4, What is the most luxurious Care label available, please? Cotton label with printing? Can we just order said 200 labels for a trial, please?
–-The most popular care label is a satin print label, it looks shiny and luxurious; cotton label is also popular, but it is often used on cotton clothing, like baby clothing, so the label depends on clothing style. 200pcs is ok, our MOQ is 100pcs.

5, Are your care labels from recycled materials, can I use my own logo and font of choice on the labels?
–-Yes, they are all recycled material, and environment-friendly. Yes, you can customize your logo or font freely.

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