Chinese Aesthetics-Frog Buttons

Frog buttons are an ornamental closure for fastening the front of a garment, and it is a kind of Chinese knot that features a braided or a loop design. These buttons come in various styles, such as straight, butterfly, kumquat, phoenix tail, or floral style. It goes for the cheongsam-a traditional Chinese dress. Up to now, you can see them on pillows, gift bags, or handbags. To stand up from others, you can redo your western classics with this local flavor design.

frog buttons 1

Traditionally, frog buttons are used in pairs with one-piece serving as the buttons loop on one edge of the garment opening and the other identical piece as a decorative accent underneath the button on the opposite edge. When the garment is closed, the frogs meet to create a beautiful braided design. So it has strong symmetrical beauty. By coiling, wiring, sewing, braiding, you could get desired shapes. Each frog fastener has a uniqueness and individual charm.

The history of the frog buttons

frog buttons 2

The Chinese frog buttons first appeared in the early Tang Dynasty. Initially, it was used to fasten the lapel. With the change of clothing culture, it gradually became a sign that represents the identity of the wearer. In the 17th and 18th, fog closures served in military uniforms. The success of the Chinese frog closure is bound up with the QiPao dress. It is the Qipao dress (Cheongsam) that brings them to the world. Now they are still versatile in outwear and oriental-inspired clothing.

The new life of the frog button

frog buttons 3

The use of the frog buttons falls into two categories. The first, from a functional standpoint, is primarily used in retro and nostalgic clothing; the second, from a decorative standpoint, is decorative, embellished to Chinese-style products such as handbags, cushions, and so on.

Here, you can find various frog buttons beyond your imagination. We have materials ranging from cotton, silk to modern fibers. Normally, people use the rest fabric to make buttons. To emphasize your personality and style, you could try other materials. You even can customize your button styles to enlarge your brand details. Use them to add a touch of glamour to coats, jackets, and other craft projects.

Details of frog buttons

  • Use: dress, cushion, coats, jackets;
  • Size: as you required;
  • Style: floral, butterfly, straight, etc.
  • Material: cotton, silk, or others.

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