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PVC labels photo gallery

4 thoughts on “PVC labels photo gallery”

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    We’re looking for Labelling options for our Corporate Uniforms.
    We’ve a Logo with following description:
    – Rectangle Shape (10cm x 5 cm)
    – 2 Color (Red & White)
    – Border should be Stitchable on Fabric
    Qty: 500 pcs & 1000 pcs
    Delivery: India

    Please quote options in PVC / PU / Embroidered.


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    I am contacting you all to get more information about PVC clothing labels. I will need a total quantity of 100. I can provide you all with sample pictures through via email. I would like to know the total cost of each label and the approximate time frame that it’ll make to be created and mailed.

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      Hi, dear amaya
      Again thanks for your contact.
      We can custom the PVC labels as your requests. You can send your sample pictures to my colleague via his email: Beaver([email protected]), he will reply to your email soon about the trade procedure.
      Best regards

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