Premium flocked hangers

Flocked hangers are a kind of clothes hangers that are made of ABS plastic and fluffy, and these hangers in premium quality display aesthetic appealing. This hanger is also known as the padded hanger. They are as strong as wooden hangers but thinner. The velvety texture not only suits delicate garments but also adds elegance to your wardrobe. These flocked hangers are your choice for sellers on a tight budget who don’t want to sacrifice quality.

The flocked hangers have a non-slip coating on the inside. It is this coating that prevents your delicate blouses from falling off. Then, they have an ultra-thin design, which makes them the perfect solution to maximize the space in your wardrobe. Compared to plastic or wire hangers, they are more durable. Other features of flocked hangers include preventing unwanted creases or wrinkles when hanging silk or other slippery materials. These hangers are suitable for keeping trousers, skirts, and shirts wrinkle-free. With other widgets such as clips, hooks, or notches, you can hang belts, scarves, or thin strap tops.


All this collection of flocked hangers we offer are at the best possible prices. You can choose to purchase in bulk. Add an optional logo plaque printed with your logo to give a more consistent look to your brand. As a professional hanger’s supplier, we have premium hangers in various sizes, colors. Feel easy to choose based on your brands.

What is a flock?

The flocking process including applying short monofilament fibers, commonly nylon, rayon, or polyester to a substrate. That substrate has been previously coated with an adhesive during this process.

Flock made from this process has a pleasant appearance. It is persistent against bounce and scratches. When used for hangers, it keeps your clothes secure, so that they cannot fall or slip off. Its feature, in particular, suggests that it will work well with slick materials like cashmere and silk.

Why choose flocked hangers?

1. Aesthetic appearance

There are no other cotton or chemical fiber color restrictions. A wide range of color options is available, including camel, lavender, burgundy. The flocked fabric performs better than plastic or wood. For clothing brands, it fits different clothing styles.


2. Soft feeling

The premium flocking fabric will have a soft and delicate feel. It feels like holding a swan in its arms.


3. Do not lose hair

Test the quality of flock fabric is to see whether it lose hair. Premium flocked hangers do not after rubbing them with hands.

4. Small noise

When hang clothing, the hangers will make noises inevitably, loud or small. Flocked hangers can be a good way to avoid this problem.

To sum up, the flocked hangers are a mixture of durability and aesthetics. Whether for home use or for displaying clothes in stores, this hanger is hard to ignore.

Elastic Wristband for Any Gender

The elastic wristband is a strip that is made from elasticated materials and worn around the wrist for any gender, making it great for multi-use. It’s a type of elastic band. There are fabric elastic wristband and silicone elastic wristband. These two bands are from silicone, polyester, cotton, nylon polyester, etc. Not only is it versatile, but an inexpensive way to show support for various causes.

An elastic wristband entails stretch and softness. To achieve different results, therefore, we adopt different additives to finish various elasticities. It is not just a fashion accessory that improves the wearers’ charisma, but it can help raise awareness and promote a business product or service as well. Its material can be clothing, plastic metal, or other material. Our products, in spite of it, fall into 2 common categories.

Companies could purchase elastic wristbands in bulk orders from here. Of course, you are free to customize your own bands. They can be stripped, swirled, or single color. Debossed, embossed or printed logo or text on these bands with the required thickness. Both inside and outside of the band are custom. Add-on options such as hook and loops, PVC tags, and adjustable locking clasp are available.

Types of elastic wristband

Fabric elastic wristband

The material of the fabric elastic wristband is wide. It involves polyester, cotton, nylon polyester, etc. It is machine washable, dry-cleanable, and saltwater-safe. Below this category, it comes printed ones and woven ones. But elastic sweatband is from tower-like terry cloth material. It is used to wipe sweat from the forehead during sports.

Silicone elastic wristband

The silicone is soft and won’t cause an allergic reaction. So most people can wear it for a long time. They don’t have to worry about any sort of skin reaction. The silicone one is low toxic and resistant to water and germ. The silicone elastic wristband is cheaper than other accessories.

orange silicone elastic wristband
silicone elastic wristband

Application of the elastic wristband

School Trips

For teachers who are afraid of missing a child on a school trip. An elastic wristband can be a great relief. By giving each child a wristband with a printed school’s name and contact number, the teachers can reunite the lost child more easily.

Event Souvenirs

For people who want to prolong its promotion or granting access, the elastic wristbands work. The attendees can wear to their hearts’ content. Take wedding as an example, you can print your guests’ names on them to give a personal touch. The bands with other items make your big day ceremonious.


For brand owners, the elastic wristband plays a key yet inexpensive role in brand promotion. Handing out your customized wristbands with a company name or logo can do wonders for brand awareness. They wear it, meaning they have become walking advertisements.

Raising Awareness

For charities, the wristband is a good way to promote a good cause. Each one you buy often goes to the charities themselves. And when wearing it, this promotes the cause and potentially encourages others.

Final words

These elastic bands are easy to take on and off. Our bands are tight enough, at the same time, won’t exert too much pressure on your wrist. Besides events, charities, or giveaways, there are other new ways waiting for your discovery.

Paper hang tags for clothing

We supply custom paper hang tags for clothing, which are made of paper material including coated paper, white/black card, kraft paper, tracing paper, etc. Besides, they are the most common hang tags. Compared with metal or leather hang tags, paper hang tags are easier to print. Meanwhile, you can print the logo, brand name, product story, etc. on the hang tags. 

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Wedding coat hangers

Wedding coat hangers are hangers engraved with the bride and groom’s name or wedding date, they are used to display the wedding attire and as keepsakes. Compared with other clothes hangers, wedding coat hangers must be elegant o match your whole attire. Not only they are ideal for displaying your bridal party’s pre-wedding setup, but also a standout in your bridal suite photos.

wedding coat hangers 1
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Jeans leather labels for brand

Jeans leather labels are a little leather patch sewed on the waistband of jeans, used for showing brand name, logo, and size to enhance the value of jeans. As an important detail of jeans, leather labels can not only improve the integrity of brand style but improve the texture of jeans as well if it is consistent with the tone of jeans. In that sense, classic denim jeans labels are a plus. A glamorous leather label will definitely add a lot to your jeans.

jeans leather labels
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Luxury hang tags for high-end clothing

Luxury hang tags are suitable for high-end clothing, we provide many options to customize the look and feel of luxury gold or silver foil hang tags. If you have noticed the hang tags in luxury stores, you might get impressed with their hang tags, no matter they are cotton hang tags or metallic hang tags. For many sellers, a great luxury hang tags design is a crucial part of any branding strategy. Even if you’re not a high fashion brand, adding a luxury swing tag to your garments can be a light spot.

luxury hang tags 1
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Kraft wrapping paper

Kraft wrapping paper is a versatile paper that is produced using the kraft process, it is used for craft projects, gift-wrapping, or other artistic ideas. It comes with an organic almost earthy appearance. This simple yet beautiful wrapping paper looks amazing if you choose to decorate it with ribbons, stickers, or other sparkling garnish when used for your gift wrapping or handicrafts. Not only it is practical but lends a traditional and authentic look to your products as well.

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Information on clothing hang tags

Information printed on clothing hang tags help customers know your clothes well, it includes washing instruction, relevant authentication information, etc. The design, words, and symbols on the clothing hang tags are the most important information; this information can explicitly inform brand name, product style, and attention.

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Shopping paper bag with logo

Shopping paper bag is printed paper bags with logo and handles for fashion brands or business, and it is convenient and has a great value for your marketing. It has become prevail not just with apparel business and gift but also a cross-section of all stores including thrift stores, boutique shops, book stores, and even takeaway shops.

This shopping paper bag is a durable way for your customers to carry home with their purchase. Besides, it is also considered an upgrade from the plastic bag. These bags are practical and cost-effective. They are perfect for distributing goodies at tradeshows, conferences, and other events.

Images of shopping paper bag

It has a lot of advantages. Firstly, It creates a strong first impression. Customers who buy your items going out with your shopping paper bag is a walking signboard. Others might notice your beautiful bags and become your customers. In this way, it helps attract new customer and encourage customer loyalty. In addition, it tells that a whopping 83% of customers would share an image of package vis social media if it is branded. That’s to say, It also facilitates repetitive sales.

To create the best impression among your customers for every sale you make, offer them a custom shopping paper bag with clear branding. Add your logo to the center of the bag, you can choose from our color chart to match your brand colors.

There is also an ideal way to increase the beauty of your shopping paper bag. That is decorating it with wrapping paper(tissue paper). It can also elevate your packaging to a boutique level easily by adding your logoed tissue or a pretty print without costing too much expense.