Colored Poly Mailers wholesale

Colored poly mailers are colored plastic packaging secure bags using PE material for wholesale shipping clothing, you can customize brand logo, text, etc. They are known as courier bags, mailing bags, and express packing bags. They contain pink poly mailers, white poly mailers, purple poly mailers, black poly mailers, etc. Mailers are broadly used in the express industry for packaging documents, receipts, materials, and goods.

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PVC plastic bags for fashion brands

PVC plastic bags are bags with a transparent design of PVC material, which is light and effectively waterproof and popular with young ladies and fashion brands. The handbag with a large opening and capacity can be placed at will for daily use.

In recent years, many fashionable big-name bags have adopted the material of PVC, such as Chanel, Burberry, and so on. Many fashion bloggers also take very beautiful PVC plastic bags when street shooting to highlight their fashion sense.

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Application of garment woven labels

Garment woven labels have wide application and are used in the clothing industry as main labels or care labels, such as coats, shirts, suits, trousers, etc. The quality of the clothes is not only measured by fabrics. A simple clothing label means a company’s business card. It reflects the company culture. Garment woven labels have matured in a long-term development process.

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Kraft hang tags

Kraft hang tags are clothing tags made of tawny kraft paper and hung on fabrics or clothes with reinforced pre-punched holes and twine for fashion brands. Kraft paper is usually yellowish-brown, with strong burst resistance and tensile strength. They are suitable for monochrome logo printing. The surface adopts silk-screening processing technology. So the trademark process can highlight the luxury.

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Hang tags for shoes

Hang tags for shoes are common shoe tags that can be paper, metal, leather, or plastic, which can have various sizes, types, colors to promote your brand image. Hang tags for shoes has many printing processes to choose from. The tag materials used on the shoes are varied, and each customer can customize it according to his own brand positioning.

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Plastic tag fasteners for hang tags

Plastic tag fasteners are plastic tagging barbs for hang tags, price tags, or clothing tags’ brands, including hand-sealing plastic pin and tag gun barbs. The other name of them can be tagging gun fasteners, price tag fasteners, and tag fasteners. They generally refer to hangtag plastic pins or plastic seal barbs in a broad sense.

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Custom leather patches for clothing

Leather patches and labels are made to promote clothing, hats, bags, we supply custom leather patches including real leather patches and faux leather patches. They are usually attached to everyday items, such as sweaters, coats, etc. They can be sewn on any apparel. They can also be ironed, glued, or velcro to improve the appearance of items.

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Wholesale gift box packaging

Custom gift boxes and packaging box in any size, color, or style are here. And we wholesale gift box packaging for gifts, jewelry, apparel, and accessories. All of them can print with logos and product information. So for a brand, a competent gift box supplier is vital.

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Metal eyelets for clothing

Metal eyelets are small metal fasteners used to cover or reinforce holes in fabric or leather, and we supply custom metal eyelets and grommets for clothing. They are usually made of brass or Iron. They have high durability and can be used with fabrics of different textures and thicknesses. Both galvanized steel and stainless steel offer corrosion resistance. So they are also ideal for outdoor applications or for fasteners exposed to moisture.

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