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Plastic garment clips for shirts

Garment clips are the small transparent or white plastic clips or pins with or without teeth used for clothing or shirt binding with PP, ABS, PS materials. We can also call them alligator clips, shirt clips. We wholesale custom personalized clips for fashion brands. And the teeth keep the shirts, JK dresses or textiles stay in their original place. And it belongs to the plastic hook and garment accessory.

The garment clips can make the shirts fold neatly. Meanwhile, it keeps the sleeves together during shipping or display. Then, the toothed design keeps the collar straight without damaging the garment.

garment clips 07

So, it is suitable for the display and arrangement of various garment factories, brand clothing stores, and many specialty stores. supply all kinds of custom shirt clips & pins, plastic hooks. Also, all of them can be customized with any size, color, or type.

What are the main details of garment clips?

garment clips 05
  • Materials: high quality and durable plastic, PP, ABS, PS(Polystyrene), etc;
  • Garment Accessory: plastic clip; shirt clip, clothes clip; alligator clips;
  • Color: transparent, white, nature, etc;
  • Size: custom;
garment clips 04

  • Shape: commonly U Shape, etc;
  • Types: Teeth or without teeth, various types, etc;
  • Product type: clips, hooks, pins;
  • Uses: mainly used to organize or fold shirts, clothes, suits, scarf, home textiles, toys, socks, packing gifts, ties, trousers, pants, underwear, dress, etc;

What are the advantages of garment clips?

  • Its plastic material is safer than other materials like metal;
  • The toothed design is non-slip and durable and allows shirts, sleeves to grip the fabric tightly without slipping;
  • Also, the plastic garment clips are simple and convenient to use.
  • It is much lightweight and cheaper than metal clips;
  • And it has wide use in clothing industry and daily lifes.


  • Is it better to buy a toothed one or a toothless one?

-The ones with teeth will not have marks. Then, the shirts can also be clamped. But, the toothless clips are also tight. So, customers can customize according to their personal preferences.

  • Do I have to remove the clips when washing?

-Remove and wash. After the clothes are dry, you can continue to clip to maintain the shape of the shirt according to the situation.

  • If the shirt is a little wrinkled, is the clip still useful now?

-You can iron the shirt first and then clip it.

  • Is it better to clip a shirt to the edge or the middle?

-Fix the sleeves and hem of the shirt with clips. Then, clip them at the overlap between the clothes.

  • Is it really useful? Can it be reused?

-Yes, it is useful to keep the shirt in order; it is useful.

  • Can it hold other clothes besides shirts?

-Yes, any clothes can be clipped, but also socks, scarves, sheets, etc.

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