Embroidered patches for clothing brand

We supply custom embroidered patches with a logo for the clothing brand and retail stores, which is mainly used to iron or woven on clothes, bags, etc.  We can offer iron-on embroidered patch; sew-on embroidered patch; custom velcro patches; marrow border patches, etc. They are the most traditional and popular patches on the market.

An embroidered patch is a type of clothing design created by overlapping thread stitches. Compared to woven patches, the embroidered patch is made with thicker thread. Even small lettering stands out on this product. Embroidered patches, in fact, are ideal for designs with fine lines and small lettering. Merrowed border will not unravel, fray or curl. It is ideal for displaying your brands’ appearance. And it makes them more trendy and eye-catching. It can further enrich your brand image and perfect your clothing design.

The materials we choose are of high quality and durable. It is sturdy for high friction areas like outdoors. Meanwhile, they are common in fashion brands, rescue teams, schools, and sports clubs. Likewise, they are easy to clean and will prevent shrinkage. The ground fabric includes cotton, felt, twill, polyester, PU, and leather, etc. We sew the edges of the patch in a tight way. So, it will not easily wear or curl.

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How to use the embroidered patches

  1. For the sewing on embroidery badges without glue, use sewing methods to fix the edge of them at the desired position of the clothing.
  2. The iron on embroidered patches is to fix the badge in the required position of the clothing. Then use a pressing machine or iron to heat it until the hot-melt glue is fused with the clothing fabric. The iron on embroidered patches is not easy to fall off under washing or normal washing. If peeling occurs after repeated washing, re-attach the glue and just press and fit again.
  3. Use the Velcro. The rough side is on the clothes, the hook side is on the product. Then just fit them together.

Faqs of embroidered patches

  1. Ground fabric: Cotton, felt, twill fabric, polyester, PU, genuine leather, etc. Soft on the surface;
  2. Workmanship: Embroidery, iron-on, woven, etc;
  3. Embroidery Area: 50%, 80%, 100%embroidery(full embroidery) ;
  4. Gold/silver embroidery stitch ;
  5. Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request;
  6. Merrow or stitched border: stitch border, hot cut border, and laser cut border;
  7. Backing: sew on the backing plain, iron-on, self-adhesive tape, velcro, etc;
  8. Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton;
  9. The minimum quantity: NO MOQ ;

They are a versatile way of displaying your logo or emblem. Unique texture with durable construction makes them unfailing. The advantage of them is that we can attach them to any material. You can use iron-on, peel, and stick, hook and loop. Besides, you can attach it with a tuxedo clip or safety pin. In addition, the embroidery patches show your expertise. It means your devotion to products to represent your company.


  1. Soft on the surface;
  2. Environmentally-friendly material;
  3. Eye-catching design;
  4. Durable;
  5. Various choice in color, size, and style;
  6. Safe packing;

We wholesale reflective materials for embroidery patches. And it will reflect when they encounter light. Especially at night, it will shine and reflect in an obvious way. So, people who run at night, sanitation workers, and traffic police will wear the clothes. Because it is both conspicuous and safe.

Being a professional business, we wholesale a wide range of embroidered patches and labels with advanced skills. We are proud to offer 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidered patches. Besides, custom options are available. Thus, you are free to choose your multiple sizes, thread colors, and patch backings. No matter what you need, we can help you to make your brand stand out in the competition of the apparel market.


  • Reference sample from embroidered patches’ photo galleries or other places;
  • You can provide or design your logo or get our designer’s help;
  • Glue/Velcro at the backside or not;

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  1. I want to get a number of products from you guys. Need info on metal custom clothing tags embroidered custom patches and leather custom tag

    1. Hi, dear Sharon
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. Yes, We can make custom metal labels/embroidered patches and leather cutom tags as your requests.
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  2. Hi there,

    Im looking at getting some custom iron on embroidered logo’s made up.

    Is that something you offer?

    I would need it to be about a 40-50mm circle logo (already have the artwork)

    May I please have a quote? And is there a discount for purchasing in bulk?


    1. Hi, dear Jenna
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. So happy to cooperate with you. Yes, we can make custom iron-on embroidered patches with your logos at your request.
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