Cotton muslin bags

Our cotton muslin bags are made of 100% Cotton, these bags can be customized to package products including clothes, accessories, culinary spices, and more. They are becoming a necessity for anyone who enjoys life since they are easy to carry, versatile to use, and even ca be customized to fit personal style. You can print your name/logo on them, iron-on or professionally.

cotton muslin bags 1

Cotton muslin bags are made of virgin cotton. Non-toxic chemicals are used in weaving. These eco-friendly muslin bags with no unpleasant odor cater to people who care a lot about whether the bag is harmful to humans. Even fruits and veggies can be stored in order to keep them fresh as their small holes allow air to pass around and prevent bacteria from growing. After the first application, there may be a little shrinkage because it is the characteristic of natural cotton. The original cotton muslin bag is beige. If you don’t like the color, cotton muslin bags are easier to dye, stamp, or print with the right equipment. When the bags wear out, you can dispose of them without any guilt as they are biodegradable. In addition, these bags of organic cotton muslin last as they can be used again and again. Just chuck it into the washer, then you are going to get a totally new one. These bags allow for good air circulation, so they are ideal for pantry storage.

cotton muslin bags 2

Our ethical cotton muslin bags are completely customizable in size, shape, color, and others. Accessories such as ribbons, labels, laces, beads, stickers, or embroidery can be applied to decorate them. These chic bags certainly delight receivers, whether you are using them for personal or business use.

Paper hang tags for clothing

We supply custom paper hang tags for clothing, which are made of paper material including coated paper, white/black card, kraft paper, tracing paper, etc. They are the most common hang tags. Compared with metal or leather hang tags, paper hang tags are easier to print. You can print the logo, brand name, product story, etc. on the hang tags.

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What should be included in your hang tag?

Though you may know the importance of adding an effective hang tag with your clothes, what information should be printed on it is still a problem? Hang tags can be as diverse as the clothes themselves. Although putting your brand name on the tag might be a little help, there is nothing you absolutely must-have. Below are some ideas.

Brand name and/or logo

There is no doubt that the brand name or logo is the closest thing to a must-have. The chance is slim if your consumers don’t know what brand they are buying. A logo in high definition with consistent typography catch their eyes at the first sight.

2. Tagline

As a way to convey brand value, the tagline is regarded as a part of the enterprise brand image. A good tagline makes your customers or onlookers remember your brand. For instance, You can never forget “Nike, JUST DO IT”.

3. A brief “About Us”

A back story that your tagline could not express can be included. What’s you are passionate about, what you have done, or what is unique for your customers could mean a lot to them.


4. product information

What your customers definitely care about is your items themselves. The flash point your items own can be highlighted.

5. Contact information

If you are going to enlarge the number of your customers, you can never miss the contact information. No matter leave your website, email address, or Facebook, the action means you are open yourself to return customers. Like the new guy you meet, if you want to have a relationship with him, the important thing you do is ask for his number.


6. Photo or illustration

A great photo is a tool to convey visual effects as well. Not only is an effective design informative, but it is also visually captivating. The most perfect tag can be made only if the picture and text match.

7. Care instruction

If the fabric you sell needs to take care, you might as well include this information.

Since there is so much information to print, you can use your creativity to promote your brand. Hope this information helpful to you. To get more information, please pay attention to our official website.

Wedding coat hangers

Wedding coat hangers are hangers engraved with the bride and groom’s name or wedding date, they are used to display the wedding attire and as keepsakes. Compared with other clothes hangers, wedding coat hangers must be elegant o match your whole attire. Not only they are used to display your bridal party’s pre-wedding setup, but also a standout in your bridal suite photos.

wedding coat hangers 1
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Printed paper bags with handles

Printed paper bags are made of printed and laminated paper, a personalized paper bag with handles helps enhance purchase experience for your customers. They are the eco-friendly replacement for the plastic bags. The ability to add your company name or logo is one of the strongest ways to instantly promote your brand when people carrying them around. From kraft printed paper bags for a boutique retail shop to mall-used shopping bags, our selection of printed paper bags offers a versatile selection of products for a range of industry needs.

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Personalized coat hangers

Personalized coat hangers are heavy-duty hangers used for coats to keep their shape, they help organize wardrobe space engraved with brand names or logos. Coat hanger must be well-designed and customized meticulously to be high-end, premium hangers to satisfy even the most bougie of tastes. They are excellent for hotels, offices, bars, restaurants, and more. A high-quality customized coat hanger is a great tool to hang your coats.

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Jeans leather labels

Jeans leather labels are a little leather patch sewed on the waistband of jeans, used for showing brand name, logo, and size to enhance the value of jeans. As an important detail of jeans, leather labels can not only improve the integrity of brand style but improve the texture of jeans as well if it is consistent with the tone of jeans. A glamorous leather label will definitely add a lot to your jeans.

jeans leather labels
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Luxury hang tags for high-end clothing

Luxury hang tags are suitable for high-end clothing, we provide with many options to customize the look and feel of luxury gold or silver foil hang tags. If you have noticed the hang tags in luxury stores, you might get impressed with their hang tags, no matter they are cotton hang tags, or metallic hang tags, buying their products with luxury hang tags means you have the ability to get what you want. For many sellers, the hang tag is a simple yet effective way to round out packaging and branding for any product. Hence, we offer luxury hang tags for your choice.

luxury hang tags 1
luxury hang tags 1
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Kraft wrapping paper

Kraft wrapping paper is a versatile paper that is produced using the kraft process, it is used for craft projects, gift-wrapping, or other artistic ideas. It comes with an organic almost earthy appearance. This simple yet beautiful wrapping paper looks amazing if you choose to decorate it with ribbons, stickers, or other sparkling garnish when used for your gift wrapping or handicrafts. Not only it is practical but lends a traditional and authentic look to your products as well.

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