Hem tags(woven, printed, and leather hem tags)

We provide hem tags, which include woven hem tags, printed hem tags and leather hem tags. Hem tags are sewn into the side of clothes. Hem tags has many uses: instruction, advertising, promote the brand etc.

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hem tags
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Details of hem tags:

1, Material: woven,satin, damask, polyester, cotton, nylon, leather, and so on
2, Size & color: any size & any color is available.
3, Backing: Plain, self-adhesive tape,
4, Folding: midfold
5, Cut: hot cut, laser cut and ultrasonic cut
6, MOQ : 100pcs

Below information request if you need hem tags’s quotation from ClothingLabels.cn
  1. Reference sample from hem tags’s photo gallery or from other place.
  2. The quantity hem tags do you want. our MOQ is 100pcs.
  3. Your logo or your design of hem tags if you have.
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2 thoughts on “Hem tags(woven, printed, and leather hem tags)”

  1. Hello, I am interested in ordering samples of the woven hem tag, TPU printed label, and .
    Could you please answer a few questions that I have?
    1. How much is the sample charge for each (woven hem tag, TPU printed label, and )?
    2. How much will the total shipping costs be if shipping to South Korea?
    3. How should I create the tag blueprint/layout? Is it better to create a flat-lay?
    4. Does it cost more if I want to add more colors?

    Please send me a reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nara Hwang,
      Thank for your contact.
      My colleague Beaver([email protected]) will reply your email later.
      If you do not receive our email in the next 2 hours please check your spam box.

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