Taffeta woven labels for clothing

Taffeta woven labels are polyester-based plain weaving fabric labels, which are soft, light, and have less weave density using for coats, hats, suitcases, etc. Taffeta is an opaque material on the surface. It makes them suitable for reverse printing or woven labels. Meanwhile, soft touch feeling and low weave density are their obvious features.

Taffeta woven labels are included in the selvage woven label. They have a glossy surface and selvage edge, just like silk. It is starched and seems high-grade. But the threads for satin woven are a little thick. The Surface seems to have small holes if the text is bold. But it is not obvious if the text is thin. Thus, it is recommended to choose a damask woven label if you mind the surface of the small holes.

Metal yarns are generally made of selvage woven labels, so they look better. But, satin woven labels can make complicated logos, taffeta woven labels have limitations. however, they are very durable. Thus, they can withstand strong washing and abrasion. Taffeta woven labels are cheap and have good quality.

Why choose taffeta material for your brands?

  • The taffeta material is opaque, light-weight;
  • Taffeta is cheaper than satin and can save money;
  • All kinds of taffeta are easy to process and not easy to wear. You can directly use scissors to cut it;
  • The taffeta has a smooth surface. We can print various colors on it, which is very vivid;

Applications of taffeta woven labels

These labels have a slightly rough appearance, so furniture care instructions and size labels usually use them. They can be found on almost any product you can think of. Such as denim jackets, hats, woolen jackets, scarves, backpacks, or any other clothing accessories. Likewise, if you supply duvet covers, curtains, or towels, taffeta woven labels may be an ideal choice for the brand.

We provide all kinds of custom taffeta woven labels with logos. The size, color, and printing content are available according to your requirements. You can choose straight cutting, hemming, or even backing heat sealing ways. Our designers will help you and provide free design for logo and text layouts.

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