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brand samples of custom PVC patches

Custom PVC patches are durable and soft polyvinyl chloride patches for clothing, hats, etc, a rubber material, which are lightweight, water-proof, not fading. And there are many types of custom PVC patches. Such as clear PVC patches, velcro patches, morale or name patches, glow-in-the-dark PVC patches, etc.

Custom PVC patches will generally make a single-sided logo. If it is a two-sided logo, the two PVC patches will stick together. In order to avoid excessive thickness, we recommend the thickness of one side be thinner. While silicone patches can be directly made with two-sided logos in the form of mold clamping. Besides, you can make a 3d embossed, recessed, or hollow logo. Also, we can make the logo luminous at the night. Thus, it is perfect for night runners.

PVC Patches Details

  • Material: soft PVC, rubber, eco silicone;
  • Workmanship: 2D or 3D mold, embossed, recessed, hollowed out, luminous logo, etc;
  • Backing options: Velcro, or sewn, 3M glue adhesive, add snap buttons or magnet, steel hooks, etc.
  • Packing: inner packing with plastic PP bag, outer packing with export carton;
  • MOQ: 100pcs;

Custom PVC Patches Samples

samples of custom PVC patches
Samples of custom PVC patches

What are the Sizes of Custom PVC Patches?

Custom size is available for your needs.

Rectangle or Square(Flag size): maximum length 22cm, and width 15cm.

Round: maximum diameter 15cm.

Logo lines: the thinnest line needs 0.5mm; We can use this to judge whether the logo of the target can be made. In this way, we can modify the size of the target or simplify, enlarge, and thicken the lines.

How Many Colors You Can Customize?

First of all, the PVC patch can be customized to multiple colors according to the Pantone card. Then, the background color can be solid, semi-transparent, or transparent. Even if it is transparent, it is not fully transparent.

How Many Shapes You Can Get?

Round, square, rectangle, oval, shield shape, special-shaped, logo shape, and custom shape by customers, etc;

How to Attach Custom PVC Patches?-10 Types of Backing Options

There are 10 types of backing methods to apply PVC patches. And below are the common backing options to attach the custom PVC patches:

1. Plain Backing(Sewing Ways)

custom PVC patches with plain backing

Plain Backing is a sewing way that sews PVC patches on fabrics, clothes, or other items. And the patch edges often have four sides suture grooves for easy sewing. So, all it takes is a few simple stitches.

2. Velcro / Hook & Loop Backing

velcro PVC patch

Velcro fastener has a hook surface and a rough surface. And the hook surface is on the PVC patches. It means that one part is on the back and the other part is sewn to the garment. So, this allows it to be removed easily. And guests need to decide whether to provide a rough surface at the same time.

3. Adhesive Backing

adhesive PVC patches

Add self-adhesive(glue) on the back. However, it will leak and the glue will be weak in about 1 year. Mind to use with caution.

4. Make the Seam Thin

PVC Patches with Thin Seam_DSC0650

The top should be at least 4-5cm thin for sewing, and such a mark can also be sewn on the side.

5. Add Holes

PVC Patches with holes

We can add round holes on it, which is also a way to fix the patch.

6. Magnet Backing

Magnet PVC patches

Adding magnets to the back of the patch is also a great way to secure it. Maybe it doesn’t work with clothing, bags, etc. But it’s a great way to make fridge magnets.

7. No Backing

PVC patches as coasters

The custom PVC patches without backing are suitable for various surface product designs. So, we usually use them in coasters (such as Starbucks coasters), bar and computer table mats, etc.

8. Add Chains and Circle Rings

custom PVC patches with chains

Adding chains and rings is suitable for making all kinds of keychains. Then, we can make them into many shapes.

9. Add PVC Loop

PVC patches with PVC loop

We can add a PVC loop or PVC buckle on the PVC patches. This is great for making all kinds of crafts, accessories. But, it requires holes in the PVC patch for connection with the PVC loop ring.

10. Add Snap Buttons

Custom PVC patches with snap buttons

In general, we can also add snap buttons at both ends of the custom PVC patches. So, it is ideal for bracelets, watches.

Who Will Use and Customize PVC Patches?

  • Clothing company, especially outdoor wear, mountaineering suit, child clothing, school uniform, denim, jeans, down jacket brands;
  • Bag(backpack), luggage, suitcase brand;
  • Hats brand;
  • Shoes brand;
  • Police departments;
  • Fire departments;
  • Military unit for military equipment;
  • Club: such as holding celebrations, commemorations, etc;
  • Hikers and bikers brand;

2D vs 3D Custom PVC Patches

2D and 3D custom PVC patches are similar at first glance on the surface. But in fact, the difference is quite large.

First, 2D PVC Patch has many horizontal layers. Therefore, it is perfect for minimalist designs, colorful patches with raised and recessed logos.

Second, the 3D PVC patch has bumps and is available in a variety of styles. And its raised logo has a 3D effect. This makes the product more detailed and lifelike.

Third, a 3D PVC patch can do a more complex design. But the price is more expensive than 2D PVC Patch.

To sum up, you can decide whether to do a 2D or 3D logo patch design for your own needs.

Design Your Own Personalized PVC Rubber patches

Here, you can design your own personalized PVC rubber patches with your logo. Want different sizes, colors, or types? Okay, we can help you design the perfect patch layout. It’s free. You just need to tell us the quantity, size, and logo file you want. Then, you will get a free quote from our sales manager.

A good patch can really boost brand image and sales. And it can even be the id proof of the brand. Just like Chanel, Nike, and Boss, the role of the brand logo goes without saying.

Why Choose Custom PVC Patches?

  • It is soft, flexible, leightweight, durable, no fraying;
  • Good waterproof, moisture proof, weather resistant effect;
  • Easy cleaning with no later costs;
  • Trendy and fashinable;
  • Great tool for branding and brand recognition;
  • It is easy and fast to attach it to clothing or other items;

How Long do Custom PVC Patches Last?

PVC patches have a long service life. And they can last for decades without fraying, wearing out, peeling off. The custom PVC patch is made of high-quality PVC and rubber material. Not only is it durable, but it also retains its own color and shape. In addition, it is resistant to any cold or hot climate.

Then, it is well maintained. You don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. After a long time of use, you just need to rinse with water or use a damp towel to wipe off the dust on the surface. So we recommend those outdoor brands customize the exclusive PVC patches.

Custom PVC Patches Maker and Manufacturer

As a custom PVC patch maker and manufacturer, we make and wholesale all kinds of patches global wide. Such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, France, Russia, Africa, and other countries. And we will have professionals who will guide you through every step of the ordering process. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our products and services.

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