Coconut buttons for sewing & knitting

Coconut buttons are made of polished natural coconut shell, and we provide custom coconut buttons printed or painted with patterns for sewing & knitting. Spots or lines dot its surface, adding esthetical value while making it easy to sew onto fabric. Its flexible shapes involve round, square, oval, or flower. In this way, these buttons add richness to the overall look of the wearer. Its authentic look makes itself great for casual clothing, such as cardigans, jackets, sweaters, etc.

The strong rigidity of the coconut buttons helps them stand out from the rest natural ones. Just like wooden buttons, it has rich plant fibers. However, after being polished, there is almost no rough surface. Notably, there are no two identical buttons due to their natural properties. Moreover, these buttons from coconut are green and biodegradable. Each button presents the exclusive beauty of wood. Unlike plastic and metal buttons, the coconut button has smooth edges.

We offer custom coconut buttons. And they are available in various shapes and sizes. Diameters range from15 mm, 20 mm, to 25 mm, and more. Its colors range from light brown to dark brown. But we can dye them into various colors after bleaching. The surface can be lased in all kinds of patterns such as flower, star, or swirl. In addition to plain coconut buttons, we also have glazed ones. By the way, we can ship them global wide. Not limited to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Need stock? Please visit our online store.

Images of coconut buttons

Details of coconut buttons

  • Size: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, or any customized size;
  • Color: light brown, dark brown, or any customized color;
  • Workmanship: laser engraving, printing, debossing, etc.
  • Shapes: square, round, oval, flower, etc.
  • Button type: 2-hole, 4-hole, etc.
  • Packaging: inner packaging with PP bags, outer packaging with export carton
  • MOQ: 100pcs

Tips to maintenance

  1. The button cannot be plunged in water for a long time
  2. Please wash them gently. There is a risk of breakage.
  3. Do not expose them to sunlight directly or dyed buttons are easy to fade.


Reference sample from clothing buttons’ photo gallery or from other places

You can design or send your artwork to us, and we offer coconut buttons design.

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