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Custom muslin bags for fashion brands

Muslin bags are plain-weave cloth bags from natural cotton, and we supply custom muslin bags for fashion brands, including draw-string bags and tote bags. We printed or embroidered with a logo to elevate the brand. The bags are easy to carry and versatile to use. They can play the same role as packaging bags. For example, they are great to package clothes, cosmetics, and accessories. They function as gift bags for tiny objects such as cards and other stuff. The bag adds a pleasant touch to them.

We are a muslin bag manufacturer with years of experience. These bags are completely customizable in shape, color, and accessories such as zippers, buttons, pockets, or trims. Images, font,s or brands can be printed on them by screen printing. Common colors are beige, white, or black. We do not recommend printing too complex colors.

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Advantages of muslin bags

Muslin bags are made of lightweight cotton cloth-a healthy and filmy cloth from weave cotton without spreading chemical residue. Hence, the bags are eco-friendly. They do the least harm to the environment in production. Besides that, these are reusable. This feature helps reduce the pollution of the environment as well to a greater extent.

Beyond that, they are high-quality, long-lasting, and durable. Even used as garment bags or muslin pouches, these bags perform well. Throwing them away is not a problem because of their biodegradability. More styles such as drawstring or tote bags make our life easy. Draw-string bags can be pulled to tighten or closed with quality strings. In addition, you can open and close the bag in a breeze. But, tote bags come with sturdy handles and most times have compartments. Thus, it makes it easy for users to pack as many loads as their bodies can lift.

Details of muslin bags:

Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request;
Material: cotton;
Surface disposal: printing, etc;
Packing: outer packing with export carton;
MOQ: 100pcs;


  • Reference sample from muslin bags’ photo gallery or other places;
  • The quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs;
  • You can provide or design your logo or get our help;

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