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Best 15 types of drawstring pouch bags

Best 15 types of drawstring pouch bags with muslin cotton, canvas, velvet, satin silk, linen, nylon, jute, mesh, organza, plastic, non-woven, leather materials. A custom drawstring pouch, also known as a lock string bag, or drawstring bag, is a type of packaging bag. First, they are flexible and convenient to use. Second, it is light and portable. Third, they are soft and gentle to the touch.

At the same time, various custom logos can be printed on the personalized pouch surface. And the size is custom-made according to the specifications of the packaged product. Thus, it greatly enriches the use and versatility. Due to their eco-friendly and durable materials, drawstring pouch have also become a kind of recycled bag nowadays. So, they have wide use in clothing, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, gym sports, makeup, shopping, etc.

ClothingLabels.CN makes and wholesales custom drawstring pouches with logos in small or large sizes. We can print or embroider any color according to the Pantone card. Such as black, pink, gold, silver, etc. Send us your logo file, tell us the material, quantity, size, color, text, reference photos, etc. you want, then our product experts will quote you and do one-to-one service.

Wholesale Details Of Custom Drawstring Pouch Bag

Material: muslin cloth, cotton fabric, canvas cloth, flannel cloth, velvet cloth, satin, silk, nylon, non-woven fabric, linen, burlap, jute, polyester, nylon, plastic PE & EVA, mesh, organza, leather, etc.; others Special fabrics can also be customized.
Logo printing process: screen printing, full-screen printing, multi-color printing, hot stamping, thermal transfer, embroidery, cloth labeling, embossing, roller printing, digital printing, offset printing, etc.; all kinds of patterns can be printed.

Styles: drawstring bag, drawstring bag, zipper bag, mini pocket, backpack bag, cosmetic bag, envelope bag, etc. All kinds of complex styles can be customized.

Drawstring choice: Customized drawstring material. Including silk tape, cotton, polyester, waxed cotton, ribbon, linen, jute, elastic, cotton flat rope, streamer, etc.

Price: The price of customized products is determined according to the material, color, size, quantity, and logo technics.

Size: any size can be customized;

Color: white, black, pink, red, green, etc. We can customize any color according to your needs.

Logo: printing, embroidery, heat transfer, digital printing, etc.

Size: customized according to your requirements. We can also give you advice.

drawstring pouch normal size
normal size

Main processes of printing logos

  • Low price;
  • Suitable for single-color or two-color printing;
Screen printing
Stamped and silver
  • The price is moderate.
  • And it looks high-end, the disadvantage is that the printing effect is not as good as other printing methods.
  • The disadvantage is that it is monochrome, if the logo is multi-color, it cannot be used;

  • It is bright in color and good printing effect.
  • But the disadvantage is that the amount is small and cannot be used, and the cost is high;
Thermal transfer printing
muslin bags_DSC8926

  • The advantage is that the logo has a 3D sense, it will not fall off or fade, and the grade is high;
  • The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high according to the size of the logo on the bag;

The advantage is that the logo machine can be embroidered on the cloth label. The price is relatively low. The effect is also good;
The disadvantage is that the logo is suitable for 1-2 colors. The size of the cloth label is limited, so the logo cannot be too large;

Cloth label

The advantage is that the price is lower, suitable for flannel bags, with a bump effect;
The disadvantage is that some materials are not suitable for embossing. In addition to colorless, gold, and silver, logos with other colors cannot be used.

Best 15 types of drawstring pouch bags in <ClothingLabels.CN>

1. Muslin drawstring pouch

Muslin drawstring pouches are small or large plain weave muslin bags made of natural cotton. We can print or embroider brand logos on it to enhance the brand image. These bags are durable and eco-friendly, yet easy to carry and versatile. Thus, we can use them as packaging and storage bags. Plus, they’re great for packaging clothes, makeup, and accessories. They can also be used as gift bags.

cotton muslin bags 06
8 muslin bags_DSC697416

We are a custom-printed muslin drawstring pouch manufacturer with many years of experience. Shape, color, and accessories such as zippers, buttons, pockets, or trim are fully customizable.

Images, fonts, or branding can be printed on them by screen printing. Common colors are beige, white, or black. We do not recommend printing overly complex colors.

2. Cotton drawstring pouch

Cotton drawstring pouch is made of 100% cotton fabric and can be added with a logo for shopping, packaging clothing, or everyday items. They are becoming a necessity for anyone enjoying life. Since they are easy to carry, they are versatile.

Even fruits and vegetables can be stored to keep them fresh. Because their small holes allow air to pass through and prevent bacterial growth. These bags allow good air circulation. So they are ideal for storage rooms and refrigerators.

You can even customize it to suit your personal style. Meanwhile, you can print your brand name or logo on it. These pure cotton eco bags have no bad smell. It can meet the needs of people who are concerned about whether the bag is harmful to the human body. When the bags wear out, you can discard them without guilt because they are biodegradable.

Cotton drawstring pouch

3. Canvas drawstring pouch

canvas drawstring pouch

A canvas drawstring pouch is a drawstring bag made from burlap canvas. It’s durable and portable. And we can make them as mini storage pouches to package jewelry, earrings, and small items. Also, they can be made into drawstring backpacks. However, the drawstring needs to be thicker so that it doesn’t strangle the shoulders.

We can match them with any outfit or DIY them ourselves. The canvas drawstring bag is not only fashionable and versatile but also low-carbon and eco-friendly. It’s very versatile. For example, you can use them in gifts, weddings, parties, sweets, accessories, office supplies, spices, etc.

We wholesale and make custom canvas drawstring pouches with brand logos. Want to customize a personalized canvas pouch? please feel free to contact us. And tell us the logo, color, size, and quantity. Our product experts will quote you the best price.

4. Velvet drawstring pouch

A velvet drawstring pouch is also called a drawstring jewelry bag. It is a container made of velvet fleece material. In addition, nylon bottom velveteen, knitted bottom velvet, cotton bottom velvet, double-sided velvet, plush, etc. can use for flannel bags. Like non-woven bags and canvas bags, Velvet drawstring pouches are also a type of green eco bag. People often use them to package and store gifts, and precious jewelry. Such as rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, beads, jades, etc. That is dustproof and convenient.

Then, the pouch is durable. It can withstand a variety of printing processes. Such as silk screen, hot stamping, hot silver, embroidery, heat transfer, and so on. And you can print various patterns and texts on the bag surface to enrich the product content. Second, it is lightweight and portable. The velvet cloth itself is light in the material. The sewn pouch bag is light in quality. It adopts the rope closing method, which is flexible and convenient, small and exquisite. At last, the velvet drawstring pouch has a soft feel, high flexibility, and high abrasion resistance. Click to get online stock drawstring bags.

custom velvet drawstring pouch

5. Satin drawstring pouch

8 satin bags 142

A satin drawstring pouch is a kind of silky-feeling, satin-finished drawstring bag. It has excellent gloss and drape. And it feels softer, similar to silk. In addition to the unique style of the cloth, it has better light and visual effects.

There are many raw materials for satin cloth, such as: polyester-cotton blend, cotton, or chemical fiber. Satin cloth is ideal for all kinds of pajamas, women’s clothing, underwear, etc. Therefore, we make and wholesale it for underwear silk bags, cosmetic storage bags, etc.

6. nylon drawstring pouch

A nylon drawstring pouch is lightweight, portable, and durable. It has two drawstring ways: double drawstring and single drawstring. It uses thermal transfer, silk screen, or machine printing to print the brand logo. Since these bags can be used many times, so it’s a good way to store and travel in daily life.

Uses: store and package daily necessities, sporting goods, handicrafts, gifts, accessories, advertising, promotional gifts for festivals, etc.
Features: fine workmanship, high-grade material, good quality, and low price.

8 muslin bags DSC835224

7. Polyester drawstring pouch

polyester drawstring pouch

Polyester drawstring pouch bags are more common in daily life. Polyester fabric is easy to wash, and quick-drying. And it’s not easy to wrinkle and has good resilience. Therefore, we often use it as a sports gym bag. The design of the pouches is simple and clear. It can also avoid the loss of valuables.

The kind of bag has two categories according to size. Small & mini polyester drawstring pouches are the main packaging accessories. Such as in the fields of clothing accessories, watches, wallets, and other fields. We place it in the box, which plays the role of dustproof and enhancing brand influence. The large one is the main packaging accessory for men’s & women’s sports, fitness, and underwear brands.

8. Non-woven drawstring pouch

Custom non-woven drawstring pouch bags are eco-friendly and reusable. They are made of recycled non-woven fabric and printed with the brand’s logo. Therefore, they are perfect for promotional shopping, packaging, etc. Also, the well-designed pouch bag is perfect for shopping, storage, backpacks, t-shirts, groceries, shoes, gifts, and wine.

As one of the alternatives to a plastic bag, a non-woven drawstring pouch has many advantages. First, they are tough, durable, moisture resistant, and washable. Also, it is colorful and cheap. Its functions for shopping, traveling, and working makes it more popular. We are a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of non-woven bags. Welcome to quote by samples.

8 Non woven bags 01

9. Jute drawstring pouch

jute drawstring pouch

The jute drawstring pouch is composed of 100% hemp. It is unbleached and relatively rough. But it has high density, good ventilation, and a strong sense of simplicity. And it’s durable and hygroscopic. Jute drawstring pouches are ideal for wine packaging bags.

Natural antique linen raw materials and red wine from nature complement each other, just like the best partner of cooperation. The red wine burlap bag with the drawstring mouth is one of the most romantic and retro wine packagings on the market.

【Use】wine packaging, advertising, daily use, item storage, etc.
【Cloth thickness】customized according to your requests.
【Price】depends on your quantity, color, size, logo, etc;

10. Linen drawstring pouch

The linen drawstring pouch is composed of unbleached 100% hemp. It is soft and smooth. The texture is good, but it is not good to wash it.

And the linen fabric is hygroscopic and breathable. Linen drawstring bags are strong, flexible, and have good color.

Then, the brand logo can be screen printed. So, it’s perfect for gift bags.

linen bags DSC756919

11. Plastic drawstring pouch

plastic drawstring pouch

The plastic drawstring pouch uses eco-friendly materials such as PE and EVA. Also, it can be made into frosted(matte) or transparent bags.

It is suitable for sorting and sorting shoes, clothes, and toiletries for home, business, travel, etc.

Also, it suits travel gifts, jewelry, garment, home(underwear, pants, socks) clothing storage.

EVA plastic drawstring pouch

  • Breathable air holes. After putting away the clothes, there is no bulging. It can prevent items from getting moldy due to moisture;
  • Waterproof and dustproof. It effectively prevents the entry of water and dust and keeps the clothes neat and tidy;
  • Trimming. Eager cutting process explosion-proof edge, and it is more sturdy;
  • Thick and durable. Thick drawstrings are more durable. So, it’s easy to use and has good sealing;
  • Support customization: size customization, printing logo, bag body color, material selection;

12. Organza drawstring pouch

The organza drawstring pouch is made of high-quality organza and is a gift jewelry bag. It is very suitable for packaging and storing gifts, jewelry, wedding candy, cosmetics, and promotions.

【Style】: Right-angle bottom, narrowing (a pull to close, used to tie the bag mouth).

【Usage】: Just pull the ribbon lightly when using it. It is convenient and beautiful. In addition, it is perfect for packaging all kinds of wedding gifts, jewelry, jade, rings, necklaces, earrings, dried flowers, tea, handmade soap, small toys, stationery, cosmetics, bamboo charcoal, etc. Besides, it is recycled and eco-friendly!

organza drawstring pouch

13. Embroidered drawstring pouch

embroidered bags 0301

Embroidered drawstring pouch uses the embroidery process to embroider the brand’s logo. Embroidery crafts are slightly more expensive than other crafts. But it looks more textured and classy.

There are many options for the material of the bag itself. Such as flannel, linen, cotton, satin, canvas, nylon, PU leather, non-woven fabric, hexagonal mesh, etc. In addition to the embroidery process, you can also choose silk screen printing, bronzing, embossing, cloth labeling, thermal transfer printing, etc. Embroidered drawstring pouch suits to pack and store clothes, items, jewelry, jade, headphones, etc.

14. Silk drawstring pouch

The silk drawstring pouch has a smooth surface and feels good in the hand. Besides, its color and gloss are good and not easy to break. And it’s a bit like a satin bag. It’s great for jewelry gift bag packaging and storage.

Meanwhile, it is ideal for women’s travel to carry cosmetic bags, wedding events, etc. We can print, heat transfer, embroider logo on the surface.

silk bags_DSC8935

15. Leather drawstring pouch

leather drawstring pouch

The leather drawstring pouch is exquisite and dust-proof with a hot stamping logo. And it’s more durable and wear-resistant. The bag’s mouth is relatively tight, which can facilitate the protection of items and prolong the life of the bag.

  • Printing process: thermal transfer, silk screen, machine printing;
  • Special process: embroidery, digital printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, hot pressing, adding a woven label, etc;
  • Main material: faux PU leather;
  • Main uses: jewelry, playware, makeup, skincare, gift packaging, digital accessories, cosmetics, hair accessories, etc.

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