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Garment trims for fashion brands

Garment trims are the components or materials attached to clothing by sewing, including lace trims, zippers, buttons, elastic bands, metal eyelets, etc. Meanwhile, we supply ribbons, zipper pullers, safety pins, etc. Sewing thread, Velcros, stopper are in our business scope. The apparel trims are the final materials used for the clothes by the end customer during use. And all of them are for functional purposes.

These trims are ideal for decoration capacity worldwide. Also, they are perfect for fashion brands to promote their products. And we could add your logo to them. Meanwhile, various types, sizes, and colors are available at your request. Be sure to trust us.

garment trims

Types of garment trims

Visible trims VS invisible trims

Garment trims mainly consist of two types. One is the visible trims. Then, we can see such trims from the outside of the clothes. Such as buttons, eyelets, and zippers. One is the invisible trims, which we can't see from the outside clothes. Such as the lining.

Since 2008, we began to provide high-quality garment trims at reasonable prices. The minimum order quantity is low. We have over ten years of producing experience and product services. So, we have been loved by customers around the world.

The main difference between garment trims and accessories

  • Trims are often sewn on clothes together with other clothing products. But accessories are not attached to the clothing products.
  • We use trims to complete clothing products. But we use accessories to finish and package clothing products.
  • Trims have both functional and decorative features. But garment accessories only have non-functional features.

We are a custom garment trims supplier and producer. And we are good at supply all kinds of trimmings in clothing. Many sellers trust us and become our loyal customers. They tend to order large quantities of trims. Because we are able to provide them with the best service and product quality. Thus, our products are popular all over the world.

Other support materials relative to garments not listed above are also available. Contact us if you have the need.

custom woven and printed fabric labels
zipper DSC0541
custom elastic band DSC0267
garment twill tape_DSC0449
Lace trims 2
zipper puller_DSC2045
resin buttons types
satin garment tape 07
metal cord end_DSC2507
metal loops_DSC0301


1, What is the bulk production time?
–7-15 business days.

2, What is the shipping time?
–3-6 days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?
–Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

4, If you had a graphic designer that could help create our trim packaging for our brand?
–Yes we have the graphic designer to arrange free design for your check after the confirmed order.

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    I am looking to make a terry cloth mitt that will be used by equestrians who need to wipe down the bit on their bridle. I would like the open end to be finished with a custom printed binding tape or bias tape or ? with characters from our packaging with our brand logo in between. What type of product am I actually needing to accomplish this?

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    why don’t you guys make it easier and put prices on your site, or allow for the consumer to create, add color, etc to the product online as well. I rather do that than go back and forth on emails. I just really think it’s so much quicker. I’m saying this because I’ve finally found a place that does it all, except letting us customize or own.

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