Eco-friendly hang tags for clothing

Eco-friendly hang tags are made from 100% degradable materials for sustainable clothing brands, you can customize these tags from material to size or shape. Clothing hang tags help you meet your green goals. When we talk about eco-friendly tags we need to focus on three things. These three things are the material used to make them, the way they are printed, and if they are degradable after use.

Today, we are seeing that more and more consumers prefer to purchase items from companies that demonstrate they care about the environment. It means people care more than just price and quality. Choosing eco-friendly hang tags for your clothesline now is a terrific way to demonstrate your dedication to sustainability. These swing tags come from re-used paper, seed paper, or recycled cotton scraps. Vegetable-based ink is also used in the printing process.

We can print clothing hang tags for your business. They are not only eco-friendly but are high quality, visually appealing, and affordable. Our hang tags allow you to place a company logo, tagline, or quote on the actual product. And you are free to choose any color, size, shape, and material. If you have no idea, contact us for more information or a free quote.

Images of eco-friendly hang tags

Material for eco-friendly hang tags

You already know the vital part of eco-friendly hang tags lies in their material. Here are some examples.

1. Recycled Paper

Using recycled paper is usually the most common option for brands. The best suitable paper is 100% post-consumer recycled paper that is made from paper scrap. Remember the tag paper is relatively rough, and a little gray.

2. Seed Paper

Seed paper is paper that has plant seeds pressed into it. When the label is no longer useful, you can plant it outside, and it will grow flowers or grass. This paper needs earth-friendly water-soluble inks as they will not damage the seeds.

3. Wood Pulp

Wood is a versatile material found in almost every industry. Wood pulp tags are completely biodegradable. At the same time, products from it are durable and attractive.

Details of eco-friendly hang tags

  1. Size&color: any size &color is availabel;
  2. Materials: kraft paper, seed paper, recycled paper, or wood paper;
  3. Additional parts: eyelet, string or safety pins;
  4. MOQ: 100pcs.

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Custom folded hang tags for sale

Custom folded hang tags are kind of swing tags folded like brochures in center with brand logos, which supply much space to print and boost sales promotion. The folded hang tags have several materials for you. Such as paper, PVC, leather. But paper is the common material. And we are skillful clothing labels make and supplier in China. So you can wholesale our custom hang tags at your needs. In addition, any color, type, size is available. And you can customize the recycled hang tags for your fashion brand.

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Custom round hang tags with strings

Round hang tags are printed die-cut hang tags with logos and strings for business, we wholesale custom clothing tags with paper, metal, plastic material, etc. We can customize round price tags, favor tags, or gift tags for you. So, any type, color, size is available. All the custom round hang tags can print your brand logo. You can add other company information to it. Such as text, pictures, barcodes, etc.

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Gift hang tags for special occasions

Gift hang tags are the perfect gift accessory for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, holidays, using for adding the gift messages and gift value. Our gift hang tags are from high-quality paper. They can make your gift unique with your own designs. But they can show your recipients your extra special. Personalize your own style for loved ones with unique tags.

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What material used for garment hang tag?

We provide custom garment hang tag for fashion brands, and the materials of the hang tags include paper, metal, leather, textile fabric, PVC, rubber, wood. Moreover, the surface effect of hang tags: Gold/Sliver hot-stamping, spot UV, embossing, etc. Besides, you can print, weave, hot-stamping, laser-engrave your logo. And if you what to know what are clothing tags made of, you can view them as follows.

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Hang tags for shoes brand

Hang tags for shoes are common shoe tags that can be paper, metal, leather, or plastic, which can have various sizes, types, colors to promote your brand image. Hang tags for shoes has many printing processes to choose from. The tag materials used on the shoes are varied, and each customer can customize it according to his own brand positioning.

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Custom price tags for retail stores

We provide custom price tags with plastic strings and logos for retail stores, which are used to show off the price, style, size, and others of the clothes. Use string or twine to tie the hang tags in a conspicuous place. These tags add that extra branding to your retail product! Make something that is your own for your store!

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Kraft hang tags for fashion brands

Kraft hang tags are clothing tags made of tawny kraft paper and hung on fabrics or clothes with reinforced pre-punched holes and twine for fashion brands. Kraft paper is usually yellowish-brown, with strong burst resistance and tensile strength. They are suitable for monochrome logo printing. The surface adopts silk-screening processing technology. So the trademark process can highlight the luxury.

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Sticker hang tags for clothing brands

We supply custom sticker hang tags for clothing brands, it built customized stickers into your existing hang tag needs to give added value to your apparel. It is the hang tags. With clothing stickers on it. This is one unique way to show your products. Adding a sticker to your hang tag is a great way to show off your brand. We can make custom sticker hang tags to match brands.

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10 Best Clothing Hang Tag Ideas

Clothing hang tag printing material is various, not just paper. We want to introduce the 10 best clothing hang tag ideas that are creative in material and tech. And the logo printing techniques are multiple.

A traditional hang tag consists of art paper. By firstly printing the brand logo and relative images on paper. Then cut into a rectangular shape and punching a hole. Finally, match a string, we make a hang tag.

Custom clothing hang tag

Now we would like to introduce the 10 best clothing hang tag ideas we made. So, you can refer to the following photos. Besides, we wholesale custom clothing hang tag at your request. And any type, size, color is available. You can customize it with logos or brand information.

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