Custom hang tags order process

Hang tags are suitable for clothing and fashion retail brands, below is the custom hang tags order process for reference if you want to order or wholesale.

Get a quote for the hang tags

Contact us via email, WhatsApp, phone call, website message, social media, or other ways. Please inform us as much information as possible to get an accurate quote:

Hang tags-01
Hang tags-01

1>Your logo or hang tag design draft

If you have the design draft, please send it to us. If you want us to provide the design draft for you after we sign the bulk contract and you pay, we will offer it to you for free; The file format of the hang tag design draft can be CDR, AI, PDF, and other vector files.

2>Size of your hang tags

Tell us the size of hang tags that you need. And we will customize it for you as your requests.

3>Materials and workmanship of hang tags

If you are not sure about this, please show us the hangtag pictures you like (choose and download from our photo gallery or other places), we will quote according to the material and craftsmanship of the hang tag in the picture.

Hang tags-02
Hang tags-02

4>Whether it contains hang tag string and safety pins

5>Quantity required

Our MOQ is 100pcs. If you want to get a much cost-effective unit price, we recommend that you order 10000pcs.

6>Shipping address.

Be sure to tell the postcode, please.

We quote and issue PI

We quote according to your needs. After you confirm the price, we will issue PI, and then you can pay according to the payment method on the PI.

Design hang tags

If you provide your own design draft, please skip this step. We will design the hang tag for you free of charge according to your requirements. If you are not satisfied, you can modify it again until you are satisfied. However, you can only modify it up to 3 times. If you are still unsatisfied with it over 3 times, you need to provide your own design draft.

Make samples

If your order is less than 1000 pieces, we suggest not making the sample, because the sample cost is almost equal to the googs value of 1000 pieces; For orders of over 10000pcs, we suggest making samples first, and you will pay the sample fee, which is 100-200USD; If the order is more than 100000PCS, we will make samples for free after you confirm the price and pay for the goods. After you confirm the design draft, we will make the sample for you. After the sample is completed, we will take a photo for you to confirm. If you need us to send you the sample by express, the express fee of the sample will be about 30USD.

Hang tags-03
Hang tags-03

Bulk production

After confirmation of the pre-production sample, we strictly follow the sample quality standards for bulk production and perform the QC final check.

Deliver the goods

Deliver the goods according to the transportation mode discussed earlier.

Receive and inspect goods

After you receive the goods, carefully check the product quality and quantity. If there is any problem, please inform us within 7 days, and we will provide a solution.

After-sales service investigation

Our after-sales department will contact you to rate and evaluate our service satisfaction and product quality. We pay attention to the opinions of every customer, aiming to improve customers’ satisfaction and create value for them. We sincerely hope your career will be successful. Look forward to becoming your long-term stable and reliable professional hang tag supplier.

Luxury hang tags for high-end clothing

Luxury hang tags are suitable for high-end clothing, we provide with many options to customize the look and feel of luxury gold or silver foil hang tags. If you have noticed the hang tags in luxury stores, you might get impressed with their hang tags, no matter they are cotton hang tags, or metallic hang tags, buying their products with luxury hang tags means you have the ability to get what you want. For many sellers, the hang tag is a simple yet effective way to round out packaging and branding for any product. Hence, we offer luxury hang tags for your choice.

luxury hang tags 1
luxury hang tags 1
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Custom Hang Tags for clothing brands or retail stores

We provide custom hang tags printed with logos for clothing brands or retail stores, mainly used to display product information and enhance the brand image. Any shape, size, color, material, and type are available.

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Hang tag printing

Hang tag printing is a solution to add product information on hang tag with professional printing, including offset printing and silk-screened printing. They have some differences in printed materials, features, time, and printing methods.

They can also print various specifications of shapes, such as square, round, diamond, etc., and can also print various colors on the front and back of the hangtag. The information printed in this way can improve the brand image and popularity.

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How to customize the gift hang tags?

We provide customized gift hang tags to display size and fabric information of the tags, which are wonderful addition to decorate gifts on any occasion.

1. Please send us email with all the details of the gift hang tags, such as artwork, size, quantity, style number and your destination. At the same time, please advise whether you need us to make the hang tags sample or not firstly, and whether we need to send you the sample for approval or not once finished. Continue reading “How to customize the gift hang tags?”

10 Best Clothing Hang Tag Ideas

Clothing Hang tag printing material is various, not just paper. Logo printing techniques are also multiple

Traditional hang tag is usually made of art paper. By firstly printing brand logo and relative images on paper, then cutting into rectangular shape and punching a hole, finally matching a string, we make a hang tag.
Now we would like to introduce 10 best clothing hang tag ideas we made-more creative in material and technique. Continue reading “10 Best Clothing Hang Tag Ideas”