Full Knowledge about Water-activated Tape

E-commerce and retail are developing in full swing. According to Reportlinker, the global E-commerce market is expected to grow by $10.87 trillion during 2021-2025. Since e-commerce is completely dependent on the efficient delivery of products at the customer’s doorstep, packaging is a priority for any business. After all, you never know if someone would tamper with or destroy the carton during transit. Faced with this, there is a surge in demand for carton sealing solutions that are faster, safer, and more cost-effective. Water-activated tape fits these requirements perfectly.

What is a water-activated tape?

Invented by Thomas Edison in 1912, the water-activated tape is a paper-based chemical adhesive. It is also known as WAT, gum tape, or Kraft tape. Its stickiness comes from the starch glue-a natural adhesive from starch. When activated with the aid of using water, the capillary action makes it adhere to the corrugated box, as a result growing an everlasting bond. The use of water-activated tape has improved today’s packaging. People could really seal the carton rather than just hold it closed.

What’s the types of water-activated tape?

It comes into 2 types: non-reinforced and reinforced. 50% recycled fibers make up the non-reinforced water-activated tape. So it is perfect for 100% recycled boxes. However, reinforced water-activated tape uses cross-woven glass fiber to add strength. Thus, it suits heavier shipments

Why choose water-activated tape?

1. Environmental Protection

It is the leading reason that drives more businesses to use it. The tape is made from Kraft paper. Non-reinforced water-activated tape is licensed recyclable. Even though the reinforced tape is not, since it is strong enough, you only need a strip of tape to achieve double or better results than other tapes. This helps lessen the environmental impact of using a petroleum product indirectly.

2. Pilfering Reduction

Its water-activated process makes the tape and the carton bond together, thus adding strength and durability. What is extra incredible is you could inform whether the carton has been tampered with. Once someone tries to remove the tape to get the contents, the tape and the box will tear. Other tapes like pressure-sensitive tapes just seal the surface of the box. It is easy to create an opening to get access to the contents then reseal the box.

3. Flexible Printing

What also attract retailers is its flexible printing. The Kraft paper material makes the tape the perfect candidate for printing. A custom water-activated tape enables print your logo, images, or promotional messages. Besides that, the tape is writable without ink bleeding.

4. All-weather Use

The tape can withstand extreme temperatures. It maintains seal in extremes cold, heat, or humidity. That means you can use it in any environment without compromising adhesion integrity.

How to use it?

There are two ways to dampen the water-activated tape: manual or dispenser.

For manual damping, you need a wet sponge or towel to wipe the adhesive surface. Standard humidity is the sponge or towel will not drip when lifted. Too much or too little will have an effect on the tape’s stickiness.

For the dispenser, it can not only help cut the tape to a pre-determined length but also makes the sealing easier. Manual WAT dispenser fits the ones who’ve low-to-mild packaging needs. An electronic WAT dispenser is a perfect choice for businesses with a huge volume of packages. The dispenser can avoid over-humidity.

Storage tips

Due to its nature, please keep the tape in damp and dark places to prevent the tape from sticking together.

Who needs water-activated tape?

WAT is an ideal solution for those who require high packaging efficiency with minimal fatigue. Jewelry business uses it to reduce theft. Furniture stores benefit from their high durability. The supermarket appreciates its non-toxic features. The water-activated tape, together with plastic tape, almost covers all the packaging needs.

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Crochet lace trim by the yard

Crochet lace trim is a decorative trim that is made with crochet weaving, and we offer crochet lace trim used for dressmaking or home decor by the yard. The trim comes in crochet edging lace trim, crochet insertion lace, and metallic crochet lace trim.

The crochet lace trim is designed using a distinct lace pattern. The strong base promise the trim keeps its shape. It is a little heavier than many laces. This makes it suitable for wrapping, tying, and decorating. Made from 100% cotton fabric, the crochet lace trim is not easy to scratch and irritate the skin. The trim has a natural organic look, machine-made crochet lace trim allows to dye vivid colors to use.

We wholesale custom crochet lace trims at a reasonable price. It has varying widths or colors to choose from. Besides, the patterns we carry are all unique and intricate. If you have the need, we also offer handmade Irish crochet lace trim.

Images of crochet lace trim

Application of crochet lace trim:

Flower wrapping

A crochet lace trim serves for fastening the bundles, at the same time adding more elegance after you finish wrapping. Since crochet trim is more durable than other laces, it is a perfect solution when you need it for bouquets or corsages.


When used for dressmaking, the crochet lace trim always adds a finishing touch to any of your designs. The narrow trim can be placed on the collar or sleeves for decorating. However, the wide lace suits for use as the main material. It is the perfect girlie embellishment for dressmaking.

Home decor

Almost everything in your home from pillows, curtains, to blankets, bed linens can use it. The use of crochet lace trim makes your home romantic and harmonious.

Details on the crochet lace trim:

  1. material: cotton, polyester etc.
  2. color: white, black, red, silver, pink, green, purple, daisy, cream, blue, etc.
  3. size: wide or narrow, any size is available;
  4. MOQ: 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing);


  • Reference sample from lace trims’ photo gallery or other places.
  • The minimum order quantity(MOQ): 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing).


  1. A little bit shrinkage might accur.
  2. Use dryers to prevent wrinkles.

Guide to paper bag handles

Paper bag handles are a part of finished paper bags, but how much you know about and how to choose handles are in question, there is a guide to help you. A paper bag is composed of the bag itself and the handle. These two parts are independent in the production process. You might know the bag body well. Below are more details about handles. In general, durability and appearance are two main factors to consider when choosing handles to enable the use of paper bags in everyday life.

Origin of the paper bag handles

In 1912, Walter Deubener, a grocer in Saint Paul, Minnesota, used cord to reinforce paper bags and add carrying handles.


People realized that the use of handles allows paper bags to carry heavier items. This practice gradually became popular. Later, paper bags with handles gradually became the standard for department stores and retain today.

Types of handles:

Twisted paper

paper bag handles twisted paper handles

This handle is machine-made, which is strong and rigid. It can endure a lot of strain.

Folded paper

paper bag handles folded paper handles

This is the most economical option. It is made of a simple piece of paper, which is generally the same material as the bag body.



The ribbon handle is soft, glossy, and durable too. It has various colors to choose from and can suit almost any style of bag. Ribbon handles only suit smaller and lighter items.



It holds heavier items than the ribbon handle does. Thicker cotton ropes have the same soft feeling as the ribbon handle. It is, nevertheless, fairly thick, implying that it is more comfortable for carrying bigger items.

Fixing method

Glue pasting


Glue the handle on the top or inside of the paper bags. Usually, this method is used for paper handles. There are way ways: sticking directly or sticking before folding. In order to increase the bonding area to improve the solidity, the handle is pasted on the inside of the bags with a reinforced patch. The second one has an extra step. After the pasting, we fold the top to cover the bonding area. So the bag is beautiful on the whole.

Perforation and knotting


This is the common way to fix handles. We need to punch the bag top with holes. Then the handle rope passes through the holes, and then knots. This can only be done by hand. It includes two ways. One is using the plastic head to expand the handle length. The plastic hand is stuck in the hole to fasten the handles. This suits all kinds of cotton rope. Another option is to tie a knot after the handle has passed through the holes to keep the rope from falling.



The metal rivet enhances the bearing capacity. The bag with these handles has a metallic luster. It also increases elegance. This is also one of the best-selling methods.

To sum up, when choosing paper tag handles, you need to start with your product’s needs. We are a professional paper bags manufacturer. With so many handle styles and materials to choose from, you can truly make your bag unique with custom handles.

Custom PVC handbags for wholesale

PVC handbags are see-through bags used for packaging small items, we wholesale customized clear white handbags, clear tinted handbags, and tote handbags. The PVC material gives the handbags a firm shape and strong strength. Finishes include glossy lamination, rigid line bottom, lined and pocked interior, etc. With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, you are bound to own your stylish PVC handbags.

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Chinese Aesthetics-Frog Buttons


Frog buttons are an ornamental closure for fastening the front of a garment, and it is a kind of Chinese knot that features a braided or a loop design. These buttons come in various styles, such as straight, butterfly, kumquat, phoenix tail, or floral style. It goes for the cheongsam-a traditional Chinese dress. Up to now, you can see them on pillows, gift bags, or handbags. To stand up from others, you can redo your western classics with this local flavor design.

frog buttons 1

Traditionally, frog buttons are used in pairs with one-piece serving as the buttons loop on one edge of the garment opening and the other identical piece as a decorative accent underneath the button on the opposite edge. When the garment is closed, the frogs meet to create a beautiful braided design. So it has strong symmetrical beauty. By coiling, wiring, sewing, braiding, you could get desired shapes. Each frog fastener has a uniqueness and individual charm.

The history of the frog buttons

frog buttons 2

The Chinese frog buttons first appeared in the early Tang Dynasty. Initially, it was used to fasten the lapel. With the change of clothing culture, it gradually became a sign that represents the identity of the wearer. In the 17th and 18th, fog closures served in military uniforms. The success of the Chinese frog closure is bound up with the QiPao dress. It is the Qipao dress (Cheongsam) that brings them to the world. Now they are still versatile in outwear and oriental-inspired clothing.

The new life of the frog button

frog buttons 3

The use of the frog buttons falls into two categories. The first, from a functional standpoint, is primarily used in retro and nostalgic clothing; the second, from a decorative standpoint, is decorative, embellished to Chinese-style products such as handbags, cushions, and so on.

Here, you can find various frog buttons beyond your imagination. We have materials ranging from cotton, silk to modern fibers. Normally, people use the rest fabric to make buttons. To emphasize your personality and style, you could try other materials. You even can customize your button styles to enlarge your brand details. Use them to add a touch of glamour to coats, jackets, and other craft projects.

Details of frog buttons

  • Use: dress, cushion, coats, jackets;
  • Size: as you required;
  • Style: floral, butterfly, straight, etc.
  • Material: cotton, silk, or others.

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Things about metallic wrapping paper

Metallic wrapping paper is one of the gift tissue paper with metallic foil, creating a smooth glossy finish and dazzling effects when used for wrapping. It is also known as metalized gift wrap or metallic gift wrap. The paper has a glossy silver metallic surface like aluminum. Our metallic wrapping paper is real paper. Each roll features foil patterns on one side and a simple paper print on the other. Users can tear paper by hand or ruler. It is strong, no peek and stylish. The metallic wrap has all the gift wrapping needs.

Below is some basic knowledge you might want to know.

  • Uses
  • Occasions
  • Recyclability
  • Customization
  • Customer Service

1. Where can you use metallic wrapping paper?

The metallic wrapping paper is ideal for retail product packaging and gift-giving. Where you can use it depends on its printed patterns. Gloss silver metallic paper printed with beautiful designs is perfect for decorating party items. Creative designs printed metalized gift wrap is the perfect item to wrap gifts. Bling metallic wrapping paper is the best wrap for the Christmas season. Papers with various patterns are here to give a beautiful gift presentation.

2. When can you use metallic wrapping paper?

From Christmas to showers, from weddings to anniversaries, this shiny wrapping paper contributes to a festive aura. When used to wrapping gifts, it is the perfect way to tell friends and family congratulations, welcome home, or happy birthday.

3. Is the metallic wrapping paper recyclable?

Unluckily, due to the mix of materials, wrapping paper that contains foil and metallic pieces cannot be recycled.

4. How can I get the customized metallic wrapping paper?

Who says you can not get the premium metallic wrapping paper for a low price? Here at our websites, we produce high-quality metallic wrapping paper at a reasonable price. From metallic foil to matte foil, from solid colors to beautiful designs, we have it all. Additionally, it is capable of printing customized designs. If you like our products, please feel free to contact us.

5. Can I get other accessories here?

Aside from the metallic wrapping paper, you can complement it with ribbons, bows, stickers, and other items. Give your gifts a professional and personal look with this fancy paper.

6. How about your customer service?

Order or not, you are free to ask any questions. We are here to address your concerns about product pricing, materials, sizes, colors, and patterns. Other information such as turnaround time, delivery time, or payment depends on you. Or you can have a rough idea on our FAQs page.

Style up the season with our metallic wrapping paper. We offer all the spectacular, high-quality packaging supplies. They are affordable and easy. We carry exactly what you need to create a visual statement.

Eco-friendly hang tags for clothing

Eco-friendly hang tags are made from 100% degradable materials for sustainable clothing brands, you can customize these tags from material to size or shape. Clothing hang tags help you meet your green goals. When we talk about eco-friendly tags we need to focus on three things. These three things are the material used to make them, the way they are printed, and if they are degradable after use.

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Rhinestone buttons for sewing

Rhinestone buttons are buttons made with crystals, and they are a sewing embellishment to glam up any apparel line or add sparkling to bags or brooch. These buttons are effective tools for removing the dullness from clothing. They also add a fun and fancy touch to your crafting. They are delicate but washing-resistant.

The first rhinestones were gleaming rock crystals discovered in Central Europe’s Rhine River. From then on, rhinestone has inspired adoration around the world for hundreds of years. The rhinestone buttons generally include two parts: stone and base. The rhinestone can be made from glass, acrylic, or Swarovski crystal. The button base can be made from metal alloy. When used on dresses, vests, or jackets, they add sophistication and style to them. Besides, they are also suitable for jewelry making. To create layers, people blend them with beads, enamel embellishments, or jewels. These buttons are usually shank-shaped for ease of use.

Our buttons can be customized in different sizes and colors. Each button in our collection has the outstanding potential to improve any item. There are exquisite patterns ranging from a heart to a flower to a teardrop. We offer the most competitive prices on rhinestone buttons online. With our buttons, you will have so many fun findings.

Images of rhinestone buttons

Details of rhinestone buttons

  1. Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request.
  2. Material: rhinestone with metal or plastic base, paired with pearl, enamel, etc.
  3. Button type: shank, flat, or snap, etc.
  4. Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton.
  5. MOQ: 100pcs.


  • Reference sample from clothing buttons’ photo gallery or from other places.
  • The minimum quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs.
  • You can design or offer your logo to us, and you can get our help for free design.

Stretch lace trims for sewing

Stretch lace trims are elastic lace ribbons with high elasticity, we offer wide or narrow stretchy lace by yard used for waistbands or lingerie sewing. The stretchy lace fabric usually contains elastic fibers including spandex or elastane. So they are durable and versatile. Its alluring appearance gives your tops, dresses, or gowns a touch of elegance.

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Cardigan buttons

Cardigan buttons are fasteners that are used for knitted sweaters, we provide wooden buttons, pearl buttons, snap buttons, or metal buttons. Their shapes include normal shapes, and special shapes from hearts, rhinestone flowers, to bees, and dinosaurs. To meet your needs, we have various sizes and colors as well. A great button can help secure the cardigan while also making it stylish.

We have a wide range of cardigan buttons for your choice. Not limited to toggle buttons, shell buttons, coconut buttons. They are sewn onto the cardigans. You can pick colors, types, or materials to make them exclusive. We also have professional designers to help you design or choose the best suitable ones.

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